14 January 2022

Body Stickers: A Rave Must-Have

The rave of your life is coming up. How do you prepare? If you’re like most gals, you stare into the abyss of your closet, totally at a loss for what the heck to wear. Basic staples like a T-shirt and shorts won’t do. Everyday attire pales in comparison to the sparkly, neon rave outfits that dazzle beneath the epic light displays.

Sounds like you could use some rave accessories! Body stickers instantly elevate apparel in the form of crystal designs, loose gems and nipple pasties. These self-adhesive beauties are what transform boring clothes into killer outfits worthy of the dance floor. Better yet, forget about what you already own and try something new! Body stickers are the cherry on top of mesh bodysuits and slinky skirts.

Get ready to ditch the phase, “I have nothing to wear” and discover the ultimate rave outfit below!

body stickers

How to Wear Body Stickers

A real crowd pleaser among sticker collections are the body crystals. You can purchase loose gems and arrange them however you want. Loose crystals work best with rave outfits that show a little skin—and by a little, we mean a lot! Highlight those sexy curves by arranging a galaxy of gems down your thighs. A tube top is the perfect excuse to cover your chest, shoulders and upper arms with dazzling loose gems. Let inspiration guide the design—you can’t go wrong!

Body crystals aren’t just for the body. They add next-level glam to makeup looks that could use some extra sparkle! We recommend clustering loose crystals along the temples, between the eyebrows or at the outer corners of the eyes. You could also amplify the contours by lining individual gems along your cheek or brow bones. Other glam queens love to add crystal teardrops or completely coat their lips in jewels!

Loose crystals aren’t for everybody. The adhesive backing makes them easy to put on, but coming up with a creative design requires a ton of effort. That’s why Neva Nude makes body jewels that come pre-arranged on adhesive strips. The designs even come with instructions on where to place them on your body. Within seconds, you can score professional-looking crystal arrangements on the face, chest or torso. Adhesive designs look impressive and let you pull together an outfit in no time at all.

Body jewels can even replace clothing! Rave goers love wearing self-adhesive crystal designs as nipple pasties. While many nipple coverings work well beneath mesh tops, glam queens should ditch the shirt and wear crystal pasties all on their own. Help the crystal pasties stand out even more by decorating your girls with loose gems and a crap ton of glitter. The saying “less is more” doesn’t apply here—go nuts with the sparkles!

You don’t have to settle for one design, either. Mix and match body stickers until you find a look that suits your fancy. In addition to crystal pasties, you have the option of decorating your chest with gems that drip down the center and outline your natural curves. It’s like a crown for your boobs! When paired together, crystal pasties and other body stickers let you get away with wearing less clothes while still covering the important parts.

body jewels

Pair Body Stickers with Rave Apparel

You’ve completed the crash course about how body stickers work. Now let’s pick out something to wear! For those who prefer a bit more coverage, we recommend rave outfits that incorporate a cropped tank and neon joggers. The tanks at Neva Nude are cut in such a way that lets you flaunt some tasteful side boob. Swap out the joggers for booty shorts if you plan to party hardy under the sun!

Want to bare skin and stay covered at the same time? Mesh is your new bestie! The material gives onlookers a peek at what lies underneath while maintaining a hint of modesty. We personally love a mesh top paired with nipple pasties and a mini skirt. Slap on some more body stickers, and you’re ready to rave!

Many struggle to find a shirt-skirt combo they love. But thanks to bodysuits, pulling a rave outfit together has never been easier! Bodysuits are the only clothing items that cover all the important parts in a single piece. All you have to do is pull on a bodysuit, and your outfit is complete! Of course, you can wear other items with a bodysuit, too. Use it as a top, then layer with joggers, booty shorts or a mini skirt. You could also wear fish net tights for that “I’m kinda wearing pants but not really” look.

Peeper bodysuits and rave body stickers are a match made in heaven! This type of bodysuit has cutouts that let your boobs show through in all their glory. Something’s gotta cover your nips, which means peeper bodysuits give you the perfect excuse to rock a pair of pasties. The duo is perfect for peeps (pun intended) who want to assemble a stellar rave outfit while putting in zero effort.

FAQs about Rave Body Stickers

Got questions about how body stickers work? Search no more—all the answers you’re looking for are below!

Pretty much anything as long as it sparkles, glows and shows some skin! Mesh bodysuits are super popular either with a pair of skimpy bottoms or all on their own. To bare your body even more, pair a mini skirt or booty shorts with nipple pasties (no shirt necessary). If you want more coverage, go for joggers and a cropped tank that shows a little side boob.

Body stickers add a little something to every outfit! One of our fav ways to up the sexiness is with a pair of neon, holographic or crystal pasties. There are other types of body stickers, too. You can buy crystals pre-arranged on an adhesive strip, or get a jar of loose ones to create original designs.

Body stickers are super easy to apply thanks to their self-adhesive strips on the back. Simply peel off the paper, then press each sticker into place. Loose crystals can go anywhere on the body while pre-arranged ones are designed for a specific location like the face, chest or torso.

Shop Neva Nude for Outfits and Body Stickers

Very few stores will have exactly what you’re looking for. Who’s selling mesh tube tops and holographic mushroom pasties??? Neva Nude, that’s who! Our online collections include a range of apparel and body stickers to suit anyone’s style. No matter your vision, we’ve got everything you need to assemble the rave outfit of your dreams. Party on, glam queen!

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