8 March 2022

Sparkle 'Till Sunrise: Rave Glitter Top Tips

Every rave babe is all too familiar with the morning after. You scroll through pics from the previous night to cherish those irreplaceable memories (or to remember what happened). As you flip to a new pic, your ‘fit gets progressively sloppier. In the last one, the glitter top you painstakingly applied for hours has dissolved into a sweaty mess!

That leaves you to wonder, “How the heck do I make glitter stay on???” It’s a question as old as time itself—or whenever raves became a thing. But your efforts to look hella fleek are not in vain. Anyone can put on rave makeup that’s invincible against the heat and dancing of outdoor concerts. With the right tools and techniques, you’ll stay fresh faced from the moment you strut onto the festival grounds to when the sun comes up.

We compiled our all-time fav glitter top ideas and tips to make them last all night. Prepare to become the glittery bombshell you were born to be!

rave makeup

Glitter Looks that Really Bring It

Pulling off rave glitter is a lot easier than it sounds. If you’re just starting out, a good rule of thumb is to focus on the eyes. Glitter is a fire way to highlight your alluring gaze! Frame the eyes by packing loose face glitter along the temples or where you’d normally wing your liner. We also love creating long, thick streaks that run from the lower lashes right down the cheeks.

A simple go-to look for beginners is glittery eyeshadow. All you have to do is swap out your typical shadow for one with some extra sparkle. Instead of buying a whole new palette, make your own glitter eyeshadow with loose glitter and primer, glitter glue or a mixing medium. Coating your lids with a base will help the glitter last longer. A base also makes the glitter highly pigmented so that the colors really pop.

Glitter makeup isn’t limited to eyeshadow. There’s a glittery version of everything in your makeup bag! Take eyeliner for example. Swap the black cat eye for a shimmery liner packed with sparkles. Whether it’s pink, blue or yellow, you can find pretty much any hue under the sun. Rave makeup is your chance to try something totally out there!

To set yourself apart from the rest, glue on a pair of glitzy falsies. Much like eyeliner, black isn’t the only color available. Some false eyelashes are coated in glitter for rave babes who just can’t get enough of it. Other sets are lined with dainty rhinestones that reflect the light. Glitter can get everywhere, and that’s exactly why we love it!

Glitz Up the ‘Fit with Glitter

Glitter isn’t just in your makeup—it can become your entire ‘fit, too! Go topless and slap on a set of skin-safe stickers. Not only are they ultra-sparkly, body stickers are available in lots of shapes and neon colors. You can stick ‘em on your chest, neck, torso and boobs (don’t forget the nips!). Combining them together creates a sticker top that shows more skin than the skimpiest shirt.

Add some three-dimensional shine to your rave outfit with crystal body stickers. These iridescent crystals come pre-arranged on adhesive strips that are designed to accentuate your curves. Neva Nude makes intricate crystal patterns that can run along your collar bone, sternum or underneath the boobs. The crystal collection also features matching nipple pasties to keep you covered.

Complete your glitter top with even more glitter! A pot of loose sparkles is perfect for filling in the gaps between your body stickers. Help the glitter stick by using hair gel, petroleum jelly, aloe vera or even hand sanitizer. Pat the loose glitter into place with a paint or flat makeup brush to evenly distribute it and score full coverage.

body gems

Glitter Tips for Long-Lasting Wear

Now that you’ve picked out the perfect glittery look, you want to make sure it stays on all night. Follow these pro makeup tips to keep every single sparkle in the right spot:

  • Seal primer with setting spray: This step might sound pretty backwards. You’re supposed to end with setting spray, not start with it! Glitter will actually stay on much longer when you top off the primer with a few spritzes. Primer holds all your makeup in place, so you want it to last as long as possible. Setting spray seals in primer, which will keep you looking fresh faced into the wee hours of morning.
  • Bake yo’ face: Lots of rave babes like to dust translucent powder over their foundation to cut back on shine. The truth is, that light dusting will wear off within an hour! After putting on your foundation, pack on a heavy coat of translucent powder where your face gets extra oily. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then brush away the excess powder. Baking soaks up the oil to create a truly matte finish. An oil-free face helps glitter stick longer!
  • Lock in the glitter: Glitter makeup is a lot like doing your nails. You need both a base coat and a top coat. Lay down your adhesive of choice, then pack on the loose glitter. Finish with setting spray to lock everything in. Ravers make the mistake of applying glitter AFTER the setting spray. Glitter has to go on before the spray, otherwise it’ll flake off. Pro tip: use hairspray to seal body glitter!
  • Apply body stickers first: The step order for rave makeup is even more important when you’re dealing with sticker tops. Body stickers will only adhere to clean, oil-free skin that’s free from makeup residue. Hold off on the glitter until all body stickers and nipple pasties are in place. If you press nipple pasties onto glittery skin, you’ll end up with a wardrobe malfunction! Glitter should be the final step when you apply it to the body.

FAQs about Rave Glitter Tops

New to making glitter tops? We have all the answers you’ve been looking for.

First, figure out where you want to put it. There are no wrong answers here—body glitter can go pretty much anywhere! Lay down a skin-safe adhesive like petroleum jelly, aloe vera or hand sanitizer. Pat (don’t rub) the glitter with a flat makeup brush, then seal it in with hairspray.

With glitter tops, of course! Create your own clothes using body stickers and a pot of loose glitter. Arrange the body stickers any way you want across your neck, boobs and torso. Fill in the gaps between stickers with a generous amount of body glitter. You’ll stay covered without having to wear a shirt!

Start with clean, dry skin that’s free of oil and makeup. Dirt, sweat and glitter mess with adhesive and will make the body stickers fall off. Avoid this at all costs, especially when you’re wearing nipple pasties! Apply stickers first, then layer with glitter, rhinestones and makeup.

Yes, but only if you apply it the right way! Sticker tops at Neva Nude are sweat and waterproof for up to 12 hours. That gives you more than enough time to shake your booty at Coachella!

Where to Get the Glitter Essentials

Learning how to apply glitter tops will help them stay put ‘till sunrise. But you also have to make sure you’re using professional-grade rave products. If not, those body stickers could peel off before the party’s over! Dance your cares away when you wear Neva Nude glitter bombs, body stickers and nipple pasties. We’re the raver’s first pick for glitter tops that’ll let them party as long as they want. Neva Nude’s always got your back!

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