15 July 2021

10 Glitter Makeup Tips & Tricks

Screw the haters—everyone needs a little sparkle in their life! Although it’s true that glitter gets literally everywhere, the next-level glam your makeup look will achieve with some extra glitter is so worth it. Dust your cheekbones for a subtle sheen or go big with chunky glitter eyeshadow. There’s no right or wrong place to put glitter, so pack it on wherever you want!

However, there’s definitely a right and wrong way to apply glitter. Follow these 10 glitter makeup tips as you get ready for the best, most professional-looking LEWK possible.

Glitz Grenade glitter makeup

Get Your Glitter On (Literally)

You’ve bought the glitter, laid out your tools—now it’s time to get to work! Don’t stress about messing up. It’s cliché, but practice really does make perfect. Keep this advice in mind as you finish your desired makeup look:

  1. Choose your workstation wisely: You should always apply glitter eyeshadow in a place that’s easy to clean. You don’t want to find glitter in your carpet or bed years from now! Glitter belongs in the bathroom or on a vanity, especially if you’re applying loose pigment. Remove area rugs, so if glitter falls on the tiled floor, you can easily sweep it up.
  2. Buy glitter that’s designed for skin: Don’t even think about walking into that craft store! The glitter you played with as a kid is completely different from skin-safe, cosmetic glitter. Craft glitter can seriously irritate the skin (and it’s NOT cute). You’ll find everything you need at a local drugstore or makeup outlet. Glam queens have their choice of glittery pressed eyeshadow or products you can apply anywhere, such as our line of face glitter.
  3. Apply a base layer of normal eyeshadow: Glitter eyeshadow involves more than slapping sparkles directly onto your skin. The first step is to swipe on a matte shade that either matches your skin tone or is close to the glitter’s color scheme. This provides an even base to work on and helps disguise bald spots in the glitter for a seamless look.
  4. Apply glitter gel for everyday use: Gotta run out the door in five? Glitter gel is a must for beginners and people on a time crunch. Aloe vera and other types of gel encapsulate the glitter, so it stays exactly where you want it to. This eliminates the need to clean rogue sparkles off your face or spend a ton of time fussing with glue. Plus, it’s much easier to go light with glitter gel if you’re going for a casual, daytime glitter makeup look.
  5. Complete party looks with loose glitter: If you’re getting ready for a big night, you probably have more time to fuss around with loose glitter. It’s more difficult to apply than glitter gel and definitely not for beginners. However, loose glitter is highly concentrated and will make your look really pop! This makes it great for creating the perfect smoky eye and other nighttime looks.
body glitter

6. Use cosmetic glitter glue for all-night wear: Cosmetic adhesives will ensure your glitter stays on through the more intense parties and raves. There are two ways to do this. You can apply cosmetic glue to your face, then pat on the glitter with a makeup brush. Alternatively, coat the brush with glue before dipping it in the glitter, then apply the glitter to your lids before it dries on the brush. (Use a special face glitter brush for this to keep your others intact.)

7. Pack on the glitter with a patting motion: Applying glitter is just like getting that wine stain out of your favorite blouse—pat, don’t rub. Rubbing glitter onto the skin will create a sparse, uneven coat instead of the blinding, pigmented look you’re after. Whether you’re using loose glitter or glitter suspended in aloe gel, apply it with a soft patting motion and frequently reload the brush.

8. Put the rest of your makeup on last: After spending hours in front of the bathroom mirror, the last thing you want is for chunks of glitter to cascade all over your freshly applied foundation! Nothing is more infuriating than having to completely redo a full face of makeup just because a couple of stray specks ruined it. Apply your glitter first, then complete the rest of your look.

9. Seal the glitter with a setting spray: Applying glitter is the first step and setting it in stone is the last. Spritz your whole face with a makeup setting spray, so not a single sparkle will budge all night. Trust us—you don’t want glitter falling into your eyes!

10. Remove glitter with surgical tape: You should never go to bed with glitter makeup on, but makeup removing wipes won’t cut it. Attempting to rub glitter off with a wipe will only spread it around your face and cause skin irritation. Instead, remove glitter eyeshadow or loose glitter with surgical tape and get rid of the rest by holding a cotton pad soaked in micellar water against the leftover residue.

Glitter Glam FAQs

Need answers fast? Here’s all the info you need to pull together that last-minute makeup look.

Leave the Elmer’s glue in your arts and crafts bin! The safest, most effective way to make glitter stick is with cosmetic glue or by using glitter that comes in aloe gel.

Apply a base coat of cosmetic glitter glue to the desired area. Load your makeup brush with glitter, tap off the excess then pat (don’t rub!) it onto your skin. You could also coat the bristles with glue, then dip the brush in glitter before applying.

Heck no, sis! Don’t even go there. Visit your nearest drugstore or your fav rave accessory website (cough cough) and pick up some glitter eyeshadow or loose pigment that’s safe to use on the body. Your skin will thank you!

A better question would be—where CAN’T you put glitter makeup? (Okay, we can think of a few places…) We recommend loading up your lids with loose glitter or swiping glitter gel on your cheekbones. But really, it’s all up to you!

Glitz up Your Look with Neva Nude

We’ve got more than a few tips and tricks up our sleeves. Neva Nude has all the glitter you need to pull off a stellar makeup look and score the perfect Insta-worthy pic. From glitter eyeshadow to loose pigments to gel-based sparkles, we’ve got you covered. Now, go forth and strut your stuff, glam queen!

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