27 May 2021

Our Electric Pasties for EDC 2021

After WAY too long of a wait, Electric Daisy Carnival is BACK, BBs!! This October, we’ll be able to gather and rave under the bright lights of one of the top music festivals of the year. (And after more than a year apart, EDC Las Vegas will taste EXTRA sweet!)

Even better, this year is EDC’s 25th anniversary palooza, meaning there’s bound to be even more fun, fashion and fabulous vibes to enjoy! Obvs, we think the best way to get ready to party under the electric sky is to curate outfits that are just as electrifying and dazzling as the festi itself.

No clue what look to rock after a year of quarantine sweats? We gotchu, babes! Check out our top EDC outfit inspo, complete with nipple pasties, face masks and glitter galore.

Slap on some fun and quirky pasties

Some of our fav festival outfits include all sorts of rave pasties. Whether you’re baring some skin or layering under mesh, see-through fabrics or anything else, nipple pasties are the perfect accessory to shorts, tutus, corsets—you name it. Plus, they’re cute AF!!

Not just any pasties will do for EDC Las Vegas, though. If you want your look to stand out in the bustlin’ crowd, you’ll want to choose something quirky, fun and unique! Here are some festival pasties ideas to get your ball rollin’.

Neon pasties

Kanye the Alien Green UV Pasties

For years, neon has been one of THE fashion picks for raves and festivals. Highlighter-colored clothing looks Ah-MAZING under blacklights, so you’re bound to shine from head to toe!

A set of neon green alien pasties totally fit the EDC Las Vegas vibe, mixing music, bold colors and fun.

Or, if you want something TOTALLY different, you might create a masterpiece on your chest with a bunch of star-shaped UV glitter pasties from our sticker top collection!

Reflective pasties

Just like neon, reflective pasties and clothing are perfect for EDC. With all the strobes, lasers and fireworks, your ‘fit will light up the crowd! Reflective pasties also make for AWESOME photos when they’re taken with a flash.

You’ll look positively ELECTRIFYING in a super-cool set of bright-white lightning pasties.

We even have reflective rainbow pasties that transform from plain grey to magical color in light!

Holographic pasties

Rainbow Dino Holographic Blacklight X Nipztix Pasties

At Neva Nuda, we HOLLA for holographic! Like a party on your chest, holographic pasties shine with a rainbow of color and light that will mimic the show happening on your EDC stage of choice.

Our liquid party pasties are brilliant white with hints of color. Plus, they’re butterflies—how effin’ cute?!

If your look’s vibe is more “rainbow disco ball,” then you’ll LOVE our new rainbow holographic X pasties. Not only do these bad boys have holo scales that glimmer like a shattered mirror, but they’re also blacklight reactive. Boo-yah, double the shine!

Floral pasties

It’s time to put the “daisy” back in Electric Daisy Carnival. Floral looks are feminine, flirty and super sweet, but floral pasties give you an ultra-sexy edge.

True to theme, these blacklight reactive sequined daisy pasties will match the art and lights found all over the festi. You can’t get much closer to EDC than this!

If you want something really cool, wear REAL flowers to cover your nips! Pressed flower pasties embody the creativity, uniqueness and natural elements that EDC gushes.

Quirky pasties

Alice Down The Rabbit Holographic White Glitter Shroom Nipztix Pasties

Sometimes, you just wanna get weird—and that’s A-OK! Go buck wild with fun and quirky pasties in any color, material and shape you want!

Show off your psychedelic side with some adorable holo mushroom pasties. After all, EDC’s quite the rabbit hole (and we love, love, LOVE to fall!).

If you’re feeling luxe, sequined gold pasties make you look like one rich bitch (in love and spirit, of course!).

Our X pasties come in just about any color and style under the sun to match everything from monochromatic ‘fits to super-niche costume styles.

And, of COURSE, no EDC outfits are complete without a bit of glitter! Glitter pasties up the ante and will have you glimmering under that desert sun.

Rainbow Reflective Peepers Bodysuit One Piece

Rock yo’ body(suit)

Vegas turns up the heat, and you’re bound to get toasty as you’re dancing up a sweat surrounded by your fellow ravers. You’ll need lightweight, breathable clothing that won’t bog you down as the day goes on. Bodysuits are the perf solution!

With just the right amount of coverage, sleeveless bodysuits are great for wearing on their own or for layering under tutus, leggings or skirts to keep you supported in all the right places.

Our mesh star struck bodysuits look amazing day or night, but the real fun begins with a flash of light.

If you want to rock some sweet pasties, go for a peeper bodysuit! The rainbow reflective material of this one is bound to turn heads while keeping you cool—in every sense of the word.

Lust Red Stud Face Masks With Filter Pocket And Wet Vinyl Knix Set

Mask up: Safety is sexy!

Let’s be real—we don’t really know what kind of safety rules EDC will have in place by October. Masks might be necessary to keep everyone safe while we party…or they might just turn into super cool accessories! Either way, put your mask collection to good use at EDC Las Vegas.

There is no better standout than our stud mask sets, which come with a cool AF studded face mask with a filter pocket, a set of pasties AND a matching G-string! You’ll be sexy AND safe from head to toe.

Neck gaiters are also awesome EDC accessories. Our GEO Madness Sexy Necksie features a reflective pattern that looks straight out of circuitGROUNDS.

Fairy Wingz

Look FLY with Wingz

If you plan to dance the day away at EDC Las Vegas, you’re gonna need shoes that give you a little extra support. Leave the sandals and flip-flops at home to protect your toesies and go for a sturdy pair of boots, instead!

Now, there are a TON of super-cool boot styles out there, but they don’t always have the “oomph” you want for your festival fashion. This, friends, is what shoe accessories are for. Enter, WINGZ! These super-cool boot and calf attachments are the perfect way to glam up your shoe game. Our mythical styles like fairy and dragon wings fit perfectly with the magical vibes of EDC.

Other accessories

Once you’ve got your base look on point, it’s time to load up with some sweet, sweet accessories and decorations for your rockin’ bod.

If you’ll be baring some skin with your look, try jazzing things up with a few strategically placed tats. If you haven’t committed to your own ink, have some of ours with a set of butterfly temporary tattoos or classic floral tatz.

If you want to truly sparkle and shine, don’t forget the glitter! Our Glitz Grenades are perfect for raves and concerts because they’re a glitter bomb stuck on a handy dandy keychain, ready for fire (AKA, reapplication) right away. Choose your color and let loose!

Glitz Grenade

Electric Daisy Carnival FAQs

New to EDC? Here’s the scoop.

Electric Daisy Carnival (AKA, EDC) is a weekend-long adventure full of music, art, dancing, blacklights, pyrotechnics and non-stop fun! The festival is a whimsical, trippy experience of bright colors and good vibes, featuring some of the top electric dance music artists of our time. There are tons of stages to jam at, interactive art installations and even thrilling rides!

EDC brings ravers from far and wide to party under the desert sky. On average, EDC Las Vegas hosts over 150,000 people PER DAY. That’s 450,000 people partying from dawn ‘til dusk!

We were super sad to hear that EDC had to be postponed again to keep all us ravers safe. BUT they gave us new dates to look forward to! In 2021, EDC Las Vegas starts on Friday, October 22. Get ready to party hardy all weekend long until the festival closes on Sunday, October 24! BOO-YAH!

Like always, EDC is held in the entertainment capital of the world: Las Vegas! More specifically, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway (about 20 minutes from the Strip) is where we gather to get rowdy.

Any damn thing you want, BB! EDC is the perfect place to express yourself and get a little adventurous with your rave outfits. You can’t go wrong with neon, holographic and blacklight-reactive clothes and accessories, since those will look absolutely MAGICAL under the flashing lights. If you really want to stand out, try out some totally unique accessories like our Wingz. And, of course, top it all off with tons and tons of glitter!

Meet you under the electric sky!

We are so unbelievably stoked for the return to raves with Electric Daisy Carnival this fall, and we’re even MORE excited to see all your sick festival outfits! Be sure to tag us in pics and remember to rave yo’ faces off! XOXO

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