7 November 2021

Our Favorite Festive Christmas Pasties

Halloween is over, and you know what that means—time to ramp up the Christmas cheer! By the time November rolls around, everyone is decking the halls with garlands galore. Winter decorations seem to magically appear overnight in your neighbor’s yard. Really, though—when did they put up those flashing lights and inflatable reindeer?!

Front yards aren’t the only things that need decorating this time of year. You’ll need a killer ‘fit when you strut into that saucy soiree. There’s no better way to stand out than with a pair of Christmas pasties! Take inspo from the surrounding décor, and dress your chest in pasties shaped like snowmen, presents, snowflakes, candy canes, whatever you want.

No need to search for the perfect pasties! We’ve rounded up our top picks to create the ultimate Christmas-themed pasties list. Grab some eggnog, get cozy under the blankets and prepare to fall in love with these festive pasties!

Christmas nipple covers

Sexy Snowflakes

Every snowflake is unique, just like you! What’s even more unique is showing up to a Christmas rager clad in glittery snowflake pasties. Outshine the twinkling snow with nipple pasties that are coated in holographic white glitter. Snowflake pasties from Neva Nude come in other fun colors like electric blue and gold fairy dust!

nipple pasties

Want more of an ice queen vibe? Pick out a pair of pasties with iridescent crystals arranged in elaborate snowflake patterns. Say, “Bye, Felicia!” to hours spent gluing body crystals in front of the bathroom mirror. Our crystal pasties already come in the snowflake shape you want. Plus, they’re self-adhering for instant application!

Christmas nipple covers

Reversible Red and Green Sequins

Part of picking out that killer ‘fit is deciding what festive colors you’re going to wear. Right now, you’re probably wondering if you should buy red or green Christmas pasties. Why not both? We have a full collection of pasties with reversible sequins that flip flop between red and green. Change their color with a swipe of your hand—or someone else’s!

As for the shape of these sequin pasties? You’ve got plenty of options. Our collection includes dreamy stars, enchanting hearts and sexy X’s. But that’s not even the best part! All of our Christmas pasties are handmade with swimsuit material that feels ultra-silky on the skin.

festive pasties

Sweet Christmas Goodies

Forget the milk and cookies—slap on some sweet treats to show everyone you’re the whole freakin’ dessert menu! At Neva Nude, you’ll find the cutest little gingerbread men coated in luscious glitter and heart-shaped buttons. Their smiling faces have rosy cheeks that are both adorable and mischievous!

festive pasties

Not super into gingerbread men? We personally recommend a set of candy cane pasties. Draw attention to your sexy curves with bold red and white stripes. The candy canes are tied together with glittery bows that’ll catch the light as you bust a move!

Santa pasties

Jingle Deez Bells

They wouldn’t be Christmas nipple covers without sleigh bells! One of our fav pairs has two velvety smooth red circles topped with green bows and a pair of silver bells. They jingle with every movement to attract admiring gazes! The bells are fun to play with, too (wink wink).

nipple pasties

Turn up the fun a notch by choosing festive pasties with playful textures. Neva Nude has another pair that features golden sleigh bells and a bouquet of fuzzy pom poms. Not only are they a great conversation starter, these pasties are irresistible to touch! (Remember kids: consent is sexy!)

Santa pasties

Santa’s Favorite Ho Ho Ho

The next few nipple pasties will leave you singing, “Santa BB!” Our line of Santa pasties includes presents wrapped in dazzling red and green glitter. You could also wear a pair of red, glittery hearts that say, “Ho Ho Ho” in big bold letters. And you KNOW we’ve got glittery red Santa hats, too!

We know what you’re thinking—nipple pasties are a ballsy move. They better stay on, or Santa will put you on his naughty list! You can breathe easy knowing every single pair of pasties from Neva Nude is guaranteed to last for at least 10 hours. We always use hypoallergenic, medical grade adhesive to keep your skin itch-free all night long.

Christmas nipple covers

Pretty Poinsettias

Around this time of year, poinsettias adorn window sills and dining tables. Now they can decorate your body, too! Embrace the vibrant foliage by capturing their beauty in a pair of Christmas pasties. The ruby red petals are dusted with golden sparkles that make these pasties look better than the real thing!

The only question that remains is what you’re going to wear with these poinsettia pasties. One gust of frigid wind is enough to freeze your booty off! Stay warm this winter by layering your Christmas pasties with a faux fur coat. Keep the coat open to let your pasties peak through without bearing too much skin in the cold.

Another go-to for the winter time is a long sleeved mesh top. It’ll allow you to cover up and bare everything at the same time! Layer with the fur coat for extra protection against the elements. A matching pair of furry boots would totally fit the winter theme while keeping those toes warm!

FAQs about Christmas Pasties

Need help rocking a pair of Christmas pasties? We’ve got you (barely) covered!

Whatever you want! Pasties are all about getting creative. One idea we love is rocking a body suit with cutouts that leave room for those awesome nipple pasties to show through. The Neva Nude collection has many body suits to choose from along with skin-safe stickers and glitter.

Layer the Christmas pasties with a see-through mesh top and faux fur coat. Throw in a pair of furry winter boots to complete the look! Alternatively, you could wrap up in a sexy shawl that allows you to cozy up or show some skin at a whim!

A pair of nipple pasties from Neva Nude will stay put on your skin for 10 to 12 hours. That gives you plenty of time to dance the night away without any wardrobe malfunctions!

Our pasties are handcrafted with swimsuit material that’s smooth to the touch. They’re self-adhering with hypoallergenic, medical grade adhesive that’s suitable for sensitive skin. Besides that, our nipple pasties have fun extras like pom poms, jingle bells and iridescent crystals!

Check out Neva Nude’s Christmas Collection

Scouring the internet for the perfect pasties is a real hassle. Find all the Christmas pasties you could ever ask for in the Neva Nude collection! Every set of pasties mentioned above is available at our online store. And there’s a lot more where that came from—we have nipple pasties for every holiday to keep you covered all year long. The real challenge is picking out just one pair!

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