18 May 2022

Fierce Festival Face Jewel Ideas

The temps are heating up. You know what that means—hot girl summer is here, bb! Time to bust out the ultra-glittery eyeshadow palettes that have lived at the back of your makeup drawer since last year’s festival season. But festival makeup isn’t all about pots of pixie dust. We’ve got some ideas that’ll crank up the sexiness on your go-to rave look.

Yep, you guessed it. We’re talking about festival face jewels! They can seem intimidating at first, but don’t let that stop you. Face jewels are the perf way to bring your makeup to the next level. We don’t give an eff if you’re a beginner or professional makeup artist. Face gems are for all rave babes regardless of their skill level! That’s the truth right there.

Check out these festival face jewel ideas for a rockin’ summer full of booty-shaking fun. Hold onto your makeup brushes—things are about to get cray-cray!

stick-on body jewels

Dainty Details for a Minimalist Look

Nobody said you have to cover your whole face in gems! If you’re new to face crystals, we recommend starting off simple. A few well-placed gems are all you need to achieve high-level glam. For this minimalist look, apply two cute little star jewels along the lower lash line and outer corner of the eye. They add a new layer of dimension to your makeup with practically zero effort. These dainty details do some serious heavy lifting!

Frame your gorgeous gaze even more by lining jewels along the arch of your eyebrow. We personally love to use circular and oval-shaped jewels because they have a softer look. Place larger gems at the highest point of your arch, then arrange smaller ones on either side. Highlight those sexy eyebrow curves, hunny!

Wanna make this look even more easy breezy? Pick up a packet of face stickers, and apply them to your face in seconds! They come with adhesive strips on the back, so you never have to deal with goopy glitter glue and a mess to clean up afterwards. Face stickers are great for newbies and have a more polished finish than loose gems.

Winged Gems That Frame the Eyes

A set of wings made from face gems will help you fly sky high! This festival makeup look is hella bold with its two feathery wings that sit right above your eyebrows. These wings look the most striking when all the face jewels point in the same direction. Choose gems with an elongated diamond shape to make the wings look extra sharp and dynamic. Crystal wings are so fierce, it’ll look like you could take flight at any moment!

To balance out this look, apply face jewels in a crescent shape along the lower lash lines. Accentuating both the top and bottom curves of your eyes will prevent the wings from looking top heavy. You can make all the gems one color or apply contrasting hues for each eye. Bonus tip: extend the wings by blending loose glitter around the jewels and into your hairline. Use the wings’ strong lines as a guide to prevent the glitter from looking too dispersed.

face crystals

Tiara with Iridescent Teardrops

Crown yourself the rave queen with a bedazzled tiara! We don’t mean the ones that sit on your head (unless that’s the vibe you’re going for). You can arrange loose gems in elegant designs across your forehead to create a tiara that unleashes your inner princess. Take some inspo from your fav characters for a touch of magic in your festival makeup. Are you more like Cinderella, Wonder Woman or Sailor Moon? You can make tiaras for them all with face jewels!

We always like to incorporate lower details to fully frame the eyes. Apply a single teardrop crystal below each eye to complement your gorgeous tiara design. This drippy look adds a bit of extra sparkle without pulling attention away from the tiara. You can glue on loose gems with a skin-safe mixing medium or purchase teardrop-shaped face stickers. Whatever works for you!

Okay, so tiaras aren’t the easiest things to make from scratch. Or maybe you’re not super artsy and just want someone to design the tiara for you. Don’t worry, Neva Nude’s got you covered! We offer various tiara designs to suit every rave babe’s taste. The best part about our tiaras is they come pre-arranged on an adhesive strip. Our face stickers let you apply a crystal tiara in one piece!

Sexy Masquerade Rave Mask

Who would’ve thought masquerade masks make great rave accessories? Festival jewels can transform these sexy masks into a shining spotlight for your rave makeup look. Embrace the mystery of a masquerade by arranging face gems across your temples, nose and eyes in a mask shape. Stick with one color like silver or black to help the mask look like one unified piece.

Worried that’ll take too long? Skip the hours of staring into your bathroom mirror by applying a masquerade face sticker. Neva Nude can give you complex jewel designs on a single adhesive strip that perfectly fits across your face. Simply peel the sticker and slap it on. No creativity required!

FAQs about Applying Face Jewels

No experience? No problem. Our face jewel FAQ will turn you into a pro.

Face jewels are meant to let your creativity run wild. There’s no wrong answer—cover your whole face in gems if you want! You could also use face jewels to highlight your fav assets. We recommend arranging crystals around the eyes to draw people into your alluring gaze!

Don’t go anywhere near that arts and crafts glue! If you’re working with loose gems, go for a skin-safe adhesive like eyelash glue, spirit gum or a mixing medium. Face stickers come with a hypoallergenic, self-adhesive backing that allows for easy, mess-free application.

You sure can! In fact, we highly recommend it. Eyelash glue is available at most drug stores, making it the most popular method for applying loose face jewels. It’s definitely a lot safer than Elmer’s glue!

Absolutely. Not only are face jewels safe around the eyes, that’s our fav spot to put them! Place a couple on the outer corners, or create bold wings above the eyebrows. You could frame the eyes with crescent shapes or completely cover them for a sexy masquerade look. You do you, boo!

It depends on what type of adhesive they need. Face stickers have a self-adhesive backing that’s good for one use. But you can wear loose gems as many times as you want! Remove them from your face, then clean the back with baby oil. Let the gems air dry, and they’re good to go for the next festival!

Discover Your Next Look at Neva Nude

You can recreate any of the face jewel ideas mentioned here with Neva Nude’s rhinestone collection. Our loose gems and face stickers are must-have festival accessories for rave babes who want to stand out from the crowd. A festival is no place for everyday makeup! Rock those face jewels for a look everyone will remember.

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