8 August 2022

Fierce Dinosaur Pasties Inspiration for Lost Lands

Attention bassheads—Lost Lands Festival is back and ready to rock your world! It’s the only weekend when dinosaurs are summoned to roam the Earth once again. Your fav giant lizards are taking over Legend Valley to pose for photo ops and bang their animatronic heads to the biggest dubstep artists of all time.

We obvs have a dinosaur theme going on here. Know what that means? You need a dinosaur-themed outfit! We’re talking holographic scales, prehistoric chic and, of course, dinosaur pasties. And if you’re going to wear dinosaur pasties, you’ll def want to show ‘em off. No need to cover up—we’ve got tons of styles that’ll give those pasties center stage (even when it gets chilly).

Check out these top picks for Lost Lands Festival outfits that feature dinosaur pasties!

Lost Lands outfits

Tops That Show Off Your Pasties

Who says you have to wear a shirt? Dinosaur pasties are all the coverage you need! The best way to show off these pasties is by wearing them all on their own. As long as the nips are covered, you can totally go topless at Lost Lands. Let those T-Rex heads roar wild and free!

Maybe you want to accessorize a bit more. In that case, there are plenty of tops you can wear without covering up your dinosaur buddies. Pair those pasties with cutout underwire lingerie, which is basically a bra without the cups! Cutout lingerie adds some interest to your outfit while keeping the dinosaurs front and center.

For rave babes who prefer some coverage, we recommend layering those festival pasties with a mesh bodysuit. Your fellow headbangers will still be able to peep those dinosaurs behind the see-through material. Mesh bodysuits are breathable and super lightweight, which will help you beat the late-summer heat. You could even wear a peepers bodysuit that covers everything but the boobs!

Crop tops are a classic go-to for festival pasties outfits. But not just any crop tops—we mean crop tops that are so cropped, they pretty much don’t cover anything! To show off your rave pasties, throw on a crop top that hits right above the boobs. Think underboob crop top, except these tops leave nothing to the imagination.

festival pasties

Bottoms to (Barely) Cover That Booty

We’ve got the top situation figured out. Now let’s pick out some bottoms! You can never go wrong with a pair of cheeky shorts. Classic black goes with everything, and they allow neon pasties to really pop. But if you wanna get in the Lost Lands spirit, go for earthy tones that’ll give your outfit prehistoric vibes. A pair of suede booty shorts will help you unleash that inner sexy cavewoman!

Skirts offer a bit more coverage but can be just as sexy. To keep with the prehistoric theme, look for a long fringe skirt made with faux leather. Lost Lands Festival is one of the few places where it’s normal to rock that much fringe, so you might as well go for it! Fringe skirts are super breezy, so you won’t have to worry about overheating while you get down to that bass drop.

Amp up the sexiness with extra accessories like leg wraps and thigh-high stockings. Faux leather leg wraps will help you fit in with the dinosaurs when you go for metallic colors like silver, green and bronze. For the stockings, grab a pair with mesh or fishnet patterns that you can clip onto a garter belt. The more straps, the better!

Sexy Outerwear for Those Chilly Nights

Legend Valley is known for its chilly nights, especially in late September. You’ll need something to keep you warm without covering up your killer outfit. Go for a cozy faux fur coat that’s totally prehistoric chic! The fluffy sleeves keep out the cold, and the open flaps give onlookers a peek at your nipple pasties. Don’t let the chills get between you and your style!

Worried you’ll get too warm in a coat? Pull out a sexy shawl when the temps begin to drop. Unlike a faux fur coat, you can add a shawl to your daytime outfit in tons of cool ways. Tie it around your waist, wear it like a scarf or use it to block out the sunlight. Then, wrap it around your shoulders to stay warm at night. A shawl will let you show off those dinosaur pasties no matter the weather.

Going back to your tent for warmer clothing is kind of a hassle. When you wear a jumpsuit, you won’t need a wardrobe change at all! Jumpsuits are loose enough to let your body breathe, and you can unzip them for a sneak peek at those dinosaur pasties. Find one in an animal print, and you’ve got an effortless outfit that’s functional AND hella fierce.

FAQs about Lost Lands Outfits

First time to Lost Lands? We’ve answered all your outfit questions below.

You should obvs wear a set of dinosaur pasties! Pair with fringe, faux fur and earthy tones to get in the prehistoric spirit. Don’t forget to pack a shawl or jacket to keep you warm during those chilly nights in Legend Valley.

Technically, you can wear whatever you want. But you probably shouldn’t try to bust a move in stilettos (just sayin’). Steer clear of sandals, too, which aren’t great for standing on your feet all day. Lost Lands Festival is dinosaur themed, so save the sexy Stormtrooper outfit for a different rave!

A pair of nipple pasties from Neva Nude can stay on for up to 12 hours. That’s if you put ‘em on the right way, of course. 12-hour coverage will let you dance that booty off from morning till night!

Our nipple pasties are super easy to take off. Since they’re disposable, all you have to do is peel and throw ‘em away! If you wear reusable pasties, rub some baby oil around the edges to loosen the adhesive. Clean the pasties with soap and water, then let them air dry.

Neva Nude’s Got Dinosaur Pasties for You

You’re probably wondering, “Where the heck am I gonna find dinosaur pasties??” You can find them right here in Neva Nude’s nipple pasties collection! We’ve got pasties for every festival you can think of. Pick up some pasties for Lost Lands and all the other festivals you’re hitting up this season. Now go dance your heart out with the dinosaurs!

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