6 September 2021

5 Ways to Use Loose Pigment

The purpose behind some makeup products is pretty obvious—eyeshadow goes on the eyelids. Lipstick goes on the lips. But some others are obscure at best. Everyone new to the world of makeup has encountered that moment when they traverse the aisles, pick up a product and think, “What the heck is this stuff?”

Don’t worry—we’ve all been there. The sad truth is that many beginners don’t bother experimenting with fun products like loose pigment because they assume it’s too hard to figure out. In reality, loose pigment is SO easy to work with, anyone can wear it! And you really should—those vibrant hues can transform into eyeshadow, nail polish pigment, body art…almost anything your heart desires!

Makeup pigment serves many purposes, so you can’t really go wrong. Don’t let this magical stuff intimidate you. Grab a pot of your fav color and prepare to unlock the endless possibilities of pigment powder! Here are five ways to use loose pigment just to get you started.

#1: Glitz Up Your Lids

There’s no better place to put a pop of color than on your eyes! Eyeshadow palettes come in every shade imaginable, and loose eyeshadow is no different. Combine deep blues and charcoals for a smoky eye, or swipe on a nude shimmer for an effortless daytime look. Every glam girl needs a pot (or 10) of loose pigment in her makeup bag—it’s perfect for any occasion!

The level of glitz you get depends on how you apply it. For a highly pigmented look, start with a base of matte nude eyeshadow so you have a blank canvas to work on. Load a clean brush with loose pigment, then tap off the excess. Pat (don’t swipe) the pigment onto your lids to make the color really pop. Go for a shimmery gold or stand out with neon green. You’re the artist!

Pigment powder doesn’t just belong at the club. You can wear it to work, too! Tone down the shimmer by mixing the pigment with setting spray. Grab a small bowl to whip the two ingredients together, then use an eyeshadow brush to pat the paste all over your lids. Or, use the mixture as loose powder eyeliner and swipe it along your lash line with an angled brush. Pigment works great for people constantly on the go. All you need is one color and you’re done!

#2: Make Your Pout Pop

Want a real showstopper? Swirl a scoop of loose pigment with clear lip gloss to invent your own shades right at home. You’re sure to stand out from the crowd, especially since not everyone is sporting a sparkly emerald or purple pout.

Similar to the loose eyeshadow, you’ll want to mix the pigment and clear gloss together before applying it to your lips. Clear gloss works best as a mixing medium because you don’t want extra colors clashing with the loose pigment. Once the pigment is evenly distributed throughout the gloss, paint your lips with a small, condensed brush for precise application. Honestly, the hardest part is sticking to just one color!

Choose the color that’ll bring out your alter ego. Pick out a hot pink to crown yourself as the candy crush princess, or go for straight-up black if goth queen is more your speed. No matter which pigment you choose, you’ll definitely draw the attention of admiring onlookers.

#3: Highlight Your Best Features

What makes pigment powder so versatile is it can become the centerpiece of your look or add a subtle touch of shine. If neon hues aren’t really your thing, no problem. Apply loose pigment as a highlighter, instead! Look for shimmery neutrals like white, gold or baby pink so the pigment elevates your whole makeup look rather than draws attention to itself.

Loose pigment is super easy to use as a highlighter. Grab a fanned makeup brush, dip it in the pigment, tap off the excess and lightly dust it wherever you want to contour your features. We recommend applying neutral pigments along the cheekbones, eyebrow arches and tip of the nose. These are some of the highest points on the face, so they ought to look good. Make that nose snatched, honey!

#4: Turn Your Body into a Canvas

Forget about wearable daytime looks—it’s time to get crazy! Rave makeup isn’t complete without head-to-toe body art. Painting your body might sound complicated, but it’s pretty simple to pull off. All you need to do is mix pigments with water. Freehand simple designs, or go big by painting over elaborate stencils. The choice is totally up to you!

To start, bring all your materials into the bathroom and cover the work station with paper towels (the process can get a bit messy). Set out a mixing bowl for each color so they don’t cross contaminate. Fill a squeeze bottle with water and ladle pigment into the bowls using a small scoop. Blend three parts water to one part pigment until smooth.

Now on to the fun part! Grab a small brush for each color (or if you only have one brush, wash and wipe it off in between pigments). The best brushes for body painting are ones with smooth, soft bristles because they won’t leave behind stroke marks. Keep cotton swabs handy in case you need to fix a mistake. Set your creation with a light coat of hairspray, and you’re ready to hit the town!

#5: Add Shimmer to Your Hair

Did you know that you can even put loose pigment in your hair? Well, now you do! There’s no better opportunity to break out those neon pigments than to create colorful streaks in your natural locks or on a costume wig. Blind onlookers with your beauty and let those sparkly pigments dazzle under the blacklights!

Obviously you don’t want to dump loose pigment straight into your hair. You’ll need a hair product to serve as the mixing medium—something with a thin consistency. Thinner is better, as this ensures the pigment will evenly distribute throughout the product. Apply the mixture either with a clean paintbrush or your hands (probs should put on gloves first). Let it dry for a few minutes, then you’re good to go!

Unlock your Imagination With Loose Pigment

There’s no end to what you can do with loose pigment. Next time you find it at the store (or from your fav online accessories shop—cough cough), don’t pass it up. Buy all your fav colors and create a makeup look entirely from pigment powder! It’s the all-in-one product you can’t live without!

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