30 June 2022

The DL on TML: Tomorrowland 2022 Outfit Ideas

Pack your bags—the Tomorrowland festival is back! Rave queens have spent the last two summers rockin’ out to EDM artists on their TV screens. The digital shows were a blast, but the time has come to reunite with the Tomorrowland fam in one space. And this year, that space will be in Boom, Belgium!

You’ve booked the flights and reserved a spot in DreamVille. Now the question is: what the heck are you gonna wear??? Rave babes are flying to Tomorrowland from all over the world. Everyone’s got their own rave fashion, from Europe’s subdued looks to ‘Murica’s nipple-pasties-and-a-thong outfit. We’re here to help you discover what you vibe with the most!

Mix and match these trendy pieces to build the ultimate Tomorrowland outfit. We even included some essentials to keep the party going no matter what the weather throws at you. Let’s kick off Tomorrowland with a BOOM!

nipple pasties

Sexy Tops That Flaunt Your Stuff

First on our list is the crop top. Their flattering fit makes crop tops a staple in every rave babe’s wardrobe. This basic piece is available in endless colors, patterns and designs. We personally love crop tops that show a bit of side boob. Crop tops are great for festival outfits when you want to cover up or just keep things simple. Nothin’ wrong with that!

Think crop tops are a little too basic? Crank up the heat with a sexy bodysuit. You can pair a bodysuit with bottoms or wear the piece all on its own. Rave bodysuits look super fab with mini skirts, booty shorts and stockings. Solid colors will match anything, but if you want an attention-grabbing look, go for mesh with sparkly designs that cover up the boobs. We even make bodysuits with peeper cutouts to let your boobs fly free!

You don’t even need a shirt. Strut into Tomorrowland with a pair of nipple pasties! We’ve got every design imaginable—hearts, sexy X’s, crystals, even glow-in-the-dark alien heads! You can wear pasties by themselves, but they also look hella cute beneath mesh bodysuits and see-through bikini tops.

No matter what you wear on top, festival glitter makeup can elevate Tomorrowland outfits to the next level. You can slap glitter wherever you want, whether it’s around the eyes, down the legs or across your chest. Glitter glue works perfectly for the face while aloe gel, petroleum jelly and hand sanitizer make it stick elsewhere. Grab a pot of body glitter and go to town!

rave bodysuits

Bootylicious Bottoms for a Boomin’ Outfit

Now we’ve gotta pick out some bottoms. You can never go wrong with a pair of booty shorts. They’ll help you keep cool in the Belgium heat and show off those sexy legs! The more skin you bare, the more real estate you’ve got for glitter, body stickers and fake tattoos (or real ones—there’s a tattoo parlor in DreamVille). Bonus points if the booty shorts are metallic!

Nothing breathes better in the heat than a skirt (skrrt skrrt!). We’ve seen everything from itty bitty mini skirts to long, flowy silk skirts. Long skirts don’t have to be modest, either! Look for a breezy chiffon skirt with leg slits that go all the way up to your hips. Now that’s sexy!

When the sun goes down, you might wanna change into fleece-lined joggers. Belgium can get pretty chilly at night, even after sweating your butt off all day long. Leave your everyday joggers at home—Tomorrowland is your chance to get loud with neon hues. Hot pink, lime green and icy blue will stand out in the dark. Go bold or go home, bb!

Want an ultra-sexy look? Pair your bottoms of choice with leg wraps or fishnet stockings. These festival accessories work best with mini skirts, booty shorts and bikini bottoms. Leg wraps and fishnet stockings can take an EDM festival outfit from “meh” to out of this world. If you’re gonna bare those legs, you might as well decorate ‘em!

Must-Haves to Conquer Tomorrowland

There are a couple things to think about while planning your outfit for the Tomorrowland festival. For starters, it’s gonna be hella toasty! Festival goers will be partying all day long in the Belgium heat. That means you’ll need to drink tons of water to replace all that sweat. Refuel your body with a hydration backpack! These packs are allowed on festival grounds, and you can find a slim design decked out with funky colors.

Second thing: comfy shoes are a MUST. Don’t you dare roll into Tomorrowland wearing sandals or high heels! The festival involves tons of walking, which means you’ll rack up those steps real fast. But sensible shoes can still be cute! Finish your outfit with shoes made for walking long distances like sneakers or combat boots. These picks will also protect your feet in case someone steps on them during a concert.

When you’re in Tomorrowland, you have to be prepared for anything. You never know when it’ll start down pouring (it’s happened before). It’s always a good idea to pack a rain jacket in case Mother Nature decides to be a biotch. Still wanna show off your festival outfit? Opt for a clear rain poncho to stay dry AND stylish. Leave the umbrella behind—your fellow party goers will get miffed if they can’t see the stage!

FAQs about the Tomorrowland Festival

You asked, and we answered. Here’s what you need to know about Tomorrowland 2022.

Wear anything that’ll let your body breathe! Belgium gets hot in the summer, so now’s the time to break out those nipple pasties and booty shorts. Want something a bit more modest? Cover up while staying cool with a crop top and breezy skirt. Pack a light jacket and cozy joggers for when the temps drop at night.

Bring comfy shoes! You have to walk everywhere, and sandals just won’t cut it. Also, hydration packs are key. They carry water on your back so you don’t have to hold a bottle all day. Speaking of water, it might rain in Tomorrowland. Definitely bring a poncho!

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The Tomorrowland festival is coming up soon. You need to find a killer outfit fast. Neva fear—we’ve got you covered! Our collections are filled with everything you need to piece together the perfect EDM festival outfit. Here you’ll find body glitter, nipple pasties, crop tops, even joggers for those chilly Belgium nights. Get ready to look boomin’ for Tomorrowland!

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