21 January 2020

Dress to Impress in Neva Nude Date Night Looks

Whether you’re planning a super-special outing for Valentine’s Day (which is right around the corner?!) or you and your bae are just hitting the town for funsies, you’ll want to dress to impress and look HOT, HOT, HOT! This means creating the perfect outfit and pairing it with some sexy accessories so your date can’t take their eyes off you!

Stuck on what to wear? Neva Nude has you covered. Check out some of our must-have items for the ultimate date night look.


If you haven’t experienced the magic that is a one-piece bodysuit before, WHAT are you waiting for?! Our brand-new mesh bodysuits are perfect for date night! While they’re great on their own for raves, you can transform them into date night apparel just by throwing on a pair of fancy pants or a sexy skirt. Wowza!

Our Toxic Sparkle Crystal Black Bodysuit is everything you want a glam date-night look to be: sleek, sophisticated and SUPER sexy, while still comfortable! With long sleeves and a high neckline, you’ll keep it classy, but the black mesh and hundreds of rhinestones give off a sassy, sparkly flare!

Nude Pasties

If you’re going to rock one of our bodysuits or any other sheer top, you’ll probably want something to cover your nips (at least, while out in public!). A set of our Nudie Patootie Nude Skin Invisible Reusable Silicone Nipztix should do the trick!

These nude silicone pasties are perfect for any occasion where you need a bit of simple, understated coverage to let your outfit do the talkin’. These bad boys create seamless, invisible coverage with a gorgeous matte finish in multiple skin tones. What’s even better is that they are REUSABLE! With just a little TLC after each wear, you can lock these pasties in for many, many uses and get a ton of bang for your buck…or maybe just bang!

Next time you’re wearing a see-through dress or a top that’s a little too loose, don’t risk the nip slip!

Temporary Tatz

If your outfit is pure perfection but you’re lacking on the accessories side, skip the jewelry and go for something a little more artistic. Our Temporary Tatz help you jazz up your hands, arms, chest, face or anywhere you’re showing some skin with sultry, bad-ass vibes.

We especially love our Femme Flor-al Large Temporary Tattoo Pack to add some dimension to your chest or arms and our Pick ‘N Mix Large Temporary Tattoo Pack for those tiny accents, like a heart on your cheek. And, these babies are temporary, so you can try all kinds of looks to match the aesthetic you’re rocking that night. Who knows, maybe a little heart on your finger may lead to a ring there!


If they’re not too busy staring at all of your sparkly spectacle, your bae will hopefully be looking longingly in your dreamy eyes. Give them something extra to ogle when you swipe on some of our sparkles!

Some of our fav date-night makeup products are our loose pigments because you can use them in SO many ways. Apply a gorgeous shade like Milky Way Chameleon White Purple Shimmer to your cheekbones for a STUNNA of a highlight or dab some Cherry Pie Mauve Shimmer on top of a lip gloss to create the most kissable pout around.

Of course, these are also perfect for the eyes, so mix and match with your favorite colors to create an ultra-pigmented, SUPA-FAB eye look!

Sexy Surprises

If you and bae decide to head home after a night out, leave them shook to the core with a sexy surprise underneath your outfit!

Any of our Nipztix make the perfect surprise in the bedroom, so match your pasties to your look, bae’s favorite color or anything that catches your eye!

Medusa Black to Silver Flip Sequin Naughty Knix with NipztixRainbow Reflective G-String Naughty Knix Pasties & Panties Set

If you want to go a little extra, opt for a set of lingerie that comes with a G-string thong and matching pasties. Our Medusa Black to Silver Flip Sequin Naughty Knix with Nipztix are super fun to touch, while our Rainbow Reflective G-String Naughty Knix Pasties & Panties Set will make you look like a rainbow sherbet popsicle that they can’t wait to taste! 😉

Date night is fun, so your look should be too! Mix and match some of our fav products to create the sexiest look of your dreams, and don’t forget to share on Insta and tag us! We LOVE seeing your creations!


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