11 April 2022

Glitter Festival Makeup Tips

Rave queens are taking the internet by storm with their glittery looks. You scroll through insta, double tapping pics of ravers with flawless makeup. Not a single sparkle out of place! You wanna recreate your fav looks but have no clue where to start. All you can imagine is how it’ll end: glitter fallout covering your face and fluffy white rug.

We all have to start somewhere! Those beauty gurus on insta didn’t perfect glitter makeup on the first try. You’ll have to practice applying that face glitter a few times before showcasing it to the world. Don’t worry about making a rookie mistake. We’ve compiled tips from the pros to help the process go a whole lot smoother.

Prepare to create insta-worthy festival makeup. We’re here for you every step of the way!

Steps to Take Before Applying Glitter

Before you go to town on that loose glitter, you need an action plan. Otherwise, you’ll end up glitter bombing your entire bathroom! Here are a few things to consider as you get ready to work your magic:

  • Pick the right work space: Vanity mirrors are good for applying everyday makeup. But when you’re working with glitter, take that ish to the bathroom! The last thing you want is to spill loose glitter on your bedroom carpet. Trust us, you’ll never wash it out. A bathroom is the best work space for applying glitter makeup because you can easily wipe glitter off the countertop and tile floor.
  • Gather the tools you need: Glitter requires tools that aren’t part of your normal makeup routine. Unlike your blush, bronzer or eyeshadow, you can’t dip a makeup brush straight into the glitter pot. Use a tiny spatula to scoop the right amount onto a stainless steel makeup palette. This will help contain the mess, so you spend less time cleaning up.
  • Start with a clean canvas: Professional-looking festival makeup always starts with a good foundation. No, we’re not talking about the liquid foundation in your makeup bag (that comes later). We mean your face has to be clean, moisturized and ready to go. A fresh face equals a flawless finish! Go through your skincare routine, but skip the oils and heavy lotions. These products make it hard for glitter to stick to your skin.
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Tips to Help Your Glitter Stay Put

You’ve laid out everything you need on the bathroom counter. Let’s get to work, bb! But don’t go swiping on the glitter all willy nilly. Follow these tips to minimize fallout and create a look that won’t budge:

  • Lay down a sticky base: No matter where you’re putting the sparkle, glitter needs to sit on a mixing medium. This could be primer, glitter glue or even petroleum jelly. To create glitter eyeshadow, start by applying any eyeshadow you want. Layer with a mixing medium, then pat cosmetic glitter into place. Pro tip: use glitter and eyeshadow in matching colors to seamlessly blend the different textures!
  • Wield brushes the right way: Glitter festival makeup is all about good brush technique. Dip a small eyeshadow brush into the glitter, then tap the handle a few times on the stainless steel palette. This will shake away excess glitter and reduce fallout on your face. Also, tap the glitter into place instead of rubbing it. A repetitive tapping motion helps glitter strongly adhere to the skin and creates a full, even coverage.
  • Surgical tape is your best friend: Any time you buy a pot of loose glitter, toss surgical tape into the shopping cart. No matter how hard you try, there’s gonna be some fallout. Pick up rogue sparkles by lightly tapping surgical tape on spots that need cleaning up. The tape lifts away unwanted glitter without disrupting your makeup.

How to Remove Glitter the Safe Way

Your bedtime routine will look way different with a face full of festival makeup. You can’t rub off glitter with a makeup wipe and crash into bed. You’ll regret it in the morning! We know you’re pooped from all that raving, but you gotta take care of your skin. Here’s some advice from makeup artists on removing glitter the safe way:

  • Avoid wipes at all cost: Wipes remove makeup, not glitter. Harsh rubbing with a makeup wipe will only irritate your skin. Glitter is made up of large particles that can scratch the skin’s surface, leaving you with a swollen, itchy rash. That ain’t cute, hunny!
  • Dip a cotton pad in baby oil: Oil is the best way to remove glitter makeup. It dissolves the mixing medium that bonds glitter to the skin. This allows you to gently remove cosmetic glitter without irritating your skin. Start by tapping surgical tape on the glitter to pick up as much as possible. Get rid of the remaining specks with a cotton pad soaked in baby oil. Press it against the glitter for a few seconds, then sweep away the loosened sparkles.
  • Save the cleanser for last: A lot of rave babes think they can remove cosmetic glitter by washing their face. Soap doesn’t remove glitter—it smears the sparkles across your face. That leaves you with an even bigger mess to clean up! Cleanse your face only after using baby oil and surgical tape to pick up as many sparkles as you possibly can.
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Glitter Makeup Hacks for Beginners

If you’ve never tried festival makeup before, glitter may seem like a recipe for disaster. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! These tricks will help you pull off an effortless yet super sparkly makeup look:

  • Apply gel-based glitter: Pots of loose glitter can get messy real fast. For your first festival makeup look, use sparkles suspended in gel like our cosmetic glitter keychain. Gel-based glitter combines the glitziness and mixing medium into a single formula. It’s a completely foolproof application method that keeps glitter where it should be. All you have to do is swipe it on with your finger!
  • Opt for a glittery eyeliner: You don’t need loose glitter to achieve that ultra-sparkly radiance. Try makeup products with built-in shimmer like glittery eyeshadow, blush or eyeliner. They’ll make you glow in all the right places without glitter chunks falling into your eyes!
  • Arrange a set of face gems: Glitter is freaking awesome, but we know it’s not for everyone. Luckily, there are other ways to bring next-level glam to your festival makeup. Add the finishing touches with self-adhering face crystals. These iridescent gems come pre-arranged in elegant designs, and they have hypoallergenic adhesive on the back for instant application.

FAQs about Festival Makeup

Check out this expert advice to score major style points on your glitter festival makeup.

Tap glitter into place with a sponge or makeup brush that has a precise tip. Don’t rub glitter onto the skin unless you want your makeup to look like a smeared hot mess! Here’s another secret: spritz setting spray onto the sponge or brush to reduce fallout.

Scoop a tiny amount of loose glitter onto a stainless steel palette. Dip your makeup brush into the glitter, then shake off any excess product. With a repetitive tapping motion, apply the glitter to an area of skin covered with primer, gel or glitter glue. Seal with setting spray, and you’re done!

You sure can! Vaseline is a type of petroleum jelly, which can strongly adhere loose glitter to the skin. It works even better for covering large areas of the body like your chest, arms or thighs. If you want something less greasy, try primer or glitter glue.

Anywhere you want, bb! Our fav spots are the lids, temples and corners of the eyes. You could also mix loose glitter with other makeup products to create shimmery lip gloss, body oil or eyebrow gel. There’s no wrong answer—follow your imagination!

Glitz Up Your Look with Neva Nude

Applying glitter the right way is important, but you also need the right makeup products. Neva Nude can help with that! We bring the shimmer in many different forms like pots of loose glitter, face crystals and sparkles suspended in aloe gel. All our products use cosmetic-grade glitter that’s safe for the skin. We even have beginner-friendly formulas that apply in seconds. With a flick of our wand, we’ll make you festival ready!

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