30 December 2021

A Guide to Wearing Bodysuits

Bodysuits are the latest trend to take over the fashion world. If you find this surprising, you’re not alone. One-piece bodysuits conjure flashbacks to 70s jazzercise videos filled with ladies sporting tights, leg warmers and the iconic neon leotard. Many people assume bodysuits got buried in the past alongside dusty boxes of VHS workout tapes (we all remember those, right?).

Well, those people are wrong! The bodysuit started off as athletic attire, but it’s changed a lot since then. Bodysuit style in the present day makes it cool to pair this staple with jeans, shorts, blazers, cardigans, anything really. You can wear it over clothes, under clothes or with no clothes at all! The combinations of bodysuit outfits are endless.

Bodysuits are so versatile, yet many struggle to style them. The top is different from anything else in your wardrobe and can leave you wondering what to wear with it. Neva fear—our bodysuit tips will help you rock that one-piece with confidence!

Different Types of Bodysuits

Before you pick out a bodysuit, let’s go over the different types and how to wear them.

Many of the bodysuits you’ll find are meant to replace a normal shirt. They’re available in solid colors or graphic print, one-shoulder or turtle neck, lace up or button down—you get the idea. What all these bodysuits have in common is they’re worn as tops to create a smoothing, seamless look. You don’t have to tuck a baggy blouse into your pants anymore. Bye-bye, bunching!

Women’s bodysuits are designed to hug curves and flatter your physique. Thanks to this shaping effect, bodysuits make great undergarments beneath any outfit. Some bodysuits offer light compression to help women look their very best in pencil skirts and body con dresses. These undergarments often have built-in bras to give your gals a little extra boost. A bodysuit is the only piece that slims and supports at the same time!

There are also different ways to put on a one-piece bodysuit. Some are made into one seamless piece, although this can make it difficult to put on and peel off. Thankfully, bodysuits have evolved to the point where they now wrap around your bottom and secure with poppers. These handy flaps let you go to the bathroom without needing to get completely naked!

bodysuit style

Bodysuits for an Everyday Look

A bodysuit might sound daring, but you can rock it any day of the week! This sleek staple tucks perfectly into joggers, boyfriend jeans and breezy shorts. For a casual look, pick out a neutral tone with either short sleeves or tank top straps. Throw on your fav pair of sneakers to complete the outfit. Now you can run errands and look fab while doing it!

Give the jazzercise look a modern twist by incorporating bodysuits into athleisure clothes. Wear a slim-fitting bodysuit beneath high-waisted compression leggings. Layer with an oversized hoodie to give this bodysuit outfit a more relaxed feel. Throw your hair in a bun, pull on some trainers and hit the gym—or your couch!

Bodysuits are totally appropriate for the office, too. They tuck into slacks, trousers and pencil skirts for a polished look. Pair with ballet flats for a normal day at work, or put on some pumps to pitch that grand proposal. Solid, neutral colors look best layered beneath a blazer. But you could also wear a more formal bodysuit that serves as the center piece with chiffon and pretty accent details.

How to Dress Fancy with Bodysuits

Dress to impress with a bodysuit outfit! Bodysuits are the perfect slim-fitting piece to complement long, flowy skirts. A black bodysuit can look sexy and alluring when you layer it with a floral wrap or furry shawl. Bodysuits give you something to wear on top so your statement pieces can really shine.

Of course, a bodysuit can be a statement piece in its own right! Keep the rest of your outfit subdued with a simple, knee-length skirt or dress pants in a solid color. Skip the jacket so you can flaunt a bodysuit with sequins, embroidering or a plunging neckline. Much like a regular shirt, there’s no limit to how much you can dress up bodysuits!

mesh bodysuits

Rave Outfits that Showcase Bodysuits

While some bodysuits are merely a staple beneath clothing, others are meant to be worn all on their own. Rave outfits often feature mesh bodysuits that are slightly see-through. These are perfect for when you want to show a little skin! Instead of wearing your go-to bra, stay barely covered with a pair of nipple coverings. The classic rave look is a black mesh bodysuit with brightly colored pasties.

You know what to wear on top—time to pick something out for the bottoms! Show off that sexy figure with a mini skirt or cutoff denim shorts. If you want to bare even more skin, swap out those bottoms for a pair of fish net tights. Wear your bodysuit over the tights so everyone can see your stylish one-piece in all its glory.

Alright, you’ve picked out the bodysuit material and scandalous bottoms to go with it. Now, let’s talk color. A rave is no place for drab hues. Show up to the party with a neon bodysuit that’s guaranteed to make a bold impression! Pro tip: wear one with peeper cutouts and a pair of holographic nipple pasties.

FAQs about Bodysuit Style

Glam queens new to bodysuits are bound to have tons of questions. What can I wear with it? And why are there buttons near the crotch??? We’ve got all the answers below.

Many bodysuits come in one seamless piece and require you to step into them. Others let you pull it over your head, then secure it with poppers at the bottom. As for styling a bodysuit, they look best tucked into pants, shorts or a skirt. Layer with a jacket, or wear the bodysuit as a statement piece!

It depends on the bodysuit. Much like a regular shirt, many bodysuits let you wear your fav bra underneath it. However, some styles have built-in bras so you don’t have to wear one. If you go for a mesh bodysuit, we recommend a pair of neon nipple pasties!

Wear your bodysuit over the tights. People often choose tights over pants so they can show off more of the bodysuit. With that in mind, it makes more sense to wear the bodysuit on top!

If there’s no built-in bra, you can wear any bra that’s part of your everyday wardrobe. Bras work just fine with see-through bodysuits, too, but that’s also the perfect opportunity to flaunt some reflective or neon pasties.

You sure can! Bodysuits are super sleek, which means they tuck nicely into leggings of all kinds. Plus, they’re comfy enough to become a staple among your athleisure wear. Layer with a zip-up hoodie to give your outfit chill vibes.

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