14 July 2022

Beautiful Burning Man Makeup Looks

Ready to turn up the heat? Burning Man is back to set your summer ablaze! Every year, Burners take to the Black Rock Desert and tear up the playa with their booty-shaking dance moves. But the Burning Man Festival doesn’t just have a killer lineup. It also has the best freakin’ makeup looks you’ve ever seen! Seriously, these rave babes go all out for this.

If you go to Burning Man (and you should), you gotta get in on these makeup trends. Burning Man is pretty much the only place where you can rock a face full of gold leaf and white paint. And we LOVE those delicate forehead pieces that are dripping in gems. Burning Man’s got its own unique aesthetic that’ll earn you mad respect from fellow Burners.

Looking for some makeup inspiration? We got you! Check out these hot festival makeup ideas before you head to the desert for Burning Man.

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Eyes That Burn Like the Sun

Burning Man is a bit different than other festivals. Goggles are a must to help you weather those dust storms! Since the goggles will cover your eyes, a lot of Burning Man makeup looks actually go around the eyes. Here are a few to choose from:

  • Gold leaf: Transform into a sun goddess with flecks of gold leaf radiating around your eyes! Gold leaf is metallic gold paint that’s safe to use on the skin. Burning Man makeup is all about those white and gold hues, so a pot of gold leaf is essential in your makeup bag. You can apply gold leaf anywhere you want—along the brows, temples, outer corners or lower lash line. Play with different geometric designs to find one you like!
  • Chunky glitter: The fierce looks at Burning Man prove all that glitters is gold! Every year, we see rave babes strutting their stuff with chunky gold glitter packed below the eyes. Nothing subtle about this look—that ish has got to be PACKED on. Applying a generous dose of face glitter creates highly pigmented looks that really stand out. Pick nude colors for the rest of the face so all the attention goes to the glitter.
  • Rhinestones: A little bling goes a long way! If you want a simple look, skip the glitter and place one gem beneath each eye. Face crystals are the quickest way to transform everyday makeup into a gorgeous look fit for the Nevada desert. Loose gems come in all sorts of different shapes, including hearts, stars, circles and teardrops. Place a dot of glitter glue on the back, press onto your skin and you’re ready to party!

Face Paint That’s Boho Chic

The Burning Man Festival is known for breaking out the white face paint. Everywhere you look, you’ll find Burners decked out with dots, streaks and tribal patterns that give off serious boho vibes. The best part? Face paint is super easy to work with! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Vertical dots and lines: You don’t have to go overboard on the face paint. Create a minimalist look by drawing lines and dainty dots on your face. Vertical lines and dotted columns are most popular because they have a slimming effect. These designs usually go in the center of the forehead, but you can also contour the cheek bones with diagonal lines. Keep it simple—a little paint looks ultra sexy!
  • Dots along the brows: White face paint contours better than any bronzer in your makeup bag! Highlight your arches by placing tiny dots along each eyebrow. Paint the dots above your brows so they don’t get covered up by your goggles. Strong lines in all the right places will score you major style points with practically zero effort!
  • A streak on the bottom lip: Nothing says Burner like face paint on the lips! Slap on your fav lipstick, then block out the center of your bottom lip with white face paint. Extend the paint down your chin in a thick vertical line. Pair with other face paint designs, or wear this look all on its own. This simple yet sexy detail will crown you queen of the Burners!

Rhinestones for the Third Eye

Eye makeup doesn’t get to shine when you’re wearing goggles. That’s why we recommend decking out your THIRD eye! The forehead is a great place to create elaborate rhinestone designs. Those gems will shine bright even in the murkiest dust storms! Check out the top picks from your fellow Burners:

  • Bindis: A bindi is great for when you want just a tiny bit of sparkle. Bindis allow you to create dainty designs between the eyebrows. Design your own bindi by hand, or apply gems that come pre-arranged on an adhesive strip. Add some oomph with tiny streaks of face paint radiating out from your design.
  • Tiaras: Want something even grander? Go big with a rhinestone tiara that covers your entire forehead! Just like with a bindi, you can design the tiara however you want. We personally think it’s easiest to go with a face sticker so you don’t have to spend hours applying individual gems to your face. Face stickers let you apply professional-looking designs within seconds!
  • Head jewelry: Create your own jewelry by arranging gems on the forehead. Two symmetrical loops will make it look like your head is dripping with gold chains! The key with fake head jewelry is to start the design at your hair line. This creates the illusion that you’re actually wearing head jewelry when you really just glued a bunch of rhinestones to your face. We won’t tell anyone!
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Cheeks on Fire with Glitter Dust

Days in the desert will give you a sun-kissed glow. But you can instantly achieve that look with glitter makeup! Strut into the Burning Man Festival adorned with glitter, shimmer and all of the rhinestones. Set your cheeks ablaze with these fire makeup tips:

  • Glittery cheekbones: Ditch that highlighter and deck out your cheeks with chunky glitter! Burning Man is one of the few places where it’s socially acceptable to wear glitter like your life depended on it. Draw attention to those sexy cheekbones by packing on metallic loose glitter. Gold is best for Burning Man, but if a different color fits your vibe, that’s fine too!
  • Fiery sunset hues: Wear festival makeup inspired by those gorgeous sunsets in the Black Rock Desert. Choose a loose pigment to sweep across your cheeks, preferably orange, red, magenta or pink. You could even blend two or more colors together to create a sunset on your face. Say buh-bye to basic blushes and hello to the bold new you!
  • A line of rhinestones: Add a bit of flare with loose gems lining the cheekbones. This design is perfect if you’re a “less is more” type of rave queen. All you have to do is place a row of evenly-spaced crystals that follow the curve of your cheekbone. Circular gems work best for the cheeks, but other shapes would also look super pretty!

Glam Up Yo’ Face with Neva Nude

The countdown to Burning Man has begun. Before you step foot on the playa, experiment with a few of these makeup ideas until you find a look that suits your style. Need some festival-worthy products in your makeup bag? Discover rhinestones, glitter, loose pigment and more in the Neva Nude makeup collections. We’ll turn you into a true Burner, bb!

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