13 September 2019

Make Makeup Magic with a Loose Pigment & Crystal Creation Combo!

When you spend all day putting together your perfect festi or night-out look—complete with adorable pasties, body stickers, glitter and accessories—you don’t want it to fall short when it comes to the best part: your face! Showering your forehead and cheeks with glitz and glam helps take an outfit to the next level.

If you want your look to cast a spell and enchant those around you, make makeup magic using a combination of some of our newest, cutest face products!

Our loose pigments are perfect for creating a gorgeous shimmer on your cheeks, eyes and lips, and our brand-new CRYSTAL CREATIONS are here to bring your sparkle to the max! With over 140 ready-to-wear individual crystal pieces, our Crystal Creations pots allow you to decorate to your heart’s content! Add a single jewel by each eye or use a bunch to create a jewel FaceStix that’s unique to you!

When you combine our pigments and Crystal Creations… ALAKAZAM! Amazing shimmer and crystal magic all over yo’ face. Here are some of our fav combos!

Unicorn Dreams

Keep an eye out for rainbows and get ready to fly off on a cloud, because our Unicorn Dreams Loose Ready To Wear Crystal Creations will help you live out your wildest fairytale. Each pot comes with an assortment of large and small iridescent, teal, dark blue and pink gems that, together, build a fantasy on your face.

Combine these jewels with our Candy Floss Red/Pink Shimmer Sweet Treats Loose Pigment for even extra sparkle. Create a pink smoky eye or give your pout a pop by dabbing a little over pink lipstick. The reddish-pink hue of the pigment matches the pink gems to perfection!

Pastel Princess

Don your crown and gown, ‘cuz this princess has parties to get to! These Pastel Princess Loose Ready To Wear Crystal Creations are reminiscent of the jewels you used to fight over during an intense game of Pretty Pretty Princess—only way sparklier and sexier! Combine light pink, aqua, iridescent/white and multicolored face jewels to feel like royalty.

To bring extra shimmer to your pastel dreams, wear our face gems with the Hubba Bubba Chameleon Pink Shimmer Sweet Treats Loose Pigment. This sweet treat of a pigment has color-changing magic, giving the perfectly pastel pink subtle hints of green and gold that match the gems!

Cosmic Crush

Jet off to the stars in these Cosmic Crush Loose Ready To Wear Crystal Creations! The iridescent and pink moon and stars are sexy and sparkly—the perfect accessory for any galactic outfit. We love how versatile these face gems are. Wear the stars, moons or both together for the ultimate out-of-this-world creation.

Brighten up the look by adding some mystical Milky Way Chameleon White Purple Shimmer Sweet Treats Loose Pigment. Your face will glisten like the galaxy with this chameleon violet-to-pearl colored makeup on your eyes and cheekbones. Blast off!!!

Naughtycal Mermaid

If you’re more of an ocean queen, our Naughtycal Mermaid Loose Ready To Wear Crystal Creations will help your inner mermaid goddess shine. Use shimmery turquoise, deep-sea blue and royal purple face gems to create the look of scales and aquatic amazingness. Ariel who?? All those sailor’s eyes will be on you!

To add some extra allure to your siren’s song, match your Crystal Creations with our electric Purple POW Neon AF Loose Pigment. The neon purple will add an INSANE pop to your eyes or lips to truly transform you into a mystical creature with the power to lead men into the deep.

Superhero Sparkle

POW! BAM! KA BLAM! Fight evil (hangovers!!) when you decorate your face with a powerful combo of our Superhero Sparkle Loose Ready To Wear Crystal Creations. Featuring stars and diamonds in colors inspired by some of our fav heroes and heroines, this pot of goodness is sure to save the day when your face sparkle isn’t at its max.

Every superhero needs a SUPER-sexy pout, so dust some Cherry Pie Mauve Shimmer Sweet Treats Loose Pigment atop a bold red lipstick to complete the look. Nothing says “badass” like a deep red shimmer lip paired with a whip! 😉 Show them all you’re not to be messed with.

Get creative with your creations!

Whether you wear a single gem or create a crystal masterpiece across your face, you’re sure to reign over all when you’re wearing our jewels.

We’re so excited to see all the new awesome new looks you put together, so don’t forget to tag us on Insta and share your Crystal Creations with the world!

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