6 September 2022

Our Favorite Rave Looks to Recreate this Fall

Fall is finally here. You know what that means—it’s PSL season, bb! There’s only one thing better than a PSL, and it’s the festival lineup coming to you this fall. Everyone thinks summer is festival season, but here at Neva Nude, we believe every season is festival season. Summer might be over, but the party’s just heating up!

The new season brings new fashion trends with it. Sure, you could wear the same rave outfit you rocked at the last festival. But what’s the fun in that??? Refresh your rave wardrobe with the hottest trends this season has to offer. Plus, a lot of these pieces are perfect for sweater weather (hello, neon joggers!). Finish off with some fierce rave makeup, and you’re all set to go!

Check out this season’s trendiest rave outfit ideas below!

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Sleek and Sassy Catsuit

All you need is a single piece. Look trendy without even trying when you slip into a sleek, body-hugging catsuit. A catsuit will flatter your figure, and they’re available in every print you can think of. Electric, holographic, psychedelic—there are more designs than you ever thought possible! Catsuits are perfect for fall because many come with long sleeves and leggings. Or, you could go for a sleeveless halter top with an open back. The choice is up to you!

Matching Two-Piece Sets

Need a quick and easy rave outfit? Look no further than the classic two-piece set. This outfit will help you win all the style points while putting in zero effort! We love a crop top paired with matching leggings or high-waisted booty shorts. In our own collection, you’ll find two-piece sets with mesh tube tops and matching mini skirts. Add fishnet tights and combat boots for an edgy look!

Crop Top and Joggers Combo

This next rave look will keep you comfy and cozy all season long. Ditch your everyday sweats for a tight-fitting crop top and fleece joggers that’ll stave off the cold. If you go sleeveless, pick out a crop top that shows a little side boob. Showing some skin never hurt anybody! Go for a bold print, or mix and match neon hues to light up the night. Speaking of which, this outfit would look great with some light-up sneakers!

Skimpy Shirt with Some Shortalls

You’ve heard of denim overalls. Well, shortalls are exactly that but sexier! Instead of the full pant length, shortalls feature booty shorts so you can show some leg. Pair with any top you want—tube top, bedazzled bra, even rave body stickers! If you want a unique piece in your wardrobe, then a pair of shortalls is the right choice for you.

rave looks

Mini Dress with Cutouts

Similar to the catsuit, a mini dress is among the most rave-ready attire (no assembly required). You don’t have to worry about coordinating a bunch of different pieces. Pick out a dress, and you’re good to go! Turn up the sexiness by choosing a mini dress with cutouts that reveal a little extra skin. The cutouts create a rave outfit that’ll turn heads all night.

Pasties, Shorts and a Mesh Dress

Leave a little less to the imagination with a mesh dress. They’re completely see-through, allowing you to show off that hella cute bra you just bought. Pair the bra with some booty shorts, or wear a matching bikini set underneath the dress. Better yet, swap the top with rave pasties to unleash your wild side. Whatever combo you choose, a mesh dress will let everyone see it all!

Bikini Top and Bell Bottoms

Bell bottoms are making a comeback, bb! And this fall, you’re gonna see ‘em at every single festival. Bell bottom pants become the star of your rave outfit when you score a pair with sequins, fringe or tinsel. The more decked out they are, the better! Bell bottoms have a lot going on, so balance ‘em out with an itty bitty bikini top. Pick a matching shade, or go neutral to let the bell bottoms really stand out.

Basic Pieces with a Flowy Cape

Who doesn’t love a cape??? Strut your stuff in a flowy, full-length cape dress, and you’ll look like one bad biotch! A cape dress is one piece of rave clothing you HAVE to try this season. Of course, you can’t wear the translucent gown all by itself. To complete the outfit, all you need is a bikini top and a pair of booty shorts. Keep these pieces real simple to avoid drawing attention away from the cape dress.

FAQs about Women’s Rave Outfits

The next rave is coming up, and you need answers fast. Dive into our Q&A for quick responses to your most burning questions.

Wear anything that lets your creativity fly free! Catsuits, cape dresses and bell bottoms are among the top trends this festival season. Wanna keep it simple? Pick out a mini dress, two-piece set or basic crop top with some neon joggers. Whatever rave outfit you choose, make sure it has plenty of glitter, shimmer and shine!

Don’t wear anything that’s uncomfortable. If you’re gonna dance that booty off, you need rave clothing that’ll keep you comfy day and night. Those leather pants are hella fierce, but can you stand to wear them all weekend? Probably not.

Leave those stilettos at home! They might be sexy, but they’ve got no place at a rave. Wear shoes that’ll support your feet through a full day of partying. Sandals, flip flops and high heels are a big no-no. Sneakers and combat boots, on the other hand, are a resounding yes. Comfort always comes before style!

Raves are all about bright colors, glitter and rhinestones. Dust your lids with bold pigments, and swipe glitter across your cheekbones. You can arrange loose gems however you want, but to make your life easier, pick out some crystal body stickers for an elaborate yet effortless look. If it’s not part of your everyday makeup, then it probably belongs at a rave!

Setting spray is your best friend! Put the finishing touches on your makeup, then lock it all in with a few spritzes of setting spray. Also, primer is a must. It helps bold pigments really pop, and your makeup will stay put much longer.

Discover More Looks at Neva Nude

Looking for a two-piece set? What about some nipple pasties to go along with it? Assemble the perfect outfit by browsing our rave apparel collection. Many of the pieces mentioned here are available through our online store. Especially nipple pasties—we’ve got hundreds of designs to choose from! Neva Nude will make you the rave queen you were born to be.

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