23 June 2021

How to Apply Body and Face Jewels

Festival makeup is all about the sparkle. You wanna drip jewels head to toe before strutting your stuff for all to see! But you can’t work it on the dance floor if you spend all night in front of a bathroom mirror, desperately trying to glue those gems back on. Talk about a buzz kill!!

Worry not, friend! We’ve got a bag full of tricks that’ll keep your bedazzling gems intact from when you arrive at the party to when your head finally hits the pillow. Here’s your in-depth guide on how to apply face and body jewels so they stay gorgeous all night long.

Face Jewels

Spice up your go-to makeup look with a set of eye-catching face jewels. You can apply a few tiny crystals for a subtle hint of bling or go all-out with chunky neon gems arranged in elaborate designs. Whatever vibe you’re going for, proper application technique is KEY. Grab a pen and paper—you’ll wanna take some notes!

  • Collect application materials: First off, collect all the right tools. You’ll need face jewels (duh), a pair of tweezers, a paper towel and cosmetic adhesive. Eyelash glue works great, but if you want those gems to really stick, invest in some Spirit Gum (it’s what the pros use to apply prosthetics like in the movies). Both are great options because they’re safe and gentle on the skin. Definitely do NOT use Elmer’s glue—you’ll get a nasty rash, and that ain’t cute, honey!
  • Prep the skin: Go through your skincare routine, then apply your makeup. It’s smart to prep for the body jewels with a spritz of matte setting spray, so the cosmetic adhesive doesn’t ruin all your hard work. You might also want to clear away tiny patches of makeup with a cotton swab dipped in a liquid makeup remover. That way, the gems are applied directly to clean, bare skin and have a better chance of sticking all night.
  • Apply adhesive: Squeeze a dime-sized amount of cosmetic adhesive onto the paper towel. Use your tweezers to pick up one crystal at a time, dipping it into the glue. All you need is a small dab on the flat side of each crystal. Anything more than that, and the glue will leak out the sides and turn your rave makeup into a sticky mess.
  • Get to sparkling: Now it’s time to bedazzle your face! We recommend propping a photo of the look you want to achieve against your bathroom mirror as a frame of reference. After dipping each crystal in cosmetic adhesive, press it onto the desired location and hold for at least 10 seconds. Remove the tweezers, and voila! It’s that easy. One jewel down, 40 more to go…

This process can be a major hassle. Alternatively, you can transform into a goddess in mere seconds by applying Neva Nude’s pre-formed, self-adhesive face crystals. We’ve artfully arranged dozens of face jewels on adhesive strips, so you don’t have to spend hours gluing individual gems onto your face.

If you want a little more creative freedom, a jar of loose face jewels like our Crystal Creations allows you to create unique patterns that’ll stand out in the crowd. These are still self-adhesive, though, so you can cut down the application time.

The best part is you can save our crystals and re-apply them for future raves with a little bit of lash glue!

body jewels

Body Jewels

Obviously, festival face jewels can go on more parts of the body than just the face. Using the steps above, put these gems wherever you want! Body crystals are a fantastic way to highlight your best assets (wink wink) and enchant the crowd with your rockin’ figure.

Face and body jewels are applied the same way, with a few exceptions. When you place jewels on different parts of the body, you don’t have to worry about smudging your eyeshadow or foundation. Because of this, body jewels don’t need a layer of setting spray. However, you’ll def want to shower before sticking on those gems. Dirt, oil and lotion can interfere with the adhesive and have you re-gluing gems all night long. Make sure your body is clean and dry before you get to stickin’.

Also, keep in mind that not all crystals are designed to be placed just anywhere. Sets of pre-formed face jewels are designed to accentuate the eyes, cheekbones or neckline. But that doesn’t mean individual gems are your only option. Neva Nude makes body jewels, too!

Festival Makeup

Rave face jewels instantly elevate your everyday makeup. Tiny white crystals can line the crease of your eyelids for a dramatic look or highlight the arch of your brows. Gems arranged in a “V” shape on the temples flatter your cheekbones, while others are made to look like crystal tear drops. Get creative—the options are limitless!

Looking for even MORE sparkle? Pick up a jar of Neva Nude’s Glitz Grenade glitter, and your skin will shimmer beneath the black lights like a sexy pixie. Just remember to apply body jewels first, then glitter second. If you switch these steps, the glitter will mess with the cosmetic adhesive and make your gems fall off!

Some say the best makeup makes you look like you’re not wearing makeup at all. PSH—screw that! Rhinestone makeup is all about going BIG. The bold colors in our collection of loose pigments are just what you need to help those jewels really pop. Apply the pigment as eyeshadow, blush, lip color or go crazy with it all over your body! Same rules as glitter apply—use loose pigments around crystals after you’ve adhered them, otherwise you might mess up your look AND the gems.

Jewel Application FAQs

You asked, and we answered. Here are the most common Qs people have while prepping their first rave makeup look.

The process is very simple. Pick up the jewel with tweezers, dip it in cosmetic adhesive, then press it onto your face for a few seconds. Or, you can skip all that hassle and use Neva Nude’s self-adhesive gems!

It helps to lock in makeup with a setting spray and make sure the rest of your body is clean, dry and ready for action. Once the crystals are in place, leave them be. Neva Nude’s body jewels are designed to last all night, but not if you’re fidgeting with them!

You’ll want to use cosmetic adhesives like eyelash glue or Spirit Gum. Trust us, those glue sticks you used in elementary school won’t work!

Yep! Whether they’re individual jewels or pre-formed gem pieces, all the face jewels in Neva Nude’s collection can be used as many times as you want, even after the first self-adhesive application. Just dab on some lash glue, apply, and you’re good to go!

Body jewels are meant to unleash your inner goddess. There’s no right or wrong way to wear them, as long as the final look reflects your true self. Whatever design you want to achieve, you’ll find everything you need in our collections. Neva Nude has (literally) got you covered!

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