19 August 2019

Create Your Best Festi Look!

Festival season rages (and raves!) on, but if you’ve already hit up Coachella, EDC, Paradiso and a few others, you might be feeling tapped for festi look ideas by now. But don’t worry! We’ve got everything you need to put together a killer outfit with minimal effort (and layers!) required.

To give you some inspo, check out these three festi-ready looks we created using a combo of some of our favorite products. Remember—the fun doesn’t stop here. With all our goodies, the possibilities are endless!

Outfit #1: The Holo-Tastic Attack

If you’re the type of gal who goes to festivals ready to be bright, bold and beautiful, you can’t go wrong with holo. Our holographic pasties shine with the light of a thousand suns and a full rainbow of color.

Our Mirrored Mayhem Super Holographic G-String Naughty Knix Pasties & Panties Set is the base of this look, with a super-sexy thong on the bottom and a set of shattered-glass-style starry nights pasties up top.

If you prefer a little more coverage for the chest, the matching Mirrored Mayhem Super Holographic Silver Black Starry Nights Sticker Top gives you the freedom to bring the crop top of your dreams to life. Plus, more holo!! Talk about a win-win!

Mystique Crystal Jewel BodiStix In Your Face Edition

Crystals are a great way to bring the holo party up to your face and accentuate your eyes. We recommend our Mystique Crystal Jewel BodiStix In Your Face Edition, which shimmer with a similar iridescent rainbow.

Finally, it’s time to top it all off with a little bit of glitter or shimmer—or both! Our brand-new Milky Way Chameleon White Purple Shimmer Sweet Treats Loose Pigment isn’t holo, but it does have color-changing magic, going from pearl to violet in the right light to make you glow!

If that’s not enough shine for you, apply a little bit of our Friskie Fairy Cosmetic Grade Glitter Glitz Grenade, and you’ll shine like stars under those flashing festi lights.

Plus, holo is super in right now, so it’ll be totally easy to match your ‘fit to accessories like jewelry and fanny packs.

Operation look like a disco ball: Complete!

Outfit #2: Pink Panic

If you’re all sugar, spice and everything nice, make your girly heart squeal with delight in this head-to-toe pink look.

Sparkle Pony Pink X Factor Pasties . Strawberry Fruitella Wet Vinyl Pink X Factor Pasties

Want to look like you just left a party filled with fairies and unicorns? Our Sparkle Pony Pink X Factor Pasties bring the perfect vibe with their bubble gum pink glitter. Or, because we love having options, go for a little less glitter and a little more glam in a set of Strawberry Fruitella Wet Vinyl Pink X Factor Pasties that serve up deliciousness.

To jazz up the top, create a “treasure chest” in the middle! Our Arendelle Crystal Jewel BodiStix Body Sticker fits perfectly in between your pasties, radiating unicorn dreams.

Movin’ on up, add an even bolder pop of pink by applying our new Pinktricity UV Neon AF Loose Pigment to your eyes as eyeshadow, in the center of your lips or even on your cheekbones for a neon AF “highlighter” effect! You’ll light up the dance floor with an electric POW—they won’t know what hit ‘em!

And if that’s not enough pink, you can jazz up your face, arms or wherever by sticking on a few of our adorable Sparkle Pony Pink Glitter Star BodiStix 6PK. Six pink glitter stars will help you look extra fab all over.

Outfit #3: Dripping in Diamonds

Festivals are the perfect opportunity to get a little EXTRA and show-stop in an outfit you wouldn’t normally wear, which is why we love to get glam AF with crystals. When you’re dripping in jewels, other festi-goers will have no choice but to bow to your majesty!

Stardust Crystal Jewel Nipztix Pasties Star Fall Crystal Jewel BodiStix Body Sticker

Kick off the look with a combination of our Stardust Crystal Jewel Nipztix Pasties and a Star Fall Crystal Jewel BodiStix Body Sticker in the center. All of these clear crystals will reflect the light in dazzling fashion, whether you’re in the sun or dancing in the lights from the stage.

Add even MORE glistening beauties around your eyes and forehead using our Star Craft Crystal Jewel BodiStix In Your Face Edition for over-the-top crystal diamond action.

And finally, top it all off with some strategic placement of glitter from our Lucid Dreams Blacklight Cosmetic Glitter Glitz Grenade. The blacklight-reactive glitter will make you look like you’re dotted with a million tiny gems thanks to their ferocious sparkle.

Rule over them all on the dance floor, babes!

Festi season is for creativity AND comfort

What we love about our products is that they look super freaking cool while allowing you to feel comfortable and free all day and all night. We designed our pasties, sticker tops and more to last and move while you groove without having to sacrifice fun and fashion.

If these outfits aren’t your jam, don’t stress! It’s so easy to create the perfect look for you with a combo of our product lines. No matter what you wear, you’re going to kick a$$ and have a blast!

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