17 December 2019

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful… JK! It’s been clear and sunny in California, but the rest of the states have been getting caught up in blizzards. We say, LET IT SNOW!

Whether you live in a state that’s snowin’ and blowin’ or one that’s sunny year-round, now is the perfect time to let out your inner ice queen and dress up—er, down—for the season. Thankfully, we’ve got some ADORBS snowflake pasties and other goodies to get you decked out and checked out.

Check out five of our COOLEST snowflake products for this season:

  • Snowflake Pasties: A winter classic, our Glitter Snowflake Pasties are special, delicate nipple covers coated in sparkles! We offer these babies in a variety of colors, from snow-white to silver and gold to a range of beautiful blues. Collect them all and you can make a shimmering blizzard on your chest!

Snowsprite White Glitter Snowflake PastiesSilver Pixie Dust Glitter Snowflake PastiesGold Fairy Dust Glitter Snowflake PastiesSuper Sparkle Blue Glitter Snowflake Pasties

  • Snowflake Sticker Top: If you love the look of our dainty snowflakes but want to make an even bigger statement, our sticker tops are where it’s at! The Snowflake Super Sparkle Holographic Glitter Starry Nights Sticker Top comes with two bright blue snowflakes for your nips, two more for decoration and an assortment of shimmery stars in medium and small sizes to place to your heart’s desire! Everyone in the bar or club will feel a chill when you waltz it with your super-cool ‘fit!

  • Snowball Glitz Grenade: Unleash an absolute flurry (of glitter!) when you pop open a Snowball Flake White Silver Blacklight Cosmetic Glitter Glitz Grenade this winter! Here’s your chance to feel like Elsa belting her heart out on that mountain—no magical powers required! This glitter bomb contains tons of blacklight-reactive snowflakes and sparkles that you can coat yourself in from head to toe. When the lights go down and the blacklights go on, you’ll look like you’re covered in ice-blue crystals!

  • Snowman Pasties: Wanna get freaky and frosty? These adorable Freaking Awesome Velvet Glitter Snowman Nipztix Pasties will cover your goods with happy little snowmen, just like you used to make in your front yard! Everyone who sees them is sure to revel in your jolly, happy soul as you thumpety thump thump across the dance floor!

Freaking Awesome Velvet Glitter Snowman Nipztix Pasties

  • Frosty Blue Pigment: No snowflake-themed outfit is complete without a blinding highlight that makes you look ice cold. Our Blue Myself Iridescent Chameleon Shimmer Loose Pigment provides a stunning blue iridescent shimmer that looks AH-mazing on the eyes, cheeks and even the lips! With a glance and a wink, you’ll send a shiver down everyone’s spine.

If you want to take your look to the next level, all of these products would look absolutely MAGICAL paired with some of our crystal pasties and BodiStix that look like dazzling ice crystals!

We LOVE winter, so even though we’re not seeing snow, you know we’re gonna be rockin’ some snowflakes and glitter to get into the holiday spirit! When the weather gets chilly, our goodies are sure to heat things up and melt hearts! 😉

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