22 October 2019

Rock Your Halloween Look with a Blast from the Past!

Halloween is right around the corner, Neva Nudes! We recently shared some of our top picks for Halloween costumes and makeup, but we LOVE the spooky season and just can’t stop!

Of course, we know that the creepy and kooky, scary and spooky ain’t everyone’s jam, so we wanted to share some super-fun Halloween looks that everyone will love! If you’re so over 2019, deliver a BLAST FROM THE PAST in these awesome Neva Nude Products.

60s: Flower Power

Flower Power Blacklight Daisy Sequin NipztixLucid Dreams Blacklight Cosmetic Glitter Glitz Grenade

It’s time to get GROOVY, BABY! The psychedelic 60s is an era we can get down with—all that peace and love spew good vibes that we want more of in 2019. Color and pattern ran wild in the 60s (as did the people!), so don’t be afraid to mix your looks up and feel totally free.

Our Flower Power Blacklight Daisy Sequin Nipztix make the perfect psychedelic centerpiece for your chest. The blue and pink colors scream “flower power,” and the blacklight reactive sequins will have everyone think they’re trippin’ when the lights go down at night. Add some of the pasties from our Fruitella Neon Blacklight Wet Vinyl I Heart U Sticker Top to get that unique blend of color and shape, or add a vest.

Pair your one-of-a-kind, skin-baring top with a pair of bell-bottomed jeans (we can’t believe flare is back, either!) or a loose, flowy skirt.

To add to your psychedelic sex appeal, add some of our blacklight-reactive glitter from the Lucid Dreams Blacklight Cosmetic Glitter Glitz Grenade to your hair and face. A little Lethal Lavender Lilac Pressed Glitter Pigment Eyeshadow on the eyes will add the final special touch to your groovy ensemble.

70s: Disco Fever

Disco Robot Holographic Starry Nights Pasties

A 1970s disco party was the place to be, so show up to your Halloween festivities looking like a disco ball yourself! These black and holographic Disco Robot Holographic Starry Nights Pasties will twinkle with every move you throw down on the dance floor and channel the bright, metallic appeal of 70s #discofever. A holographic mini skirt or shiny, see-through jumpsuit would pair perfectly—just make sure to get that flare and add a pair of platform shoes!

Keep the metallic theme going by adding some Silver Pixie Glitter Pressed Pigment Eyeshadow to your lids and add pops of shimmer here, there and everywhere using our Friskie Fairy Cosmetic Grade Glitter Glitz Grenade. Halloween makeup has never been so easy!

80s: Naughty Neon

The late 80s were all about bright, bold fashion. Go big or go home, so they say, and oh my, did they go big—have you SEEN those shoulder pads?! In the spirit of the decade, pair some of our bright AF neon items with classic items from the era.

Our Rainbow Reflective G-String Naughty Knix Pasties & Panties Set is the perfect choice for this look—the neon rainbow looks dark gray until a light flashes. Then suddenly, you’ll light up a room! Layer an oversized pink or orange blazer on top—DON’T forget the shoulder pads—and pair it with some fishnet or patterned leggings.

For makeup, keep the neon trend going with a bold pink lip and a swipe of our Neon AF UV Pressed Pigments in orange, purple or pink atop your eyes. Tease your hair to the heavens, throw on some pearls à la Madonna, and get ready to rock.

90s: Clueless

Clueless Plaid X Factor Pasties

Honor the 90s in grunge, punk wear? Ugh, AS IF! True 90s gals will use Halloween as an opportunity to channel their inner Cher from Clueless with some matching plaid sets.

When you’re rollin’ with the homies, rock these adorbs red and white Clueless Plaid X Factor Pasties. Add a matching plaid skirt and some red or black thigh-highs, and your look is almost complete.

To create that iconic 90s frosted lip look, slide some gloss on your lips and dab on a little of our Hubba Bubba Chameleon Pink Shimmer Loose Pigment on top (but resist the urge to lick it off Lip-Smackers style!). Swipe a little Bacardi Bronzed Pressed Pigment Eyeshadow on your lids, and you’ll have everyone totally buggin’!

Say Farewell to 2019 in Spectacular, Sexy Fashion

It’s the end of an era—2019 is only around for two more months, so kiss it goodbye with a Halloween costume that honors the decades passed. We love all the creative ways our Neva Nude community uses our products, so whether you go for a decades-inspired Halloween look or one that’s totally unique, we’d love to see it! Make sure you tag us in your photos on social media so we can marvel at your awesomeness.


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