6 June 2022

Body Jewels Tutorial: 5 Designs for this Festival Season

Last year’s festival season was a blast. You and the besties danced all summer in those sexy ‘fits dripping with rhinestones, sequins and glitter galore. Remember the festival makeup? That was no small feat, bb! You spent hours in front of the mirror locking in every sparkle for a look that slayed on the dance floor. All that hard work paid off!

But that was last year. Time to set your gaze on the festival season that lies ahead. For this year’s lineup, you’ll need a show-stopping makeup look that’s even better than the last. Jewels are cute around the eyes, but if you really wanna turn some heads, you have to go a step farther. Makeup isn’t just for the face—you can (and should) decorate the rest of your body!

Looking for some inspo? Check out these body jewel designs to make this festival season the best one yet.

body stickers

This Season’s Top Body Jewel Designs

You’re a pro at applying festival accessories to the face. Now it’s time to switch things up. Body makeup totally changes the game! Choose one (or all) of these glitzy designs to complement your rave ‘fit:

  1. Bedazzled collarbone: If you’re new to body jewels, start off simple with a few well-placed gems across the collarbone. The exact design is up to you, whether that’s flowers, stars, hearts or loose gems scattered like a galaxy! Highlight the length of your collarbone by extending these gems onto your shoulders. Finish the look with individual rhinestones that cascade down both arms. Now that’s hella glam!
  2. Gems on the chest: Want an easy look? Place gems in the center of your chest to unleash your inner glow! We personally love adding one giant, jewel-studded body sticker that serves as a statement piece. You can fill the space around it with smaller stickers or loose body jewels. Decorate the rest of your midriff with bedazzled body stickers under the boobs or running down to your belly button.
  3. Glitzy hips and thighs: You know why they invented booty shorts? To show off your sexy curves! Body jewels are the ultimate rave accessories for bare legs. Pair those skimpy shorts with swirly designs that run up your thighs. Top the gems with some silvery, glittery festival makeup. The body’s a canvas—use what yo’ mama gave you!
  4. Booty covered in diamonds: That cheeky thong is SCREAMING for festival body jewels! You can put rhinestones literally anywhere (even your butt). The glitter booty is the latest craze this year. At every festival, there’ll be glitter booties left and right. A bedazzled behind is one bold way to draw attention to that juicy peach!
  5. Jewels all over the boobs: Who needs a shirt when you can wear body crystals??? Cover those nips with a pair of crystal pasties to liberate your boobs from the confines of clothing! Complete the look with a dusting of loose glitter and body paint in metallic hues. Body jewels will hug your curves better than a skin-tight crop top!
festival body jewels

Applying Body Makeup from Start to Finish

Picked out a design? Fabulous! Let’s go over how to apply body jewels. No matter which look you’re going for, we’ll help you apply gems that stay put all day long. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create this season’s top body jewel designs:

  • Start with a clean canvas: Rhinestones stick best to clean skin. Hop in the shower to get rid of sweat and grime, then completely towel off before applying the jewels. Skip heavy lotions and oil-based products, as these prevent gems from adhering to the skin.
  • Find the right placement: Don’t go sticking gems in random spots! You gotta have a game plan before decorating that hot bod with festival jewels. Map out the exact placement of each crystal for a design that’s on pointe. Use an eyebrow pencil to lightly trace outlines or draw a dot where you want each gem to go.
  • Choose your adhesive: Eyelash glue is great for sticking gems to the face. But for the body, you’ll need something a little more heavy-duty than that. Stop by your local makeup store for a pot of spirit gum or Pros-Aide adhesive. Dab a tiny amount onto the gem with a cotton swab, then press it firmly onto the skin for a few seconds. If you’re using self-adhesive body stickers, just slap ‘em right on!

FAQs about How to Wear Body Jewels

Read our answers to the internet’s most pressing body jewel questions.

Body jewels can go anywhere you want (event the booty)! Place these gems in spots that highlight your fav assets. This year’s festival season features looks along the boobs, butt, chest and thighs.

You’re gonna need some heavy-duty adhesive for this! We recommend spirit gum or Pros-Aide since these products are safe for the skin. Dab a smidge onto the back of each crystal before pressing them into place.

Only if you put ‘em on the right way! Start with clean, dry skin that’s free of heavy lotions and oil-based products. Sweat, grease and oil weaken adhesive, as do loose glitter and pigments. Save those steps for last!

Loose jewels are good for a few uses. Simply clean off the residue with baby oil and let the gems air dry. Body stickers are disposable, so make sure you place them correctly the first time!

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