27 October 2022

Spooky Halloween Nipple Pasties to Level Up Your Outfit

Do you know what time it is? It’s spooky season, beeeeech!! Halloween is the only holiday when you get to wear whatever you freaking want. Last year’s outfit set the bar pretty high. Now, it’s time to see if you can step up your game. What’ll you be this year? A flirty fairy, sexy vampire or powerful superhero?

Whatever outfit you choose, it’s gotta have a pair of nipple pasties. But not just any nipple pasties—we’re talkin’ Halloween nipple pasties! Rave babes are gonna take the night by storm with pumpkins, skulls, crucifixes, bat wings and other Halloween-themed nipple covers. When else are you gonna wear a set of glittery ghosts on your ta-tas??? It’s now or never!

Complete your rave Halloween outfit with these sweet, sexy and spooky nipple pasties!

Halloween pasties

Cute ‘n’ Spooky Pumpkins

It’s not Halloween without a couple of Jack-o-lanterns! Get in the spooky spirit by cladding your boobs in a pair of pumpkin pasties. Some have glitter, and some have sequins. But they’re all hella cute! These bright orange beauties are blacklight reactive to help you illuminate the night. They’re just like real Jack-o-lanterns, except without the candles. You probs wouldn’t get past rave security with actual fire. Better wear these pumpkin pasties instead!

skull pasties

Neon Blacklight-Reactive Skulls

Who knew skulls could be creepy AND cute? Embrace the creepy cuteness of Halloween with a pair of skull pasties. We love these sugar skulls decked out in brightly-colored flowers, hearts and other festive designs. We’ve also got skulls covered in glitter, roses and mushrooms. It gets pretty wild up in here! Whether you wanna look sexy, edgy or spooky, you can’t go wrong with some skull pasties.

glow in the dark pasties

Glow in the Dark Skeleton Hands

Say “eff you” to all the haters with two big middle fingers on your boobs! These glow in the dark pasties are for the rave babes who want an outfit that’s totally savage. No one’s gonna mess with a rave babe who’s servin’ wicked looks and a couple of fierce skeleton hands. These aren’t the only skellies we’ve got, either. They’re also available in glittery and blacklight-reactive designs. Our skeleton pasties will help you say “f*** off” in every way possible!

black pasties

Bat S*** Crazy Bedazzled Wings

Going as sexy Bat Man this year? These bedazzled bat wings can pull your whole outfit together. The cute little bat shapes are covered in black gems to help your ta-tas sparkle beneath the strobe lights. After all, every rave outfit needs a little glam! Want glitter or sequins instead? We’ve got both! Our nipple cover pasties collection features several different bat designs so you can find the perfect pair for going absolutely batty on the dance floor!

black pasties

Black and White Glitter Ghosties

No tricks here—when you wear these ghost pasties, you’ll be lookin’ like a treat! These cute little fellas are coated in super sparkly black glitter that can stand out in the darkest of raves. The black glitter contrasts perfectly with white lettering that reads, “Trick or treat?” No need to wear a white sheet for Halloween. When onlookers catch a glimpse of your glitter pasties, they’ll know you’re one spooky beech!

nipple cover pasties

Glitzy ‘n’ Trippy Illuminati Pasties

The moon’s up, and the mood is right. Time to get freaky, bb! Open yo’ third eye with these mystical illuminati pasties. The black and white glitter is so sparkly, you’re sure to catch some admiring looks. Plus, black pasties go with pretty much any rave outfit. Wear ‘em with a harness, mesh top or all on their own. These bad boys don’t need any help drawing attention. Now get out there and enlighten your fellow rave goers to the power of the illuminati!

glitter pasties

Seductive Sequin Spider Webs

Looking for some Halloween outfit ideas? You can’t go wrong with these adorable spider webs! Whether you wanna look cute, sexy or spooky, these nipple covers look fabulous with nearly any rave Halloween outfit. The sparkly white sequins reflect light as you move, making these spider web pasties perfect for dropping it low on the dance floor. Sequins not your thing? Fear not, rave queen—we make these spider web pasties with glitter, too!

Halloween nipple covers

Blood ‘n’ Gore White X Pasties

These X pasties are drippin’ in blood! Your floral pasties were perfect for summer raves, but it’s time to switch over to something a bit more gruesome. Lay pretty pastels to rest and let these gory pasties rise from the dead! The white background really helps the blood splatters stand out. It’s our own twisted take on the classic X pasties. From zombies to axe murderers, these bloody X pasties go great with the scariest costumes!

nipple pasties

Out for Blood Vampire Fangs

When the sun goes down, all the ghosts, goblins and ghouls come out to play. Transform into the ultimate sexy vampire with these sparkly, deadly fangs! And of course, no vampire outfit is complete without a bold red lip. Throw in a dash of glitter, and you’ve got a pair of pasties no mortal can resist. Even Dracula is quaking in his boots!

glow in the dark pasties

Sinful Yet Sexy Crucifix Pasties

Let these glow in the dark crucifixes light your way! The nipple covers shine so brightly, you’ll deflect every demon who dares to cross your path (pun intended). This electrifying shade of blue will help the nipple covers stand out in any lighting, even at night. Prefer a more classic look? We offer this same design in black wet vinyl.

FAQs about Halloween Nipple Covers

Halloween is lurking right around the corner. Slap together the perfect rave outfit with help from our spooktacular Q&A!

Wear the sexiest costume you got! Whether you wanna be a devilish doctor or slutty soldier, make the outfit rave-worthy with a crop top, fishnets and a mini skirt. Don’t forget your Halloween pasties! Choose among pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons and more.

It’s simple—pick a pair of pasties that fits your aesthetic. Wanna feel like one powerful biotch? Complete that Wonder Woman outfit with some red and gold sequin pasties. Is blood and gore more your speed? Don some nipple pasties splattered with fake blood. The possibilities are endless!

Explore Neva Nude’s Halloween Collection

Like what you see? All the nipple pasties shown here are available in our exclusive Halloween collection. And there’s plenty more where that came from! Coffins, butcher knives, melty aliens and tons of other pasties are servin’ all the spooky vibes you need this season. The hardest part will be choosing just one pair. Better stock up for next year, too!

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