2 December 2021

Guide to Wearing Nipple Pasties for the First Time

Never worn nipple pasties? You may think dedicating a whole guide to these beauties is a bit excessive. After all, applying pasties isn’t rocket science! They’re designed to be super user-friendly so even newbies can figure out how they work. The application process is pretty straightforward—just peel off the paper and slap ‘em on, right?

Well, the application process has a little more to it than that. There’s the right way to put on pasties, and then there’s the WRONG way. We’ve heard too many horror stories of nipple pasties that fell off in the middle of a rave. You don’t want to be that friend who gets kicked out of the night club for public indecency!

Don’t worry, we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen to you! Below is a complete guide on the different types of pasties, how to apply them and the right style for you.

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Reusable vs. Single-Use Pasties

Pasties are split into two different kinds: reusable and single-use. As you can probably guess, reusable pasties are meant to be worn an unlimited number of times. Once you find a pair you’re obsessed with, you get to keep wearing them over and over again!

Reusable pasties are typically made with a silicone backing. The pasties aren’t self-adhering—they stick to your boobs with special glue or double-sided tape that’s safe for the skin. Many reusable pasties come with adhesive, but sometimes you might have to buy it separately. Fashion tape, Spirit Gum and even eyelash glue will all do the trick!

Unlike the reusable ones, single-use pasties only last a single application. Don’t try to wear single-use pasties a second time because they’ll definitely fall off! The great thing about single-use pasties is they give you the freedom to switch up your ‘fit every weekend. You can rock sexy X pasties one night and alluring heart pasties the next!

Single-use pasties are much easier to apply than reusable ones thanks to a self-adhesive strip on the back. You don’t have to worry about buying a giant tub of Spirit Gum or smearing glue all over the pasties! The one caveat with single-use pasties is you have to apply them perfectly the first time. Peeling off disposable pasties and re-sticking them to your boobs wears away the adhesive. And that’s how wardrobe malfunctions happen!

How to Apply Reusable Pasties

Reusable pasties can seem intimidating. Consider us your very own fairy godmother for nipple pasties! With a few simple steps, you’ll nail the look on your first try:

  • Prep your boobs: Cosmetic glue and tape stick best to clean, dry skin. Before applying the reusable pasties, take a shower or clean the area with a cleansing wipe. Dirt, sweat, oil and lotion make it difficult for the adhesive to stick to your skin. If you want to decorate your boobs with glitter or body gems, save those steps for after the pasties are in place.
  • Put adhesive on the pasties: Apply your adhesive of choice directly to the nipple pasties. Line the edges with a thin layer of glue, then use a Q-tip to evenly spread it out. Alternatively, cut double-sided tape to the right length before you stick it to the silicone backing. Whether you use glue or tape, keep it along the edges to avoid irritating the nipples (even if the adhesive is hypoallergenic).
  • Press onto the skin: Place the nipple pasties so they fully cover the nipples and areolas. Gently press for a few seconds so the adhesive gets a better grip on the skin. Finish the application process by testing to make sure the nipple pasties will stay in place. Jump up, dance around and wave your arms in the air like you just don’t care to prove those puppies aren’t going to budge!
  • Clean the pasties: After a wild night out, take good care of reusable pasties so you can wear them again. All you need to clean the silicone backing is some soap and warm water. Baby oil and a cotton ball can help get rid of stubborn glue or tape residue. Let the pasties air dry, and you’re done!

How to Apply Single-Use Pasties

Wearing pasties designed for a single use is a lot simpler than reusable ones. The only prep work you need to do is clean your boobs! Removing single-use pasties is just as easy. Simply peel and toss ‘em away! But unlike reusable pasties, single-use ones require you to place them perfectly the first time. Here are some tips for applying disposable pasties:

  • Stand in front of a mirror: Look into your bathroom mirror to help you find the perfect placement. This ensures the nipple pasties look spot on from another person’s perspective. A mirror will also help the pasties look more symmetrical. Place the center of the nipple pasties directly over each nipple, checking that the pasties are perfectly straight and not lopsided.
  • Peel the back halfway: Apply one half of the self-adhesive strip before the other. This will allow you to adjust the position if necessary before sticking the entire strip to your boob. Once you’re happy with the placement, go ahead and remove the rest of the paper. Remember to gently press for a few seconds so the pasties fully adhere to the skin!
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What to Wear with Nipple Pasties

The clothes you wear with nipple pasties depend on the reason you’re wearing pasties in the first place. Some gals wear pasties under their clothes when a regular bra would totally ruin the ‘fit. Perhaps you’re dying to show off a backless dress, and you don’t want people to see bra straps. Or maybe you wanna rock a super tight crop top, but the outline of your bra would show through. A pair of pasties can fix that!

Pasties are a discreet way to hide nipples and create a smooth look when you just don’t feel like wearing a bra. We recommend picking out a pair of nude pasties that match your skin tone because you can’t see them through fabric. That way, no one will be able to tell you’ve got two circles covering your tatas!

But other times, you may not want to hide those pasties under clothing. Nipple pasties can make a bold fashion statement! Festivals are crowded with gals wearing pasties in every shape, color and design you can possibly think of. Festival pasties are meant to be seen, so wear something that’ll really show ‘em off! We love mesh shirts and crop tops that end right above the boobs. You could also wear a body suit with cheeky cutouts that put the pasties on full display.

Nipple Pasties FAQs for First Timers

New to the magical world of nipple pasties? All the info you need about wearing pasties for the first time is right here.

Lots of pasties come with a self-adhesive strip on the back. In that case, just peel off the paper and stick ‘em on! Other kinds are reusable and require you to line the edges with a skin-safe adhesive like cosmetic glue or fashion tape. When you apply them to your skin, make sure the pasties aren’t crooked and completely cover your areolas.

Disposable pasties are self-adhering, which allows you to apply them in seconds. Reusable ones often come with a separate adhesive that you have to put on the pasties. If not, you can apply reusable pasties with Spirit Gum, eyelash glue or double-sided fashion tape. Choose an adhesive that says it’s medical grade and hypoallergenic.

Some are! Pasties that are meant to be worn many times will say “reusable” on the packaging. Reusable pasties are made with a silicone backing that you can clean with soap and water. Don’t try to reuse disposable pasties—they won’t stay on!

Yes! Nipple pasties are designed to withstand moisture of all kinds. Whether you’re sweating on the dance floor or going for a dip in the pool, pasties will stay on all day!

Nipple pasties are the perfect alternative to bras when you wear a backless dress or super tight shirt. On the flip side, make pasties the star of the show by wearing a mesh top or body suit with cutouts for your boobs!

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You’ve learned everything there is to know about nipple pasties. All that’s left is to figure out where you can get your hands (or boobs) on a pair of them! You’ve come to the right place—Neva Nude has literally hundreds of pasties to choose from, and they’re all waterproof, hypoallergenic and long lasting. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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