6 September 2021

What to Wear Under a Sheer Top

The fashion industry is servin’ up some seriously awesome looks with its latest star of the show—sheer tops. Add the word “sheer” to any clothing item, and it becomes an instant win! And the best part? You can adjust this trend to suit your comfort level, from somewhat translucent to totally see through.

Unfortunately, we don’t see enough mesh tops out on the streets! People shy away from them, believing sheer fabric is reserved for runway models and the most daring fashionistas. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Sheer was designed for everyone to wear, and they should! A little bit of outfit inspo is all you need to rock a sheer top with confidence.

Here are some of our fave mesh top outfit ideas that anyone can wear!

Pieces with a Bit More Coverage

Ease into the sheer trend by layering with pieces that’ll keep you covered. For some revealing sheer pieces, coverage is an absolute must. Ever wander into a high-end store and find a dress that’s see-through from head to toe? What do you even wear with that???

We’ve got the solution: lining dresses. They were practically made for sheer dresses! Throw on a slip, then top with that dress you found at the store. Choose a slip that’s the same color as the mesh, or go bold with a completely different color. This look tones down the risqué factor of sheer clothing and makes it appropriate for dinner dates and formal occasions.

Bodysuits have also hit the scene and aren’t going away anytime soon. Show up to the party wearing a sheer bodysuit layered over a simple tank top. Similar to a slip, tank tops add just the right amount of coverage to a sheer top outfit. The tank top and bodysuit combo is easy to pull off since tank tops are a staple in every closet. Wear a skin-toned tank so the sheer top can take center stage.

A mesh top isn’t always about what you wear underneath—it’s about what you wear over it, too! Finish the look with a breezy cardigan, sleek blazer or leather jacket. The sky’s the limit with how you can top off sheer fabric. Throwing on a jacket is the most effortless way to show a peep of skin while keeping it classy.

Bras That Are Meant to Be Seen

The purpose of a mesh top is to show off what you’ve got going on underneath it. Sure, you could wear a plain old beige bra, but where’s the fun in that? Flaunt your stuff on the dance floor with mesh material that reveals your sexiest, laciest bralette! Or contrast basic black mesh with a pop of neon. Sheer tops are the perfect opportunity to turn what’s usually hidden beneath clothing into a statement piece.

Mesh tops and bandeau bras are a match made in fashion heaven! Bandeau bras usually come in lacy patterns and fun colors, so it would be a shame to cover them up with a fully opaque T-shirt. This outfit idea gives onlookers a sneak peek at your rockin’ bod while keeping the important parts covered up.

And who says lingerie has to stay in the bedroom?! You can wear whatever your heart desires when it’s layered with a mesh bodysuit! Sport a thinly veiled bra and panty set so admirers can get a taste of what you’re serving up. We personally love revealing cutouts and plunging necklines. (Pro tip: the more straps, the better.)

model in sheer top with pasties

Party Hard with a Pair of Pasties

Sometimes you wanna reveal it all—and sheer tops are perfect for doing just that!…But you also don’t want to get in trouble for public indecency. That’s why dare devils should always pair mesh fabric with a pair of nipple pasties. They’ll let you get away with wearing as little as possible so everyone can see how sexy you are.

There’s a pair of pasties for every taste. If you’re new to the world of nipple coverings, keep it simple. A classic set of black heart-shaped nipple pasties is guaranteed to match any outfit. Black goes with everything, and the subtle hint of glitter is just enough to grab people’s attention!

Maybe boldness is more your speed. Mesmerize all who gaze upon you with nipple pasties that feature a holographic spiral. Pasties with this reflective sheen show right through mesh tops, which makes them essential for a wild night out.

You need an outfit that’s gonna pop beneath those blacklights. Show up to the rave wearing nipple pasties that glow in the dark and feature wacky shapes like psychedelic shrooms. They’re a must for adding some interest to a basic sheer top!

You could also plan a whole themed outfit around nipple pasties. Embrace your inner sexy superhero with Captain America shields, or don a couple of sequin seashells to prove you’re the most desirable mermaid in the ocean. Whatever you choose, make it uniquely you!

Sheer Top FAQs

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. Here’s the lowdown on how to rock a sheer top.

You’ve got plenty of options! For a more modest look, we recommend layering with a neutral tank, then topping with a super-cool jacket. Alternatively, sheer tops are the perfect chance to show off a lacy bralette. Or skip modesty altogether and wear nothing underneath except for a pair of nipple pasties!

You could simply tuck a sheer top into the waistband and call it a day. However, we think the best way to wear mesh with jeans is by getting a bodysuit. It’ll hug your curves and keep you looking sleek all night long!

Pair a sheer bodysuit with whatever makes you feel the most confident. Everyone can tailor mesh to their own comfort level, whether that’s covering up with a nude second skin or putting it all on display with the smallest pasties possible. You can show as much or little as you want!

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