28 April 2022

Lingerie 101: The Ultimate Guide to Our Lingerie

Lingerie is the best way to flaunt what you’ve got. Wear it on V-Day, your wedding night or whenever you dang want! These sexy pieces aren’t reserved for the bedroom, either. Strip down to your panties at raves, or add style to an everyday outfit. You could even wear a matching set beneath your clothes like a well-kept secret. How much or little shows is entirely up to you.

Lingerie comes in so many shapes and sizes just like the queens who wear it. There’s tons to choose from, which is both exciting and overwhelming for gals dipping their toes into the lingerie world. First-timers are left with many questions. Which types of lingerie should I buy? How do I put on a garter belt? What the heck is a teddy???

Slow down, girl! We have all the info you need in our ultimate guide to lingerie. Read on to discover lingerie outfits that’ll make you feel hella fierce. They’re so flattering, you won’t want to take them off!

The Most Popular Bra Styles

There’s more to bras than a band with two cups. The bra could be a demi, plunge, balconette or something else entirely. Each type of bra serves a different purpose and body shape. Let’s dive into a few basic bra styles and find what works best for you:

  • Full cup: When you imagine a bra, this is probably the cup shape that comes to mind. Full cups completely cover the boobs to hold those gals in place. These bras are the most comfortable fit for women with large chests because they offer maximum support. More coverage means less cleavage, so full cups are a bit on the modest side.
  • Plunge: Unlike full cups, the plunge is anything but modest! Plunge bras have a V-cut down the center that shows off your cleavage in all its glory. The plunge shape means there’s less cup material. If you’re a busty gal, find a plunge bra with underwire to get the support your boobs need.
  • Demi: Don’t let this bra fool you. The cup shape isn’t named after our girl Demi Lovato! Demi means half, which is a fitting name because this bra only covers half your boobs. The cups sport a low cut to reveal more cleavage on top. Many demi bras also have extra padding to plump up those curves. The only downside is these cups are less supportive.
  • Balconette: The cups in a balconette bra are cut pretty low. But unlike the demi shape, balconette cups form a straight line across the chest. They’re built into a wide band designed to support large busts. Balconette bras push your boobs straight up—kind of like they’re sitting on a balcony!
  • Bralette: A bralette is any bra without underwire, padding or structured cups. These tend to be way comfier than “normal” bras because they don’t pinch, squeeze or restrict your boobs in any way. While bralettes make great loungewear, they’re the least supportive. Women with small chests get the best use out of them.
reflective lingerie

Types of Panties to Complete the Set

Pair that bra with some matching panties! Lingerie collections are filled with panties that feature different cuts, shapes and designs. Here are the most common types of panties:

  • Bikini: Bikinis aren’t just a type of swimsuit! The name also refers to mid-rise underwear with full coverage in the back. However, some bikini styles show a bit more cheek and have strings that tie across the hips. We’re obsessed with sequin bikinis that flash iridescent hues beneath rave strobe lights. Sequin lingerie is meant to be seen! Wear the bra of your choice, or browse our bikini sets for matching nipple pasties.
  • Hipster: It’s all in the hips, bb! Hipster panties feature wide bands of fabric that sit low on your hips. This style is super low-rise, making it less ideal for gals who want a bit more coverage in the front. Even though hipsters expose more tummy, they’re actually longer than a bikini cut. Perfect for giving that booty a lift!
  • Thong: Ah yes, the queen of all panties. Women’s thongs are by far the most revealing type of lingerie ever invented. Skinny straps sit on the hips, and a thin strip comes right between those booty cheeks. Thongs are available in many different materials, including ones that will create the reflective lingerie set of your dreams. If you need a piece to turn up the sexiness, this is it. Nothing is racier than a thong!

One-Piece Wonders for an Easy Look

A matching bra and pantie set isn’t your only option for women’s lingerie. They’re staples in every girl’s closet, but it takes time to find the perfect combo. A simple one-piece outfit is comfy, effortless and takes mere seconds to slip on. Here’s our top picks:

  • Bodysuit: This type of lingerie (also called a teddy) is like a one-piece bathing suit. It has a built-in bra and pantie set connected by fabric that covers the torso. Don’t be fooled—bodysuits offer tons of coverage, but their sexy designs will make bae’s heart race! Buy one with dainty bows and lace, or unleash your kinky side with boning and strappy harnesses. There’s a bodysuit for every taste!
  • Camisole and tap shorts: A camisole (or cami) is a silk tank top with spaghetti straps. Gals typically pair a cami with matching tap shorts, which are just pajama shorts except fancier. This duo hangs loose for comfort and has a laidback, luxurious look. While a cami and tap shorts are two separate pieces, they often come together in lingerie sets. You can always swap out one of the pieces for a bra or panties.
  • Chemise: Chemises are short, skimpy dresses that slip right over your head. In fact, chemises are often called slips for that exact reason! Some are made of silk while others have sheer mesh to reveal a bra and pantie set. A chemise is the easiest type of lingerie to wear because the dress can stand all on its own. The loose fit is comfy yet sexy, which makes it perfect for cuddling up next to bae!
  • Robe: A robe leaves much to the imagination, and that’s part of the fun! Your partner will be dying to know what lies beneath it. Similar to a chemise, you can wear a robe on top of another lingerie set or make it a stand-alone piece. It doesn’t really matter what the robe is covering up. Bae will savor every second as you slowly untie the sash!
lingerie outfits

Find the Right Lingerie and Take Care of It

You deserve to wear the crap out of your lingerie. A bra will do you no good if it’s the wrong size or gets ruined in the wash! Follow these tips when you shop for a lingerie outfit:

  • Start off with matching sets: Lingerie is a bit intimidating at first. It’s hard to know which pieces go together or what they’re even called! You can’t go wrong with a matching set. Pick out a bra (or pair of nipple pasties) that comes with panties. Want something a little less racy? Go for the cami and tap short combo. Once you’ve got some experience, mix and match additional pieces like corsets and garter belts.
  • Find your bra size: Lingerie looks best when it hugs your body in all the right places. Before purchasing your first set, ask a pro to take down your measurements. Most women wear the wrong bra size! Don’t waste your money on lingerie that doesn’t fit. You might not like your actual size, but it’s what will flatter your figure the most. Focus less on numbers and more on how sexy you feel!
  • Hand wash and air dry: Tossing lingerie in the machine is a death sentence. They’re called delicates for a reason! Washers are way too abrasive on lace, tulle and silk. Those dainty panties will come out looking snagged and misshapen. The heat from dryers can shrink cotton pieces and warp structured bra cups. Preserve your lingerie by handwashing it in mild detergent and lukewarm water. Rinse everything, gently squeeze out the water and lay the pieces flat to dry.

FAQs about Lingerie for Newbies

Buying lingerie for the first time? Read through these FAQs before hitting up the stores.

Lingerie is undergarments and sleepwear typically worn in the bedroom. Most gals sport lingerie behind closed doors, but fashionistas have started taking it to raves and everyday attire. As long as the important bits are covered, you can wear lingerie anywhere you want!

The most common type of lingerie is a matching bra and pantie set. You could also swap out the bra for a pair of nipple pasties. Gals can combine panties with other tops like camisoles and chemises. Chemises are dresses that work well on their own, as do other one-piece sets like robes, bodysuits and rompers.

You can wear lingerie as undergarments that hide beneath your everyday clothes. Other gals prefer lingerie to take center stage as a bold fashion statement. Lingerie is unique like that—it can be totally invisible or the only thing on your body!

Always get fitted first. No matter what style you’re into, the best lingerie fits you like a glove. Once you know your size, start off with a simple one-piece or matching set. This takes away the stress of putting together the perfect outfit.

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