26 September 2019

Neva Nude Ninjas Have the Sharpest Reflectives

Summer is coming to an end. While we’ll all shed a tear for the loss of our #HotGirlSummer, this also means fall is on its way with all its shadowy goodness. And what better way to rave under the cover of darkness than to go on a covert mission to SLAY?

Neva Nude Ninjas, meet one of our fav EVA collections: Our Bright AF Reflective lingerie! These goodies have an unassuming black or gray appearance… that is, until direct light hits them. In half a second, your tatas will shine like the sun, reflecting a glow that only your smile could rival.

These products and their brilliant beams are positively lethal. When you flash the masses, they won’t know what hit ‘em!

Are you ready to cut through the crowd and be a show-stopping stunna? Check out some of our top Bright AF products!

Classic Reflective

When dipping your toe into the ways of the Neva Nude Ninja, the first thing you need to master is the art of the surprise attack. And boy, does our Reflective White Grey G-String Naughty Knix Pasties & Panties Set stop people in their tracks!

Two star-shaped pasties and a G-string thong create a gray base for your reflective outfit. But don’t whip out your throwing stars just yet! Once you light your goods with a flash, these babies glow bright and blinding white.

Lit AF

Want everyone screaming, “Light my fire!”? Heat things up when you walk in rockin’ these Edgy AF Reflective Flame Nipztix.

In the light, these babies aren’t red-hot, they’re WHITE-hot, giving a dangerous and sexy new spark to our Bright AF Reflective style!

Stealth and Speed

Illuminaughty Reflective Bolt Pasties

Pull a sneak attack on your friends, foes and hoes in our Illuminaughty Reflective Bolt Pasties. These lightning bolt Nipzstix are ultra-reflective, so get ready to FLASH everyone you see with a blinding light while you kick a$$ and fight your way to the center of the dance floor.

Bright and Bold

Stealth and secrets not for you? Become a style ninja in some super-sparkly apparel, instead. These Meteoric Madness Glitter Reflective Bright AF X Factor Pasties are extra enough on their own thanks to their intense glitter coating.

But, not only are they glittery—they’re also REFLECTIVE AF. Prepare to stun onlookers with a bold flash should these bad boys catch the light!

Rainbow Bright

We get it—black and white isn’t everybody’s thang. If you’re looking to go bold, brilliant and beautiful but still give the crowd a gasp, say hello to our Zombie Zebra Rainbow Reflective Bright AF X Factor Nights Pasties.

With their muted gray appearance, nobody will expect to be hit with a neon blast of reflective rainbow in a stunningly sexy zebra pattern! Bring your own kind of party when you illuminate the room with a light bright enough to wake the dead.

Ready for your mission?

As newly inducted Neva Nude Ninjas, we’re giving you the task of getting out and getting loud at the club, festival or wherever you want to introduce a little more party action in our bright and bold reflective outfits.

Get out there to destroy boring and show them what you’re made of!

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