28 October 2021

10 Gorgeous Glitter Makeup Ideas

Trends come and go, but glitter is always in. A shimmery pot of pixie dust is all you need to instantly transform plain, everyday makeup into a Saturday night rave look. Top off eyeshadow, line lashes and dazzle your pout all with the same product. Glitter isn’t just for your face, either—dust it all over your body to draw attention to those killer curves!

If you ask us, even people who claim to hate glitter makeup secretly like it. Cosmetic glitter sneaks its way into makeup products like gold-flecked lip gloss and shimmery eyeshadow. Being a fan of glitter doesn’t always mean dousing your whole face in chunky bright colours. From subtle to fierce, we wholeheartedly believe there’s a glittery look for everyone!

Looking for inspo? Get ready to fall in love with our top 10 fav glitter makeup ideas!

face glitter

Subtle Shimmer for an Everyday Look

Glitter isn’t reserved solely for night life. You can create beautiful, understated looks with a quick swipe of glitter here and there. If you believe less is more, then you’re going to love these subtle glitter makeup ideas.

  • Neat rows of sparkle: Creating a bold, glittery eye usually means densely packing on the glitter for maximum sparkle. However, our minimalist friends can shine just as brightly with a few well-placed glitter specs or crystals. Add a little bling to your everyday look by lining individual pieces along black eyeliner.
  • Glitter dusted over eyeshadow: A pot of glitter holds many uses, and one of our favorites is jazzing up a matte eyeshadow! Complete your go-to makeup routine, then add one extra step by lightly dusting any glitter colour over your lids. To achieve this look, pat an eyeshadow base on top of the shadow before applying the glitter. Eyeshadow base locks in the glitter so your look stays shimmery all day.
  • Subtle sparkly eyebrows: This one might seem a bit out there, but trust us—a subtle swipe of glitter hidden in the brows is totally minimalist! Glitter brows let you think outside the box while keeping your makeup appropriate for the daytime. Mix loose glitter and hairspray in an empty makeup pot, then comb it through your eyebrows with a spoolie brush.
  • Highlight the eye’s contours: Glitter doesn’t always need to be haphazardly slapped all over your eyes! A tiny streak in the right place goes a long way in drawing attention to the eyes without overdoing it. Use a fine-tipped makeup brush to sweep a shimmery eyeshadow along the lower lash line and inner part of your crease. Or, brush on some gold body glitter for a neutral tone that complements any look!

Glitter Makeup That’s a Real Show Stopper

Maybe minimalism isn’t your thing. In that case, we say bolder is better! Pull out the big guns for those blacklight raves and late nights out on the town. After all, glitter shines brightest in the dark! Here are some ideas to elevate your glitter makeup.

  • Jam-packed glittery eyebrows: Glitter brows are suitable for any look, day or night. It all depends on how much face glitter you use! Transform your brows into the color of your choice by packing on a highly pigmented face and body glitter. Start by slicking down the hairs with a brow gel so the glitter has something to stick to. Then, apply the body glitter with an eyeshadow brush or just use your fingertip.
  • A dash of pixie dust: Embrace the messiness of glitter by throwing it wherever you want! Make your face look like the Milky Way by dabbing chunky glitter in your eyelid’s crease, under the eyes, along your hair line or across the bridge of your nose. All you need is some eyeshadow base and your fingertip. It’s impossible to mess this one up!
  • Dramatic, shadowy cat eye: There are more ways to score a wicked cat eye than with your typical liquid liner. You can create that same cat eye shape with eyeshadow, too! Pick out your fav shimmery shade, then apply it all over your lid, crease, brow bone and lower lash line. Buff the shadow outwards with a fluffy makeup brush until it tapers into a pointed cat eye.
body glitter

Go Crazy with Glitter Grenades

You’re a bombshell, and it’s about time the world knows it! The glitter makeup you’re about to see is only for the most outlandish, most daring divas out there. Let your inner wild child come out to play with these ultra-glam looks.

  • Glitter tears: Glitter is one thing you and unicorns have in common. With a few glitter tears running down your cheeks, your makeup will be literally dripping with glitz and glam! First, trace your lower lash line with a sparkly eyeliner. Map out where you want to place the glitter tears with clear glitter glue and a fine-tipped eyeliner brush. Use a different brush to pat on loose glitter from a cosmetic glitter kit.
  • Gravity-defying sparkle: Glitter tears roll down the face, but this makeup idea floats up! Transcend conventional makeup boundaries by blending glitter makeup beyond the eyebrows. To achieve this look, pack the most amount of glitter on your lid so that it’s highly pigmented toward the bottom. Create a gradient as you blend the glitter up into the crease, brow bone and eyebrow hairs. There should only be a few sparkles left right above the eyebrows.
  • Negative space in the crease: A lot of conventional eyeshadow looks place the darkest shade in the crease. This glitter idea does the complete opposite! Create a cat eye shape with an eyeshadow base and loose glitter, then leave the crease totally bare for a stark contrast. Use unique choices like snowflake glitter to make this look really pop!

FAQs about Adding Glitter to Your Makeup

Glitter seems daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Our quick Q&A will make you the glitter pro of your friend group.

You’ve got a few different options. Brow gel works great for locking glitter into the eyebrow hairs. Eyeshadow base is a thick, tacky substance that helps glitter adhere to eyeshadow while making the colors appear even more pigmented. Clear glitter glue is the best all-purpose adhesive for other parts of the face and body.

The application method depends on what look you want to achieve. A fine-tipped eyeliner brush is best for drawing fine details, while a fluffier brush is more ideal for buffing out the glitter. For a messy, effortless look, just use your fingertip!

Nuh-uh, don’t do it! The particles in craft glitter are cut a certain way that’s damaging to the skin. Craft glitter also contains toxic dyes that aren’t designed to sit on the skin for long periods of time. A cosmetic glitter kit is worth the investment because it’ll last way longer on the skin and won’t cause irritation!

We recommend professional-quality loose glitter that you can apply anywhere on the face and body. Neva Nude has a full line of highly pigmented loose glitters, many of which are self-adhering with aloe gel specially formulated for sensitive skin.

Yes, but only if the glitter isn’t on your face! Hairspray is better suited for sealing large areas of glitter on the arms, legs, chest and stomach. Glitter glue is the preferred sealant for the face because that skin is usually extra-sensitive. What you can do on the face is mix hairspray with loose glitter, then comb it through your brows with a spoolie brush.

Shop Neva Nude for All Things Glitter

Leave craft glitter in the days of kindergarten! Your skin deserves better than that. Every glam queen needs a jar of professional-grade cosmetic glitter from Neva Nude. Our pigments are available in every hue you could ask for—not to mention our Glitz Grenades glitter is suspended in skin-friendly aloe gel adhesive. If you weren’t a glitter fan before, you are now!

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