24 June 2019

Our New Reflective Products Will Let You Shine!

Whether you’re out in the sun or under the lights of the club, we know that you aim to shine from the inside out. This is something we’ve prioritized as we created each and every one of our products, because we want everyone who joins the Neva Nude family to look as bold, sexy and fearless as they feel.

And guess what! We’ve recently launched a whole new collection of products that are specifically designed to help you shine even brighter than before. That’s right—some of our favorite products are now available in bright and bold REFLECTIVE designs.

This collection of super-sexy Nipztix, Naughty Knix and Sticker Tops look gray and unassuming in regular light but show off a brilliant surprise when they’re lit by a flash. Get ready to blind the crowds in these sets of reflective, rainbow-bright, flashy AF goodies!

The envy of the night sky

Our Starry Nights pasties are a classic design we <3 to recreate, and we’re STOKED to offer them in reflective materials that will help you shine brighter than the stars themselves.

Rainbow Reflective Bright AF Starry Nights Pasties

What’s better than a rainbow? A REFLECTIVE rainbow—DUH! These Rainbow Reflective Starry Nights Pasties look drab and gray until they’re under direct light, and then they shine with a myriad of colors for a dreamy surprise!

Rainbow Reflective Grey Starry Nights Sticker Top

This Rainbow Reflective Starry Nights Sticker Top look just like our individual Starry Nights pasties, but comes with an entire set of Nipztix, Bodistix and Ministix so you can create the boldest, brightest creation of your dreams.

FRANKenstein Rainbow Reflective Naughty Knix Set

We know you were obsessed with Lisa Frank when you were younger, and now you can spice up that famous animal-print style in a set of our L. FRANKenstein Rainbow Reflective Naughty Knix and Starry Nights Nipztix.

Our pretty panties and nipple covers are perfect for summer, where they’ll look dark gray in the day and shine obnoxiously neon rainbow when the light hits them juuuust right.

Reflective Bright AF Starry Nights Pasties

Sometimes you’re not feelin’ rainbows but still want to rival the sunshine, and boy, do we have the thing for you! Slap on a set of these bright-white Reflective AF Starry Nights pasties that get positively BLINDING under light. How’s that for “self-reflection?”

Hazardous light beams

Careful, Neva Nudes—you’re approaching the danger zone!! Our set of danger sign Nipztix combine brilliant shine with warnings on your nips to let everyone know you like to live life boldly, brightly and a lil’ wildly.

Toxic Nipztix Pasties

As the great Britney Spears once said, “You’re toxic, I’m slippin’ under.” These reflective AF X-Factor Poison Pasties feature a glittery skull and crossbones design, and you’ll intoxicate the crowd once they shine bright under light.

Biohazard Nipztix Pasties

When you’re out and about in this set of biohazard nipple covers, your shiny appeal just might be hazardous to human health! Infect the club or rave by “flashing” your bod about.

Radiation Nipztix Pasties

As quick as a flash, you’ll be positively radiating in these Radioactive Glow Pasties with black glitter radiation symbols. Once these babies glow like a toxic spill, they won’t know what hit em’.

Shine bright, BB!

Neva Nude products were created to let you let loose, feel great and, most importantly, SHINE like the brilliant babe you are! We hope this collection inspires you to get a little bolder and brighter and never let anyone dull your sparkle.


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