19 August 2022

10 Funky Festival Bodysuit Outfits

Festivals have live music, but let’s be honest—it’s all about the fashion! Rave babes strut the festival grounds sporting the season’s latest fashion trends. And this year, the number one trend is bodysuits! Wear ‘em with joggers, shorts, skirts or all on their own. With their versatility and flattering fit, it’s no wonder bodysuits are making an appearance in just about everyone’s festival outfit.

Rave babes buying their first bodysuits ask the same question: “How the heck do I wear this leotard-looking thing??” Seasoned festival goers know a gazillion ways to style a bodysuit. But if you’ve never owned them before, figuring out how to wear bodysuits can take some trial and error.

That’s where we come in! We’ve compiled the season’s top bodysuit ideas so you’ll know exactly what to wear at the next festival. Check out these festival outfit ideas that feature your new bestie, the bodysuit.

1. Nothing but the Bodysuit

Wanna keep things simple? A bodysuit is all you need to look fierce all season long. Wearing a bodysuit all by itself is the perfect option when you don’t feel like mixing and matching clothes from your closet. Bodysuits reveal plenty of skin while covering up the important bits all in one piece. Plus, a ton of rave bodysuits have cheeky backsides that’ll show off your peach!

2. Pair with Sexy Leg Wraps

A bodysuit is just begging to get paired with some strappy, crisscross-y leg wraps. Unlike any other top, you don’t have to wear pants, shorts or a skirt with a bodysuit. That gives you more room for sexy accessories! Leg wraps add a little something extra to your festival outfit without covering too much skin. You can find leg wraps in pretty much any color to match the bodysuit. Some are even blacklight reactive and glow in the dark!

3. Mesh Bodysuit with a Bra

Cute bras deserve to see the light of day. But not every rave babe is willing to go topless in public. Get the best of both worlds with a mesh bodysuit! The see-through material shows off what you’ve got underneath while providing the coverage of a regular shirt. Turn up the sexiness with a classic black underwire bra, or reveal your girly side with a lacy bralette. This bangin’ look will warn onlookers not to mesh with you (see what we did there?).

rave bodysuits

4. Give Yo’ Gals Some Sparkle

A festival bodysuit is your chance to try something different. Go braless with a nude bodysuit that uses bedazzled designs to cover yo’ ta-tas! Let those puppies breathe by swapping a bra for well-placed reflective stars or holographic flames. Nude bodysuits with cool designs will also draw more attention than a solid-colored bodysuit. Nothing says “look at me” like a translucent bodysuit with details that barely cover the boobs!

5. Cut-Out Panels to Peep Those Pasties

Not all women’s bodysuits completely cover the torso. Peeper bodysuits have cut-out panels that let your gals hang out. This type of bodysuit is great for when you’re just dying to flaunt a hella sexy pair of nipple pasties. Thanks to the cutouts, peeper bodysuits cover everything but the boobs! Your fellow ravers won’t be able to resist checking you out.

6. Black Mesh with Neon Hues

The best bodysuit outfits stop festival goers in their tracks. Steal the show by layering a black mesh bodysuit with contrasting colors that really pop. A neon bra will shine right through the translucent material. Flaunting your undergarments would be inappropriate in any other setting. But at a festival, that’s exactly what we want! For an even racier look, choose a pair of nipple pasties in bold colors (extra points for holographic or glow in the dark pasties).

7. Rock Denim for a Classic Look

You can’t go wrong with denim, girl! Denim goes with everything, and bodysuits are no exception. Score a casual yet sexy festival outfit by pairing that bodysuit with jean shorts or a denim mini skirt. This is a great style choice for rave babes who love to elevate everyday attire with bold statement pieces. The more rips in your denim, the sexier it is!

8. Bodysuit with a Flowy Skirt

Denim isn’t your only option for skirts. Flowy chiffon will let your body breathe while you party it up beneath the blazing sun. Combine the sleek, form-fitting look of a bodysuit with the breezy feel of a floor-length chiffon skirt. Wear one with slits to show some leg! Wanna bare even more skin? Go for a short, skimpy skirt that twirls when you do. You could even rock a plastic mini skirt to give everyone a sneak peek of that booty!

festival bodysuits

9. Cozy Up with Fleece Joggers

Festivals can get pretty chilly when the temps drop at night. Come prepared with some fleece joggers that’ll keep you toasty from dusk till dawn. Pick a solid neon color so they stand out in the darkness. Joggers and a bodysuit create a laidback outfit that gives off street-style vibes. The two-piece ensemble will make you look effortlessly cool!

10. Top Off the Bodysuit with a Fur Coat

This last outfit idea is for all the glam queens out there. Take that bodysuit to the next level with an ultra-fluffy fur coat. Onlookers will bow down as you walk by singing, “I’m so fancy!” A fur coat is a stylish alternative to throwing on a hoodie when it gets cold at night. You get to bundle up while flaunting those bare legs and sexy curves.

FAQs about Festival Bodysuit Outfits

Ever wonder what goes with a bodysuit? Read our Q&A below to find out!

You can choose any bottoms you’d normally wear with a regular top. Joggers, denim shorts, a flowy skirt—the choice is up to you! FYI: bodysuits look great all on their own, too. They cover the butt and boobs, so you don’t need anything else!

Only if you want to! Bras look great with all kinds of bodysuits, whether they’re solid or totally see-through. In fact, mesh bodysuits present the perfect opportunity to show off that lacy bralette you just bought. Some bodysuits have intentionally-placed designs so you don’t have to wear a bra at all. Free the nipple, bb!

There’s no right or wrong answer here. You could throw on some booty shorts and call it a day. Or, you could go all out with LED leg wraps and a multicolored fur coat. Dress up or down a bodysuit as much as you like!

No need for pants, hunty! When you’re rocking a bodysuit, they’ll let you onto the festival grounds without ‘em. But you can totally wear pants with a bodysuit if you prefer more coverage (or if it’s cold AF outside).

You sure can! Show off those pasties by wearing them beneath a mesh bodysuit. Pair black mesh with neon, holographic or glow in the dark pasties to help them really stand out. Take it a step further by wearing nipple pasties with a peeper bodysuit. This type of bodysuit was made for pasties because it has cutouts for your boobs!

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