15 April 2019

Rave Outfits for EDC 2019 - A Neva Nude Guide on What to Wear!

Hey Neva Nudes! Now that you’re a Coachella Bella with your Neva Nude attire, let’s get rave ready for EDC 2019. We know that you’ll want to slay during the day and night, so we’re here to make sure you’ve Goldilocksed your festival outfit so that it’s juuuussst right! Viva Las Vegas, BB!

As a veteran EDC rave babe, I know that there are a few major considerations when designing your look. First of all, are you lone wolfing it or going with a squad? If you’re with a squad, then themed costumes are the way to go! Since it’s ELECTRIC Daisy Carnival, harness your flower power and bloom with your buds in our with our Blacklight Reactive White or Blue Daisy Sequin Nifty Nipztix!

Flower Power

Flower power daisy sequin pasties

More of a mermaid? Show that your crew of scallywags is spicy on land or in the sea with Neva Nude Naughtycal Nipztix!


Mermaid nipple pasties

Check out our full range of Naughtycal products and mermaid nipple covers.

If you’re dressing Han Solo and want to look UNIQUE while also being TRENDY AF, then our brand new Nipztix Nipple Sticker Tops are the choice for you! Complete with (4) Nipztix, (12) BodiStix, and (21) Ministix, these rad collections allow you to use as many or few body stickers to create your perfect look! Mix and match to create a new look each night (but save the best for the last night because we all know Day 3 Sunrise Sets are FIIIIIIRE). Check out our Mirrored Mayhem Nipztix Sticker top to make your own super holographic rave outfit!

Mirrored Mayhem

Mirrored mayhem nipple sticker top

If you’re worried about thermoregulation while you’re on a roll, then Nipztix up, bb! Wearing pasties at a rave allows you to show as much or as little skin as you’d like. Layer up (even at EDC, Vegas nights get chilly) and then as you get hotter and hotter, delayer to get “hotter and hotter”. 😉

Rave Pasties

Rave nipple pasties

Hey Bae, write this down: Blacklight is LIFE at EDC. Whether you’re dancing near the speaker (pro-tip, stage left is the SPOT), flirting on the Ferris Wheel, or kicking back on the grass to watch some epic gloving, you want to be seen! Shine like a star in our REFLECTIVE Nipztix Sticker Top…you’ll be sure to flash more than that stunning smile!


Reflective nipple pasties

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Rock our latest and greatest Sprankles multicolor blacklight reactive Sticker Top, TNT Nipztix or our NEON AF Lime Green Apple, Lemon Yellow, or Pink Strawberry Fruitella Wet Vinyl Collection…trust us people will be starving for a taste of that salad!


Neon nipple pasties

Check out our full range of neon nipple pasties.

Wanna detonate that sexy sparkle and demonstrate your bombshell appeal? Check out the Neva Nude Glitz Grenades – with a full arsenal of color choices and a keychain for on-the-go application, you can make sure your entire squad gets and stays lit with our magical glitter solution! Add a little electric sparkle for a look like you’ve been kissed by the cosmos!

Glitz Grenades

Glitz grenade face glitter

Pro-tip: In order to make sure that you don’t lose your ish while losing your sh*t, consider renting a locker at EDC. For $30/day you can stash your gear (but don’t be a dumbo and stash yo stash) AND they have universal phone chargers in each locker! You def don’t want to run out of juice and miss out on all of those photo ops in your Neva Nude EDC 2019 outfits!

If you and your squad choose to rent a locker, make sure that you all know the code. I’d suggest bringing a sharpie and writing it on the inside of your arm in case your phone dies or in case someone needs to help you -things get CRAZY at the DAISY! If you do not rent a locker, it’s a clutch move to establish a “lost and found” structure where you guys can all meet up if someone gets swept away by the beat and/or is missing. Cell reception is usually wretched, so you’ll want to find a spot that is visible from most of the park and/or highly known in case a white knight has to lead you there. Plan to meet up every two hours or so. Then you and your friends can catch up, rehydrate, refuel, and make a new plan of attack.

After an amazing three days of nonstop dancing, prancing, and general festival shenanigans, your body is gonna need a little TLC. One way to avoid the shame spiral and help boost your serotonin (and spirit!) levels is with a 5HTP supplement, but we are NOT doctors so please consult a physician prior to taking anything!!

Since you will most likely be conducting the hot mess express, you’ll need to replenish all of the electrolytes that eeked out of those glistening poors. Pedialyte packs are always a staple in any rave recovery kit. Even better, check out our fellow fitness unicorns at Gym Molly’s After Party with BCAAs. You’ll replen and get ready to hit the gym faster than ever!


Finally, regardless of which Neva Nude products you use to curate the most epic of rave outfits, be sure to drink TONS of water, dance your face off, tag us on Insta (you can win prizes and our forever love), and shine like a motha effin’ diamond.

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