12 July 2021

Independence Day Inspo: 4th of July Makeup Ideas

Calling all glam queens of the USA—Independence Day is finally here! This is a time to celebrate the freedom our forefathers fought for…but more importantly, the holiday is an excuse to wear a crap ton of glitter in celebration of our country!

Ditch the plain old neutral tones that are so blah. 4th of July makeup is all about going BIG with star stickers, rhinestones, colorful glitter and pigments in those classic red, white and blue hues. Need a little inspo? Lucky for you, we’ve got a few makeup ideas that’ll set you poppin’ off like fireworks in the sky!

Choose one of these 4th of July makeup looks to amp up your everyday makeup, or combine them all for a totally decked-out look that’s EXPLODING with patriotism. Independence Day is your time to shine!

Mismatched eyes

Channel your inner Harley Quinn with contrasting red and blue eyeshadows! Now is the time to crack open that bold pressed eyeshadow you’ve been dying to try out. Recreating her signature look is super easy—swipe blue on one lid, red on the other. Go for a smoky eye or feather out the colors for a softer appearance. Choose whichever design fits you best!

Wanna up the drama? Line your lower lashes with those same red and blue colors, then throw in a dash of dazzling white at the inner corners. You can also cut your creases with a shimmering white shadow.

Pro tip: To make these shadows really pop, start by laying down a base coat of concealer. Pack on the pigment, and you’ll really start turning heads!

Americana Crystal Jewel BodiStix In Your Face Edition

Starry gaze

Stars on the flag, stars in the sky—stars everywhere on the 4th of July! Add to the festivities by creating a full-on constellation on your face. If you’re the artsy type, go ahead and draw some stars along your cheekbones using a cosmetic pencil. The best part about this makeup look is that you really can’t go wrong. You can’t change the galaxy, but you can arrange these stars any way you want!

Afraid you’ll totally eff it up? We gotchu, girl. Slap on a set of star-shaped face jewels to instantly transform into a starry-eyed goddess! They’re easy to apply, too—our star gems come pre-arranged on an adhesive strip, so you can stick them all in one go. You’ll score all the glamor points with zero effort!

Subtle sparkle

You don’t have to look far for a little bit of Independence Day makeup inspiration. We understand that bold, contrasting colors and a galaxy’s worth of stars aren’t for everyone. If you want to keep it simple this year, apply just a couple loose face crystals here and there. Our jars of gems allow you to customize your makeup with as much or as little sparkle as you want.

A subtle look is perfect for neighborhood barbeques and family get togethers. When you use our self-adhesive crystals, simply place one under or at the corner of each eye, and you’re good to go. We also love highlighting winged liner with a row of smaller crystals!

If you change your mind and want to go big, we’ve still got you covered! Our collection of face crystals includes both loose gems and jewels that have been pre-arranged in elaborate designs. Whether you’re attending a family function or hitting the clubs, you’ve got options for every Independence Day event.

Stripey lips

For some patriotic peeps, a splash of red and blue eyeshadow is far too boring. Take it a step further and wear the American flag on your face! Lips are the perfect spot for those iconic stars and stripes. This 4th of July makeup look is surprisingly simple but will instantly dress up your ‘fit.

Start by painting both lips with a white base. Pack your top lip with blue loose pigment—your choice of matte or metallic. Use silvery gray or white eyeliner to draw little stars on the top lip.

Next is the bottom lip. All you have to do is grab a red liquid liner and paint vertical stripes atop the white base you applied earlier. Top it all off with a clear coat of gloss, and your look is complete!

glitter lips

Glitter pout

This one’s for all the glitter gals! Blind the crowd with your beauty by going all out with the glitter makeup. Pack your pout with red, white and blue face glitter that shines brighter than the fireworks! It’s a total Insta-worthy look that’ll leave you snagging likes for days.

To make the colors really pop, start with a coat of concealer on both lips. Go in with a dab of cosmetic adhesive, then apply the red and blue glitter toward the corners of your mouth. Apply a shimmery white in the center, blending it into the other two colors. Use a broad makeup brush to dust away the excess. You want to show off that blinding beauty, but not too much!

Bold wings

No, we’re not talking about our super-fly Wingz collection (although you should totally check them out!). Our final Independence Day makeup look is subtle yet bold, tiny yet fierce. You guessed it—we’re talking about the iconic cat eye! No matter which look you’re serving this 4th of July, every gal should def wing her eyeliner.

But don’t grab your typical black pencil. Now is the time to go big with a bright cobalt-blue cat eye. Lay it on thick for all to see, complete with shimmery white highlighter on the brow bones and a row of crystals along each wing. Wanna add to the look? Slap on some pre-formed face jewels, paint a whole freakin’ flag on your pout and work that confidence, girl!

Get ready to serve some looks

Independence Day only comes around once a year. It’s the perfect opportunity to play with those red, white and blue color schemes that have been sitting in your makeup drawer all this time. Strut the streets with these Ah-MAZING makeup looks and fly your colors loud and proud!

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