12 January 2023

10 Ways to Rock Pasties at Coachella

The countdown’s begun! Coachella is right around the corner, and our brains are buzzing with all sorts of outfit ideas. It’s one of the biggest festivals of the year. It’s also one of the few chances to let your inner hippy shine. Coachella outfits are dominated by fringe jackets, floral flares and flower crowns (so many flower crowns).

What about nipple pasties? Have you thought about adding those? Well, you should! It doesn’t matter which festival you go to. Pasties have a place at every party! No need to hide ‘em—let nipple pasties become the statement piece of your Coachella outfit. Top it off with some killer festival makeup, and you’re ready to dance the day away!

Not sure how to rock nipple pasties? No problem—we’ve created a different outfit for every day of Coachella! Check out these 10 ways to wear nipple pasties with your Coachella outfits.

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Coachella Cowgirl

You know what Coachella is for? Wearing some kick a** cowgirl boots, of course! Pick out a white pair, then add some denim cut-offs and a crochet white crop top. Nipple covers work perfectly with crochet tops cuz they’ll peek through the fabric. Great for the gals who love a cheeky surprise without showing too much skin!

Maxed Out on Florals

Coachella is all about the boho vibes. And florals just SCREAM boho! Wear a floral maxi skirt to achieve that cool, effortless look. We recommend chiffon so that your body can breathe in that SoCal heat. Since this skirt is the statement piece, pair it with something simple like a mesh black top. The mesh fabric will show off your nipple pasties! Throw on some chunky sandals, and you’re good to go.

The Kimono Cutie

Wanna look breezy? There’s nothing breezier than a floral kimono cardigan! Wear it without a shirt so those festival pasties shine for all to see. A kimono will let your pasties take center stage while keeping you sheltered from the sun. As for the bottoms? We love a basic pair of black, high-waisted flares. Finish the look with some high-top sneaks!

Flared ‘n’ Fringy 70s Vibes

We’re takin’ it back to the 70s, bb! This Coachella outfit features the iconic fringe suede jacket. No shirt necessary. All you need is—yup, you guessed it—a pair of nipple pasties. Add some blue jeans (flared or not flared) and the cutest ankle booties you can find. Extra style points if they’re suede, too!

Fringe Meets Sexy Cut-Offs

Sticking with the fringe theme, at least one outfit’s gotta have a fringe white vest. It’s perfect for gals who wanna wear nipple stickers while staying a little covered up. Pair the fringe vest with matching white cut-off shorts. Top off the outfit with a belt and tan platform sandals. They’ll support your feet a lot better than regular sandals!

Bra and Mini Skirt Combo

If you wanna show some skin, pick a festival outfit that features a rave bra and a flowy, twirl-y mini skirt. At Coachella, your bra totally counts as a shirt! Make it mesh so the pasties peek through. Choose pasties with a fun and flirty design, like glitter, lace or crystals. Finish the look with lace-up sneaks or chunky black sandals.

Rockin’ the Gingham Button-Down

Nothing says effortless like a gingham shirt tied around your waist! You could even swap gingham for denim if that’s more your speed. Whichever one you choose, you’re sure to give off totally laidback Coachella vibes. Complete the ensemble with a tan belt, some sneaks and a sheer white tank tucked into matching denim shorts. The sheer material will give onlookers a subtle peek at those adorable nipple pasties.

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Floral Flares with a Bodysuit

Bodysuits are a great go-to for any festival. And Coachella is no different! Pair your bodysuit of choice with high-waisted flares in a floral print. For the bodysuit, stick with a solid black or white color so there aren’t too many patterns going on. Let those cute nipple covers show through by choosing a mesh or sexy lace-up bodysuit. Top off the look with some cool sneaks!

Showing Skin with a Sheer Dress

Got a cute matching set? Show it off with a sheer dress! We love pairing nipple pasties with cheeky shorts under a sheer ‘n’ slouchy T-shirt dress. This outfit is perfect for gals who’re going for that “you can see everything but I’m still fully clothed” look. Make the dress Coachella chic by choosing one with nude tones and embroidered floral patterns. Don’t forget to throw on some ankle booties!

Mesmerized by the Tie-Dye

Flares, florals and fringe aren’t the only trends you’ll see at Coachella. Tons of festival goers will be rockin’ the tie-dye look! Pair a mesh top or bodysuit with flowy tie-dye shorts. Tie-dye also looks great on a maxi skirt, and if you choose a breathable material, you’ll stay plenty cool out on the festival grounds. Wear with sneaks, chunky sandals or ankle booties. And of course, you’ll need some nipple pasties—your new fav festival accessories!

FAQs about Coachella Outfits

First time to Coachella? Neva fear—our Coachella Q&A is here!

Gals usually go for the bohemian babe aesthetic. But the important thing is to wear whatever makes you comfortable. You gotta feel good in your own skin! Plus, you’re gonna be livin’ it up under the sun all week. Comfort HAS to be your top priority. We recommend a skirt with nipple pasties—something that’s roomy, breathable and moves with you.

Leave the heels at home, bb! Same goes with flip flops. There’s a TON of walking at Coachella, and your feet won’t make it with those killer red pumps. Go easy on the makeup, too. You want it to be simple and natural-looking, almost like you’re not wearing any makeup at all. Save those neon eyeshadows for EDC!

Sort of. Coachella is all about those boho chic vibes! We’re talking florals, fringe, wide-brimmed hats, you get the idea. Basically, you wanna achieve that cool, breezy look. Keep it simple with a black or white top, then score major style points with denim cut-offs or a floral maxi skirt. And don’t forget your sunnies!

Wear shoes that’ll keep your feet comfy. At Coachella, there’s a loooooot of ground to cover! Coachella queens typically go for cowgirl boots, sneaks, high tops or ankle booties. You can wear sandals, too, but only if they’ve got chunky soles that support your feet. Flip flops aren’t gonna cut it!

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