20 September 2022

Rainbow Rave Braids to Rock this Season

You’ve spent weeks pulling together the perfect festival look. Killer ‘fit? Check. Ultra-sparkly makeup? Check. All that’s left to do is your ‘do! You could throw your hair in a messy bun and call it a day. OR you could go all out with tinsel, glow in the dark braids and rainbow hair extensions! Okay, maybe not all of those at once, but you get the idea.

Festival season is your chance to try new and exciting hairstyles. Let’s be real—you’re not gonna clip in a hot pink jumbo braid just to run errands! But at a rave, hair accessories are fair game. Before you go out and buy clip-in hair extensions, you gotta figure out how they’ll fit into your rave hairstyle. If you’re looking for inspo, you’ve come to the right place!

Scroll down for the most Insta-worthy ways to rock hair braids this festival season.

Space Buns Braided up the Back

The first ‘do on our list is outta this world! Unleash your intergalactic side by sporting a pair of space buns. These are twin mini buns that sit right on top of your head. Space buns have been popular ever since Miley Cyrus came in like a wrecking ball! We’re adding onto this iconic look with two braids that run up the back of your head. They’ll help this rave hairstyle stay put through all the head banging.

Boxer Braids with Glitter Roots

Boxer braids are for the gals who want something simple, spunky and sexy. Part your hair down the middle, then create a low Dutch braid on each side. Take boxer braids to the next level by weaving in rave hair accessories. Add a dash of tinsel, or pick neon hues that glow in the dark. Colorful extensions transform these everyday hair braids into a festival-worthy ‘do. Pat glitter along your middle part to glam up all the grime that’s collected over the weekend!

Half-Up Half-Down Dutch Braids

This next hairstyle is similar to boxer braids. The only difference is you’ll keep the bottom half of your hair down. Starting at your hairline, create one Dutch braid on each side of your head. Once you get to the back, tie off the braids and let the rest of your hair flow free. You can add extra volume (and glamor) by clipping in glitter hair extensions. The tinsel strands will catch the light as your luscious locks bounce with every dance move!

rave hairstyles

Pigtails with Colored Hair Extensions

Who says adults can’t wear pigtails?? There’s no better place to rock this sassy ‘do than a rave! While these technically aren’t hair braids, we couldn’t help but include them in our list of top hairstyles for the coming season. Pigtails look cute with any hair texture, and you can add some oomph by incorporating clip-in hair extensions. Show the haters what’s up with a pair of funky colored pigtails!

Cornrows into a Braided Ponytail

Looking for a challenge? Try your hand at cornrows that come together in a single braided ponytail. This tight, pulled-back hairstyle won’t budge an inch as you bust a move on the dance floor. Take your locks to new lengths with neon rave hair extensions. They’ll also help fill out the braided ponytail so you can achieve larger-than-life hair. You’ll be catching stares in the best way possible!

Fishtail Braid with Hair Rings

Put a festive spin on the classic fishtail braid with metallic hair rings. Whether you love silver, gold or bronze, hair rings are one of the easiest ways to elevate this everyday hairstyle. Wear the fishtail low over your shoulder, or pull it back into a high ponytail. Weave a rave hair braid into the fishtail for a look that’s anything but mundane!

French Braids Ending in Pigtails

This next look is for rave babes who want pigtails AND hair braids. Similar to the half-up half-down hairstyle, create a middle part and separate your hair into two French braids. Keep braiding until you reach the nape of your neck. From there, tie off the braids so you’ve got two pigtails running down your back. And of course, you can add all the metallic rings and rainbow hair extensions you want!

Sleek and Simple High Ponytail

You can’t go wrong with a pin-straight ponytail—just like Ariana Grande! A sleek ponytail gives gals an opportunity to show off their long locks. Most rave babes can rock this look, even if they’ve got medium-length hair. Simply clip in some hair tinsel and voila! Instant length that’ll cascade down to your booty.

Cornrows into Macaron Buns

Space buns aren’t the only buns you’ll see this festival season. Rave babes are servin’ some seriously yummy looks with twin macaron buns! Cornrows are the perfect way to pull your hair back into these big fluffy buns. Think Princess Leia buns except macarons sit low on the nape of your neck. If you’re going for a soft and elegant look, macaron buns are the ‘do for you!

rave hairstyle

Half-Up Half-Down Unicorn Braid

The unicorn braid is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a single braid that runs straight over the top of your head. We’re getting unicorn vibes just thinking about it! Leave the rest of your hair down to achieve that half-up half-down look. You can straighten it, curl it or stick with your natural hair texture. Extra points if you clip in some neon hair extensions!

Milkmaid Braid and Rave Hair Accessories

This one’s for all the boho babes out there. Complete that killer ‘fit by twisting your hair into a milkmaid braid. Okay, we know it sounds like this braid belongs with a smocked dress and wooden clogs. Not if you add metallic rings, hair tinsel and a printed scarf! Trust us, a milkmaid braid totally works at raves. It’s all in the accessories, bb!

Braided Crown with Beach Waves

Give yourself the royal treatment with a crown made from your own luscious locks! Not gonna lie, you need pretty long hair to pull off this look. That’s where clip-in hair extensions come in handy! Braid the extensions into your natural hair for a crown that’s pastel pink, toxic green or whatever shade you want. Finish this half-up half-down look with tousled, beach-y waves. All hail the rave queen!

FAQs about Festival Hair Braids

Here’s what you should know about adding festival hair braids to your ‘do.

Rave hair extensions last anywhere between three to six months. The better you take care of ‘em, the longer those puppies will last. Treat your hair extensions right, and they could serve you well for almost a full year. That gives you plenty of time to hit up all your fav raves!

Forget the natural look—when it comes to festival braids, it’s go big or go home, bb! The most popular festival braids are neon, blacklight reactive and glow in the dark. Some are threaded with tinsel to give your ‘do a touch of shimmer beneath those strobe lights. You could even purchase festival braids that are entirely made of tinsel!

If you’re just starting out, we recommend something easy like a fishtail, boxer braids or the super magical unicorn braid. These festival braids are simple but ultra-stylish, especially if you weave in some hair tinsel or neon-colored hair extensions.

Wash festival braids just like your natural hair. Gently shampoo and condition the braids, then rinse ‘em with cool water. Squeeze out the excess water before hanging your braids to air dry. Wait until they’re completely dry, then detangle the braids with your fingers or a comb. Never apply heat to festival braids unless you want a melty mess on your hands!

Deck Out Your ‘Do with Neva Nude

So, which braid are you thinking? Fishtail, cornrows, milkmaid or unicorn braid? Whichever look suits your fancy, no rave hairstyle is complete without a set of shimmery extensions from the Neva Nude festival hair collection. Choose among tinsel, ombre hues, jumbo braids, glow in the dark extensions and more. Prepare yourself for a makeover—Neva Nude style!

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