17 December 2021

Pressed Flower Makeup Tutorial

Flowers add a timeless touch to any ‘fit. Get dolled up in a floral sun dress, or crown yourself with a headband full of daisies. When people say their closets are filled with florals, they usually mean the fake ones. Nobody’s walking around in a dress made with actual flowers (unless you’re a celeb at the Met Gala).

Cue the pressed flower makeup trend! Makeup artists are posing for Instagram with REAL flowers on their faces. These looks incorporate dainty blooms that are picked straight from the garden. Beauty gurus arrange elaborate bouquets with daisies, baby’s breath, rose petals and forget-me-nots to embrace nature in the most literal way possible.

Flower makeup may seem well beyond your reach. Trust us, it’s a lot easier than you think! With some eyelash glue and a handful of blooms, you’ll create a makeup look that’s totally Insta-worthy. Let’s get started!

floral eye makeup

How to Apply Pressed Flowers on the Face

Pressed flowers are a lot like applying makeup rhinestones. Grab with a pair of tweezers, place a dot of glue and stick ‘em on! Here are a couple extra pointers to help you nail the perfect look:

  • Pick some flowers: Choose any flower, color, shape or size you want. Flower makeup comes in various sizes, although the blooms are generally quite small. Press the flowers in a book overnight to help them lay flat on your skin. Alternatively, decorate your complexion with dried florals to add some three-dimensional texture. Let your imagination guide the way!
  • Prep the skin: Start by washing your face with a daily cleanser. Complete your typical skincare routine, but skip products that are super thick and oily. Excessive oil will cause the flowers to slide out of place. Minimizing the amount of residue on your face ensures the cosmetic glue can properly adhere to your skin.
  • Apply the glue: Leave the Elmer’s glue for arts and crafts! The best adhesive for pressed flowers is already in your makeup bag: eyelash glue. Apply a small dot directly onto your skin, then place flowers one at a time with a pair of fine-tipped tweezers. If the petals are lifting up, add a touch more glue beneath the edges to help your flowers lay flat.

The Best Places to Arrange Floral Bouquets

Makeup artists typically arrange pressed flowers around the eyes. For a quick and easy look, glue flowers in a crescent shape along each temple. Many like to cluster the blooms together with fronds of leaves radiating outward. A similar floral arrangement involves framing the outer corners of the eyes with big statement flowers like daisies.

One super popular design requires the smallest, daintiest blooms you can find! Encircle your alluring gaze with pressed flowers that sit all over the lid, brow bone and corners of the eyes. If you want a more polished look, line the flowers along your brow bone and lower lash line to accentuate the contours of your face.

Ready to take floral eye makeup to the next level? Pluck a few rose petals, and glue them to your lashes! This look is more tedious and requires lots of patience. But if you can pull it off, you’ll enchant onlookers in the blink of an eye (literally!). The secret is to glue the petals onto a set of falsies. Place the petals on the outermost corners, then glue the fake eyelashes onto your upper lash lines.

flower makeup

Makeup that Looks Pretty with Pressed Flowers

Flower makeup is all about letting the blooms take center stage. Let the bouquet shine by pairing it with neutral tones throughout the rest of your makeup. Sport a nude lip, go easy on the blush and dust lids with skin-toned eyeshadow (if any). A minimal look will draw attention to the pressed flowers and highlight your natural beauty!

Want a pop of color? Keep it around the eyes. Swipe on some pressed eyeshadow that either matches the pressed flowers or contrasts them for a bold statement. Apply one bright color so your eye lids don’t pull too much attention away from the flowers! Pro tip: start with a base of matte eye primer to make the loose pigment on your eyes really stand out.

Raise your flower makeup to the next level with matching mascara! White, yellow, fuchsia, blue—mascara is available in every color you can imagine. A swipe of neon mascara lets everybody know this isn’t your typical everyday makeup. Let the mascara pop by keeping your eye lids completely bare. Go with either mascara or floral eyeshadow, not both!

Floral Makeup FAQs

Got questions about this crazy new trend? Yeah, we kinda figured. Find all the answers below!

Choose a skin-safe adhesive like eyelash glue. Squeeze a small dot on your skin, then use a pair of fine-tipped tweezers to press each flower into place. Don’t apply super oily skincare products, otherwise the flowers could fall off!

The best floral eyeshadow complements whichever blooms you pick for the makeup look. Choose one bold color that either contrasts or perfectly matches the pressed flowers. Sometimes, the best eyeshadow is none at all! Bare eye lids allow the flowers to shine as the focal point.

Pressed flowers typically frame the eyes, although you can place them wherever you want! Create a crescent shape along the temples, or cluster them at the outer corners of your eyes. You can also use pressed flowers to accentuate the contours of your face by lining them across the brow bones and lower lash lines.

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