1 October 2018

Hold the Fifty, I’m NIFTY, Pow!

Hey Neva Nudes,

Watch out now, gotta new style! EEEKKKK! Check yo’self before you wreck yo’self…and check out our Nifty Nipztix!

50 Cent nipple pasties, Neva Nude

After six months in the lab, we are STUPID EXCITED to finally launch our NIFTY NIPZTIX, which are, IOHO, the greatest thing to hit the fashion industry since Breakfast at Tiffany’s-inspired hangover shades, Flashdance-inspired athleisure, and even Rachel-inspired layered locks!! It’s that BIIIIGGGGG.

Nifty Nipztix are amazing, sparkly, sexy, waterproof, latex-free Nipztix pasties that come with a refillable tape so that you can wear them twice! They are so ridiculously, ridiculously good looking that you will want to wear the sh*t out of them….and now you can! With Nifty Nipztix, you can make your center pieces the centerpiece of your outfit. They are perfect for festivals, raves, pool days, all-night dance parties, and all day evryday.

Check out the selection below and shop now!


Ems and Tans

Jeweled butterfly nipple pasties, Neva Nude

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