30 January 2020

Celebrate V-Day with Bae the Neva Nude Way!

Valentine’s Day is coming up HOT! Whether you’re spending your V-day in the club or between the sheets, get bae thinking about a few Xs and one big O when you deck yourself out in some sparkly, sexy AF attire. Valentine’s pasties and panties from Neva Nude are so spicy, they’ll be working up a sweat just looking at you!

Our sparkles also make excellent gifts, so if you’re looking for a way to send a not-so-subtle message to your girlfriend or wifey, send them a pretty package tied up with a bow!

We LOVE love, so, of course, we have an extensive collection of goodies that could make Cupid himself swoon. Check out some of our favs!

Crazy Lil’ Thing Called Love Box

Crazy Lil’ Thing Called Love Box

Starting off with a BANG (you’ll get yours later!), we have our Crazy Lil Thing Called Love Box. Get ready to rock ‘n’ roll on the dance floor or in the bedroom when your rockin’ bod is covered in red and black sequins, sparkles and jewels.

This box is jam-packed with some of our V-Day favorites, like a set of matching flip sequin Naughty Knix and Nipztix, a Ruby Red Glitz Grenade that’ll offer an EXPLOSION of sparkly sex appeal, a set of reusable heart-shaped pasties and an itty-bitty bottle of lube for when things get steamy! 😉 Give this bad boy as a gift to bae or order one for yourself and revel in your hotness.

Ravish Me Kiss I Heart U Sticker Top

Kiss kiss, darling! If you’re going for a more daring look on your V-Day date, create your own top using the red and black glitter hearts pasties from our Ravish Me Kiss I Heart U Sticker Top. This collection of pasties comes with everything you need to cover your chest in glittery goodness while still baring some sexy skin. Wear with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket for a bad-ass vibe.

Like all our pasties, these Nipztix are self-adhering, waterproof and long-lasting (so they’ll be sure to last all night!!!). Pucker up, buttercup: they’ll want to put their lips all over you.

Devil’s Advocate Crystal FaceStix

Are you ready to get sinfully steamy? Show the Devil himself who’s boss in this wicked-awesome set of face jewels that frames your eyes. Our Devil’s Advocate Crystal Jewel BodiStix In Your Face Edition are self-adhering creations of the sparkliest proportions, perfect for Valentine’s Day parties.

Paired with a smokey eye, winged liner and a killer set of falsies, you’ll stop lovers dead in their tracks looking hotter than hell.

Ruby Rose Pink Crystal Jewel Nipztix Pasties

Ruby Rose Pink Crystal Jewel Nipztix Pasties

Roses are red, violets are blue, our jeweled Nipztix are sweet and so are you! If you’re the type of gal who goes for a more “delicate flower” vibe, these Ruby Rose Pink Crystal Jewel Nipztix Pasties are for you. Pink, red and white jewels come together to create dainty flowers on your chest, offering subtle sexiness alongside supreme sparkles.

(And if you want to jazz things up, surround your chest with some extra floral delicacies from our Femme Flor-al Large Temporary Tattoo Pack!)

Sookie Flip Sequin Red Black Naughty Knix with Nipztix

Sookie Flip Sequin Red Black Naughty Knix with Nipztix

As seen in our Crazy Lil Thing Called Love Box, these Sookie Flip Sequin Red Black Naughty Knix with Nipztix are the ultimate intimates for lovely ladies. With magic flip-sequin action, these pasties and panties are fun to admire and even more fun to touch.

When you and bae hit the love shack, surprise them when you unveil your sexy star-shaped nips!

Ravish Me Red Pasties

Ravish Me Red Glitter X Factor PastiesRavish Me Red Glitter Heart BodiStix 6PK

On this, the sexiest of days, you’ll want to look red-hot, so top off your outfit with a glittery spectacle on your chest. Our Ravish Me Red pasties are covered in bright red glitter and make the perfect accessories under a see-through top or as an accent body sticker.

Try our Ravish Me Red Glitter X Factor Pasties if you’re looking for all-night nipple coverage. For a splash of color or some body décor (or a pair of super-daring mini pasties!), our Ravish Me Red Glitter Heart BodiStix 6PK offers the same bold look at a smaller size!

Turn heads and steal hearts, BB!

We might be a little biased, but we think wearing Neva Nude goodies is a sure-fire way to light a seductive spark on your V-Day. Whether you go for red-hot or feminine floral, you’re sure to blow bae away wit’ yo sexy self! Go get ‘em, tiger!

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