6 August 2019

Sweet Treats Inspo for Pigments

Have you seen our latest goodies, Neva Nudes!? In case you’ve been living under a rock, we just launched a line of bright AF loose pigments in an array of tasty colors.

Our collection of seven Sweet Treats pigments will look AH-mazing on their own or on top of gel for the sweetest eyeshadow, lip color, highlighter or body makeup you’ve ever seen. And of course, our formulas are cruelty free, vegan and safe for facial application!

Sweet Treats Loose Pigments

Because these pigments look sickly sweet and good enough to eat, we figured we’d share some DELICIOUS inspo by matching the colors to some of our fav treats. Check ‘em out!

(Disclaimer: When wearing our pigments, you’ll look like a sweet treat, but these powders are not intended for consumption!)

Milky Way

Taking after its namesake, our Milky Way Chameleon White Purple Shimmer pigment reminds us of the light-colored nougat in a delicious and creamy Milky Way bar. But this beauty has a hidden secret: It shifts in color, from a subtle pearl to a violet shimmer!

With a dash of this on your cheekbones or lips, you’ll look as sweet as candy AND as shimmery as the milky way up in the sky!

Hubba Bubba

Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum was our JAM when we were kids, and now we can rock the famous bubble-gum pink on our eyes, lips and cheeks thanks to our Hubba Bubba Chameleon Pink Shimmer pigment!

And, like those awesome Hubba Bubba MAX candies, this pigment hides a surprise inside! Its chameleon color-changing magic shines pink, green and gold when the light hits it juuuuust right. It’s the perfect POP you need to make any look sparkle.

Rhubarb Custard

Across the pond, we LOVE a classic rhubarb custard dessert. The reddish-pink luster of our Rhubarb Custard Shimmer pigment resembles the plant, and the beautiful shimmer it gives off is as delightful as warm English custard.

Sweet and tart, just like a rhubarb, this pigment is the perfect addition to a red or pink lip for an extra OOMPH. You’ll need to remind yourself to not lick your lips!

Candy Crusher

We all know that pink candies are THE BEST out of all the flavors, and our Candy Crusher Pink Shimmer pigment is one of our fav colors from the entire collection, too!

With a bright, peachy pink shimmer, this pigment is the perfect summer color for your eyes and lips and reminds us of the bold pink hue of some of our favorite sugary candies.

Pop Rox

Remember the shock and delight you felt when you tried Pop Rocks for the first time as a kid? That’s how you’ll feel when you swipe some POP ROX Shimmer pigment on your face before a night out!

The bright pink shimmer in this pigment adds a special something to an otherwise classic color and will light you up as you POP, lock and drop it on the dance floor.

Candy Floss

We can’t resist a heaping stick of candy floss (or cotton candy, if you’re stateside) because of its bright color and ultra-light texture. Our Candy Floss Red/Pink Shimmer pigment is just as sweet and light, although a bit bolder in appearance!

This shimmery red is sure to make a statement on your eyes, lips or cheeks like you just got hit by a big, sugary blast.

Cherry Pie

There’s something positively delectable about cutting into a cherry pie fresh out of the oven, and that’s what we wanted to emulate with our Cherry Pie Mauve Shimmer pigment.

The red-gold shimmer of this pigment is both sweet and bold like a cherry and will look ahhhh-mazing atop a red lip. You’ll look so good, you’ll bring a tear to their eye, you sweet cherry pie. 😉

Summer sweets are the bomb-dot-com, but our pigments are even sweeter! Try the one that matches your favorite candy or whichever color seems sweetest to you! We hope you love them!

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