3 November 2022

What to Wear to a Winter Rave

Imagine the typical rave outfit. You’re probably thinking of nipple pasties, booty shorts and a crop top. These staples definitely belong in every rave babe’s closet. Rave clothing is all about flaunting that birthday suit! The goal is to wear as little as possible . . . in the summer, at least. But what about winter?

We’ve got news for you, hunty. Not all raves take place in the summer. Plenty of DJs come out to play in the dead of winter. You’re not gonna wanna bare it all when there’s literally snow on the ground. The temps get so nippy, you could freeze your nips right off!

This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for warmth. Winter apparel is as wild and sexy as your go-to summer wardrobe. The only difference? It’ll keep you toasty even on the coldest nights! Get ready for the season’s lineup with these winter rave outfits.

rave jackets

Bundle Up in These Rave-Worthy Coats

Can’t say good-bye to that bikini top? You can make any outfit appropriate for winter by adding a rave jacket to it. Slip into an oversized fur coat and boom! You’ve got yourself an instant winter rave outfit. Pick a coat with snowy white fur, or go crazy with neon colors and patterns. All we ask is that it’s faux fur. Animal cruelty ain’t cute!

Fur coats are perfect for winter, but they’re not your only option. For maximum warmth, top off your festival outfit with a puffer jacket. The great thing about puffer jackets is you can zip ‘em up on those chilly nights. And if you work up a sweat, you get to unzip the jacket and show off your nipple pasties! Make the jacket totally rave-worthy by going for a cropped puffer with metallic fabric.

If it’s early in the season, a full-on winter coat might be too much. A cropped hoodie can keep you just warm enough without overheating. Layers are a must in the winter, especially since you’ll be dancing up a storm. Wear something underneath the hoodie like nipple pasties or a bikini top. That way, you can take off your hoodie without flashing everyone!

Stay Warm (and Sexy) in Long Pants

Who says you can’t wear sweatpants to a rave??? Our rave sweatpants were born for the dance floor! They’re available in a range of fluorescent pinks, yellows and blues. Plus, the cozy fleece fabric can keep you warm no matter how cold it gets outside. Did we mention they have pockets? Bet your bikini bottoms don’t have that!

Okay, you can wear bikini bottoms in the winter. But only if you wear ‘em with chaps! Chaps are great for cold weather rave outfits because they keep your legs warm while revealing all the sexy parts. If anything, chaps will draw even more attention to that tasty peach! Go for a baggy pair with reflective detailing to achieve that cool, laidback look.

Want a more form-fitting outfit? Take it back to the 70’s with bell bottoms! Seriously, bell bottoms are totally in right now. They hug all your curves then flare out at your feet. Bell bottoms are flattering on every rave babe who wears ‘em. You can stay covered AND look hella sexy! These pants are available in trippy colors and patterns that’ll fit right in at raves.

rave boots

Slip On Cozy Socks and Winter Boots

Tryna put together a warm winter rave outfit? Then you’ll definitely need a pair of rave boots! That fur coat we mentioned earlier would look perfect with some super fluffy fur boots (faux fur, of course). Fur boots often come up to the knees, so you’re sure to stay toasty on a cold winter night. The warmest rave outfit ideas have tons of faux fur!

Let’s face it—winter weather can get kinda crappy. There’s a good chance it’ll rain, and if it does, the festival grounds will be covered in puddles. You don’t wanna walk around all day with soggy sneakers! Keep your feet high and dry with lace-up platform shoes. They have thick soles to prevent your feet from getting wet, even if you accidentally step in a puddle.

If you’re gonna wear close-toed shoes, you obvs need rave socks to go with ‘em! What are rave socks, you might ask? They’re like normal socks except even better! Rave socks come in wild prints like dinos, ‘shrooms, rainbows and more. You could even pair some thigh highs with bikini bottoms if you really wanna show off that booty. At least your legs will stay warm!

Complete the Look with These Accessories

Time for accessories, bb!! Winter is your chance to play with accessories you can’t wear any other time of year. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Cuz we’re thinking about furry animal hoods! You know, the ones with wolf ears and pockets for your paws (er, hands). Find a fur hood that’s painted with neon hues to let your spirit animal shine!

Need extra layers to stay warm? The most comfortable rave outfits almost always come with a pashmina. These are basically shawls you can wear in a variety of ways. Wrap it around your shoulders, wear it like a scarf or give it to someone who looks chilly! After all, winter is the season of giving.

FAQs about Winter Rave Outfits

New to winter raves? Read our Q&A for ideas on what to wear!

Wear whatever will keep you warm! It’s always a good idea to layer your outfit in case things heat up on the dance floor (which they will). Think hoodies, socks and joggers, except with reflective materials and more color!

You’ll probs wanna wear long clothing. But that doesn’t mean you have to completely cover up! Keep things sexy by topping your outfit with a super cropped puffer jacket. Or you can wear bikini bottoms with reflective chaps!

Definitely bring a jacket. Even if the festival is indoors, you’ll need something to keep you warm for the walk to and from your car. Indoor winter festivals usually offer a coat check so you don’t have to hold a bulky puffer all night!

Faux fur is your BFF! Achieve that cozy yet sexy look with a fur coat, fur boots and a fur animal hood. You can get faux fur in tons of neon colors, and it’s a great statement piece that works best during the winter.

Heat Up the Party with Neva Nude

Winter rave outfits aren’t just about jackets, faux fur and long pants. It might be cold outside, but you can still express your creativity! Swing by Neva Nude’s online store for nipple pasties, body glitter, loose pigment and face crystals. We even have cozy fleece joggers and adorable soxi woxies. We’ll help you create a look that’s so fire, all the snow will melt around you!

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