17 May 2019

Top 5 ‘90s Styles That We Are PSYCHED Are Back

All you ‘90s babies, rejoice! ‘90s fashion has officially made a comeback… well, some of it anyway. If you were born in the ‘80s or early ‘90s, you remember the glory days of lounging in overalls, listening to *NSYNC on your CD player and hoarding your collection of colorful Beanie Babies.

But the true star of the ‘90s was the fashion—a time of velvet tops, slip dresses, platform sneakers and scrunchies. Did the ‘90s really think we’d let these sick styles die? AS IF!

We’re stoked to see all the grunge and glitter of the era making a comeback, from runways to raves and everyday favs. If you want to relive the ‘90s and have your peeps totally buggin’, check out these 5 styles we’re psyched to see again.


neon pasties

You couldn’t go anywhere in the ‘90s without seeing a pop of neon somewhere, whether it was a colorful accessory or a head-to-toe lime-green or neon-orange outfit. After the ‘90s, neon sadly went away in favor of more “acceptable” colors… Ugh, WHATEVER!

Neon is BACK, baby, and it’s not playin’ around. If you’re on the street or at a rave, you’ll sure to turn heads when you rock’ a bold statement piece, whether it’s a purse, pants or our neon nipple pasties.

A set of our Double Starburst Neon Pink Power Blacklight Starry Nights Pasties are sure to get you glowing, and our Apple Fruitella UV Wet Vinyl Green X Factor Pasties are as delicious as Lip Smackers. Don’t be afraid to go bold!

2: Chokers

sticker top

Who doesn’t remember adding a black elastic choker to every outfit (or layering them with other necklaces to create an actual spectacle around your neck)? Chokers are the perfect, simple-yet-sassy addition to any look, whether you opt for elastic, velvet, lace or anything in between.

Want the look of a choker but haven’t stocked up on your ‘90s throwback gear yet? Our sticker tops made of pasties stickers can be arranged in any style you want to create a choker-esque accessory or an ultra-hot halter (another staple of ‘90s celebrity fashion!).

3: Mesh and crop tops

mesh top

Netted and see-through tops (or homemade ones made out of fishnets and ragged tights) were some of the hottest looks around, especially whenpaired with cargo pants and combat boots. Or, if you didn’t want to bare that much skin, loose-fitting crop tops were a happy medium.

While crop tops have been back for a while, mesh tops are really picking up steam, and not just in the rave and festival world! Celebs and fashionistas are sporting pasties under crop tops for the ultimate sexy, “IDGAF” look.

If your goal is to attract a ton of attention, pair your mesh top with a set of our Liquid Party Holographic Starry Nights Pasties. Otherwise, you can keep it simple by color matching or going for a more neutral, basic pair of nipple covers.

4: Fanny packs

fanny pack

‘90s peeps couldn’t get rollin’ with the homies without a fanny pack strapped to their hips. Once abhorred by the fashion community, these “bum bags” or “festival packs” are back and greater than ever.

You can get a fanny pack in a neon AF color to match your outfit, one covered in rhinestones, glitter or sequins, and even in the classic color-block styles that would make our parents proud. In true ‘90s fashion, don’t forget to stash your goods (lip balm, cash and round shades, of course!) before heading to your next festival or all-day adventure.

5: Stickers and face gems

face gems

As a kid, you know you loved to plaster and bedazzle everything in sight with a colorful array of stickers, sequins and gems.

Gwen Stefani perfected the look of face jewels in the ‘90s, and so can you, because facial gems have officially made a comeback. From a few pops of glitter around the eyes to a dazzling display that would make a peacock jealous, facial gems are the perfect modern festival and party accessories.

Stickers aren’t just for your Lisa Frank notebooks and folders anymore, either! With our BodiStix and MiniStix collections, you can add pops of adorableness just about anywhere—from an accent on your face, to your chest and arms and anywhere else you can think. Get glitter, glitter everywhere!

It may be 2019, but there ain’t no reason to let some of your fav ‘90s looks go to waste. It’s all about modernizing the styles and rocking ‘em with that ‘90s-gal pride.

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