23 February 2022

From Raves to Beach Babes: How to Rock Your Pasties at the Beach

With warm days coming soon, ravers are starting to plan their summer outfits. And there’s no better place to show off that bod than the beach. You can bare as much skin as you want, and nobody will question it! The time has finally arrived to sport that strappy, skimpy bikini you bought during a late-night online shopping spree back in December.

Bikinis are great and all, but there’s a way to show even MORE skin. Swap out that bikini top with a pair of nipple pasties. They’re not just for dry land—the pasties at Neva Nude offer waterproof coverage when you take a dip in the ocean. These suckers stay on, even after a long day at the beach. And the best part? No awkward tan lines!

Check out these beach outfits featuring your fav pair of nipple pasties.

beach pasties

Outfits That Are Totally Beach Worthy

The easiest way to upgrade your beach outfit is by replacing the swimsuit top with nipple pasties. They stay securely in place, offering just enough coverage without the wardrobe malfunctions. No more halter bikini tops getting swept away by the waves! Complete the ensemble with swimsuit bottoms of any color, pattern or design. To up the sexiness, pair your waterproof pasties with a thong swimsuit. That’ll turn heads for sure!

Or maybe you’d rather leave more to the imagination. Luckily, you can still rock nipple pasties while keeping the outfit slightly modest. Wear the outfit mentioned above, then layer with a swimsuit cover. This slinky accessory features a short hemline and mesh fabric to give onlookers a sneak peek at what lies underneath.

For chicks who dig a sporty look, throw on a cropped tee and biker shorts. This summer outfit is perfect for killin’ it on the beach volleyball court. Pick out a flowy crop top made from a knitted, see-through material. Wear some neon pasties underneath for a pop of color. Thanks to nipple pasties, you can take your top off without flashing everyone!

Pick a Pair of Waterproof Pasties

flower pasties



Now comes the fun part—choosing which pasties you’re gonna wear! You obvs need to pick out nipple pasties that bring summer vibes. A classic go-to is pasties garnished with bright florals. Wear flower pasties shaped like daisies, sunflowers, tropical blooms or whatever you’re feeling. Neva Nude even has pasties made with REAL flowers!

heart pasties



Nothing screams summer fling like a pair of heart-shaped pasties. Enchant all who look upon you with the heart pasties of your choosing. If you need inspo, look no further than Neva Nude’s collection. We combine every hue imaginable with sequins, glitter and lace to create designs you’ve never seen before! All our materials are waterproof, so you never have to worry about losing your pasties in the ocean.

mermaid pasties



A beach party is your chance to live out those secret Ariel fantasies. Base your entire look around a pair of scaly, iridescent mermaid pasties. Slap on a couple starfish, or recreate Ariel’s iconic bra. The deep blue-greens and sequin seashells will make you want to swap your swimsuit for a mermaid tail!




nipple pasties

Tips to Help Your Pasties Stick

Even though our nipple pasties are waterproof, you still have to put them on the right way. Otherwise, your pasties could peel off the second they touch the water! Don’t sweat it, girl—the application process is easy peasy. Follow these tricks to make your pasties stick all day:

  • Figure out the right placement: You don’t want to slap on the pasties all willy nilly. Once those puppies are on, they have to stay If you peel and re-apply, the pasties won’t stick! Use a mirror to figure out where exactly you want to place each of the pasties. Only then can you adhere them to your skin.
  • Peel off the paper halfway: Disposable, self-adhering pasties will come with paper on the back. You need to remove this paper before sticking the pasties on your boobs. Instead of applying pasties all at once, adhere one half before the other. Peel back half of the paper, then decide where you want it to go. Once you’re satisfied with its placement, you can remove the rest of the paper. This technique will help you nail the placement every single time.
  • Press for a few seconds: The self-adhesive could use some extra gripping power. After applying the pasties, gently press them into place for a few seconds. This final step helps the nipple pasties mold to your curves. When you press the pasties with your hands, the self-adhesive creates a stronger bond with the skin. This will make your nipple pasties last way longer!

FAQs about Beach Pasties

Here’s everything you need to know about swimming with nipple pasties.

You sure can! All the pasties in Neva Nude’s collection are waterproof alternatives to wearing a swimsuit top. When you apply them the right way, nipple pasties will stick to your boobs from sunrise to sunset. Slap em’ on, and go for a dip!

It is! Nipple pasties cover the important parts, which means you can go topless and get away with it. Just remember to slip on a swimsuit thong or booty shorts. Unless you’re on a nude beach, you still have to wear something on the bottom!

Only if they’re waterproof. Before hitting up the beach, read the label on your nipple pasties. It should say “waterproof” somewhere on the packaging. But you never have to worry when you wear Neva Nude nipple pasties. All our pasties are waterproof!

Apply disposable pasties correctly on the first try because they only work one time. If you attempt to re-apply them, the adhesive won’t stick. Make sure your pasties are in the right spot, then gently press for a few seconds. This will help the pasties strongly adhere to the skin.

Discover Beach Outfits at Neva Nude

If you’re looking for nipple pasties, you’ve come to the right place. Neva Nude is the holy grail for pasties! Whether you’re going to a rave or the beach, count on Neva Nude pasties to stick with you through anything. Not only are they waterproof, we’ve got endless collections featuring every possible design. See you on the waves, beach babe!

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