26 June 2020

6 of the Coolest Face Masks to Wear Right Now


Sadly, we’re still not through with the pandemic, and public safety is top of mind for most of us right now. Tons of cities have mandated face masks in public to help you keep your cooties to yourself at the store, but even if it’s not required, wearing a facial covering is still a good idea.

If you’re heading out for some necessities (or for some Oreos and wine coolers, whatever!), you gotta strap on that mask to keep everyone safe… so why not do it in style? OBVS, nobody wants to wear a boring or uncomfortable mask. That’s why we launched our line of super-cute and ultra-comfy dust masks and mask accessories for you to stay safe and look awesome doin’ it!

Need a new mask (or a few)? Check out our top six picks for cool face masks!


pink face mask

Ballet Sorbet Pearl White Pink Sequin Sparkle Face Mask

She is beauty, she is grace, she rocks shiny sequins on her face! If you’re looking for a mask with just a little bit of extra flair, this one’s the perfect choice. Our Ballet Sorbet Pearl White Pink Sequin Sparkle Face Mask looks just like a standard mask, only it’s completely covered in iridescent white sequins that add an adorable pop of color to your look.

The baby pink trim is made of stretchy elastic that fits over your mouth, nose and chin for the perfect fit. And don’t even think this face mask is itchy or uncomfortable. The back is lined with breathable cotton that’s soft on your face! If you want to fly under the radar for a while, you can even flip it around to show the plain black fabric, then BAM, reverse it again to unleash your sparkle.

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pink and black face mask

Girl Crush Neon UV Pink Face Mask

Bring your childhood dreams to life, Lisa Frank style, in our totes adorbs Girl Crush Neon UV Pink Face Mask. This black face mask with hot pink elastic trim is star-studded and coated in all the rainbow dreams your 10-year-old self admired.

The best part is this cool face mask is BLACKLIGHT REACTIVE, meaning your face will literally glow under UV lights. You won’t want to wait to strap in for this radical ride!

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$$$ Honey Rose Gold Pink Mesh Jewel Face Mask with Adjustable Loops

Did someone say royalty? Our $$$ Honey Rose Gold Pink Mesh Jewel Face Mask is literally dripping with jewels and fit for a queen! This mask is made of loose metal mesh coated in rose gold gems that are sparkly AF.

Unlike some of our other dust masks, this mask is a better accessory than a germ-catcher. However, you can totally strap this bad boy on over a plain filtered mask to bling it out! The mesh is super light and breathable, so you stay cool in every sense of the word.

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F*ck Off Holographic Black Face Mask

Need to send a strong message to some personal space-invaders who don’t seem to understand what 6 feet is? Our F*ck Off Holographic Black Face Mask is sure to do the trick! It’s simple, sleek and comfortable, with an all-black base and bold holo lettering.

If you need to go into “family-friendly” mode for a bit, just flip the mask around to show the plain backside. Strap in and let your face mask do the talkin’!

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Greed Silver Chrome Stud Face Masks with Filter Pocket

Some of y’all are extra AF (and that’s okay—we are too!). If you want a mask that really makes a statement, our ultra-bold Greed Silver Chrome Stud Face Masks are the way to go. The black base is anything but simple thanks to TONS of silver studs that are sexier than sin.

This mask also has a built-in filter pocket to let you feel even more secure in public AND a wire bridge nose to keep it in place all day and all night. Skip the sickness and rock your badassery now and in festival season.

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MEOW-ZA Neon UV Pink Face Mask

MEOWZA, sex kitten, you’re looking good! Our MEOW-ZA Neon UV Pink Face Mask lets you rock some kitty whiskers coated in UV-reactive, neon pink glitter and look PAWS-itively adorable. It’s ‘effin cute and simple enough to wear to the store, to brunch or wherever you need to go!

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Safe is sexy, BBs!

All our masks are made to be breathable, comfy and cute as ever, no matter which style you choose. Whether you’re wearing it for safety or as an adorable accessory, pick a mask that suits your style and make the world a safer, sparklier and sexier place! Stay well, BBs. XOXO


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