17 November 2022

Our Best Reusable Nipple Cover Pasties

Nipple covers can totally revolutionize your ‘fit. They’re perfect for any look, from work attire to backless dresses to the wildest, freakiest rave getups. Lots of pasties are disposable since they’re easy to apply and available in endless designs. The only downside? You have to throw ‘em away at the end of the night. Say buh-bye to those adorable pink zebra print pasties!

There’s another option: REUSABLE nipple pasties! Reusable pasties let you wear your fav styles over and over again. They don’t just come in nude tones, either. Whether you’re into glitter, jewels, tassels or metal studs, reusable nipple pasties can complete any rave ‘fit. Take good care of the pasties, and you’ll get to wear ‘em plenty more times!

Ready to find your new go-to pair? You’re in luck—Neva Nude has a whole freaking line of reusable pasties to choose from! Check out our best reusable nipple pasties below.

nipple pasties

Nude Tones for Everyday Wear

Let’s start off simple with nude tones. Nude pasties are designed to hide beneath clothing (unlike rave pasties, which we’ll get into later). These nipple cover pasties go great with braless ‘fits like tube tops, backless dresses and low-cut blouses. The thick silicone material creates a smooth look so you’re not cutting ice in chilly temps! Our nude pasties are extra special cuz they come in a variety of skin tones. Yay for inclusivity!

glitter pasties

Glitz Up the ‘Fit with Glittery Glam

Okay, time to dive into something a bit more saucy. If you’re a glitter gal, you’re gonna love our reusable glitter pasties! Combine show-stopping glam with the ability to wear these pasties for every rave of the season. We have this one pair of reusable pasties that’s clad in every color of the rainbow (and they shine just as bright!).

jewel pasties

Jewels to Bedazzle Your Boobs

Ever heard the saying, “Diamonds are a rave babe’s best friend?” Well, it’s true—and these jewel pasties are here to prove it! Get all glammed up for a wild night out with nipple covers dripping in silver rhinestones. We’ve got jewel pasties shaped like Xs, flowers, hearts, smiley faces, even the British flag! Some come with tassels, some without. But the main point is this—they’re all super-duper sparkly!

reusable nipple covers

Tassels That Move with Yo’ Ta-Tas

Speaking of tassels, we’ve got those, too! Choose among tassels made from thread, crystals, chains or metal rings (you know, for later). Our tassel nipple covers were made for rave babes who love to werk it on the dance floor. The tassels move when you do, drawing everyone’s attention to those sexy curves. Their jaws will be on the floor when they see you shimmy those ta-tas in a pair of tassel-y pasties!

nipple cover pasties

Rival the Sun with Reflective Pasties

Tassels aren’t the only way to draw some attention. Pick a pair of nipple pasties with reflective material that shines brighter than the sun! When these pasties catch the light, onlookers will get blinded by a dazzling display of pinks, purples and blues on your chest. No need to throw away your fav reflective pasties. These puppies have an adhesive silicone backing that lets you wear ‘em over and over again!

nipple pasties

Pom Poms to Puff Up That ‘Tude

Wanna look like a sexy snow bunny? Then you need a pair of pom pom pasties! Our reusable pom pom pasties will stand out in the night with their iridescent tinsel and snow white fluffiness. We also have other styles that feature rose buds (wink wink) as well as red and green mini pom poms for those saucy holiday parties. The red and green pasties even come with a dainty pair of sleigh bells. Jingle deez bells, bb!

silicone nipple covers

Silver Studs for a Seductive Look

Unleash your inner dominatrix with a pair of R-rated pasties! These silicone nipple covers are made with your choice of red or black faux leather. The leather is decorated with silver studs that scream, “Don’t mess with this beech!” These sexy pasties even come with metal rings in case you wanna fool around after the party. What are the rings for, you might ask? That’s for you to decide!

reusable nipple covers

Metal Chains and Leather Harnesses

WARNING—these nipple covers aren’t for the faint of heart! If you thought the studded pasties were intense, prepare to meet our line of reusable pasties that are made for the baddest beeches on the planet. These nipple cover pasties are all about straps, harnesses, collars and chains. Wear the ‘fit to a festival, or save it for the bedroom. Good thing the pasties are reusable. You’ll def wanna wear this ‘fit again!

FAQs about Reusable Nipple Covers

New to reusable pasties? Our Q&A will turn you into a pro!

One use lasts anywhere from 10 to 12 hours. That gives you plenty of time to tear up the dance floor! As for the number of uses, you can typically wear reusable nipple pasties a couple dozen times. The better you care for your pasties, the more times you get to wear ‘em!

Self-adhering reusable pasties come with thin plastic film. Do NOT throw this away!! Once you’re done wearing the pasties, cover the sticky side with this plastic film. Stash your reusable nipple pasties in a sealed container to keep ‘em clean in between uses.

Always wash reusable pasties by hand! Start by rinsing the sticky side under warm water. Add a touch of mild soap or detergent, then use your fingers to massage it into the silicone. This will help remove dirt, sweat, oil and makeup. Lay out your pasties for 24 hours or until completely dry.

It depends on your preference. If you love trying new styles, one-time disposable pasties might be more your speed. But if you want a go-to pair, reusable ones are totally worth the money. Lucky for you, Neva Nude makes high-quality disposable AND reusable nipple pasties!

Yes, and you should! Cleaning reusable pasties reactivates the self-adhesive backing so you can wear ‘em again . . . and again, and again. Washing the nipple pasties can also get rid of grime, which helps the adhesive stick even better to your skin.

Discover Your New Fav Pair of Pasties

Sad to see your pasties end up in the trash? There’s a whole world of reusable pasties waiting for you! You’re gonna absolutely fall in love with our comfy, sexy and rave-worthy reusable nipple pasties collection. From drippy gems to ta-ta tassels, all the nipple pasties you’ll ever need are right here. Neva Nude’s got you (barely) covered!

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