15 February 2022

How to Level Up Your Makeup with Glitter

Glitter intimidates aspiring beauty gurus. They assume it’s a bold fashion statement reserved for Halloween costumes and Coachella. A bit of extra sparkle is perfect for these occasions, but the wearer can make glitter as striking or subtle as they want. Chunky sequins can add the finishing touches to that sexy mermaid ‘fit. On the flip side, a swipe of nude shimmer can glitz up your everyday makeup!

We’ve compiled our fav glitter makeup looks you’ll absolutely fall in love with. These looks are so bomb, they’ll convert anyone into a glitter fanatic. After gleaning some inspo, you’ll be dying to get your hands on a pot of pixie dust! Don’t worry—we’ll follow up with application tips for first timers.

Grab some glitter and get started!

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Glitter Looks Straight Off the Runway

Glitter brows are so in right now. We don’t mean eyebrows caked in glitter (unless that’s your jam). Add a little spice to minimalist makeup by combing iridescent sparkles through your brows. A couple swipes with a spoolie can elevate everyday looks without overdoing it.

This next glitter makeup idea takes glitter brows up a notch. Accentuate the arch of your brow by lining it with glitter. We personally recommend placing glitter beneath the eyebrow, right where it meets your brow bone. To achieve clean lines, glue individual rhinestones or simply trace the brow arch with a glitter eyeliner.

The reason many people don’t like glitter is because it gets everywhere. We say embrace the chaos! Forget clean lines altogether and make glitter fallout look like you put it there on purpose. All you have to do is pack glitter onto your lids, then buff it outwards to the temple and upper cheek bone. The soft gradient creates stunning glitter fireworks!

Let’s not forget about the hair. That’s right—you can put face glitter in your locks, too! We’re obsessed with glitter roots, which are great for gals who haven’t touched them up in a while. Coat your part with hair gel, then dab on some loose glitter with a flat makeup brush. Or you could apply it mid-length downwards for a chill ombre look. Mix some glitter with hair gel, then run it through with your hands. Remember to set with hairspray!

DIY Glitter Makeup Hacks

Avoid paying the big bucks for shimmery products by mixing body glitter with staples already in your makeup bag. DIY those glitter brows we mentioned earlier with loose glitter, hairspray and a clean makeup pot. Combine both ingredients in the pot, then brush the mixture through your brows with a spoolie. Bam! Instant glitter brows.

Chunky sparkles not your thing? Give your makeup a shimmery, dewy finish by adding highlighter to your setting spray. Pick your fav highlighter, and dump in however much or little you want. Shake up the bottle, then spritz it all over your makeup. That’s all there is to it!

Glitter makeup isn’t just for the face. Mix a fine powder with your all-time fav body oil to glow from head to toe. The steps are really easy—fill a travel-sized shampoo bottle with your body oil of choice. Pour in the shimmery glitter, adding it little by little until you’re satisfied with the level of shine. Give it a good shake, then apply the body oil how you normally would.

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Application Tips for a Flawless Finish

New to the glitzy, glamorous world of glitter? We got you! Below are the ultimate beauty hacks to help you create flawless rave glitter makeup:

  • Test the glitter on your skin: Don’t go nuts with the glitter right away. Before covering your whole body with it, apply the glitter to a small patch of skin. Wait a while to see how your skin reacts (if at all). If the area gets red and irritated, swap out the glitter for a different kind. Complete this step well in advance so you’re not rushing to buy new glitter right before the festival starts!
  • Buy glitter glue for the face: Leave the glue stick for arts and crafts. When applying cosmetic glitter to the face, opt for a skin-safe adhesive like glitter glue, primer or a mixing medium. Spread a thin layer on the chosen area, then PRESS (not stroke) glitter with a flat eyeshadow brush. Pressing will ensure you get a full, even coverage.
  • Cover large areas with hair gel: That tiny tube of glitter glue isn’t enough to cover your whole booty! Luckily, tons of beauty essentials make perfect adhesives for body glitter. Apply hair gel or petroleum jelly anywhere on the body with a fluffy makeup or paint brush. Use that same brush to press glitter onto the adhesive before it dries. Pro tip: apply hand sanitizer instead for a non-sticky finish!
  • Lock it in with setting spray: Adhesive helps the glitter stick, but makeup setting spray is what you need to minimize fallout (AKA glitter landing where it shouldn’t). Finish your glitter makeup look with a light spritz to lock everything in. If the glitter is somewhere other than your face, seal it to the skin with hair spray.
  • Clean up fallout with tape: Okay, we know you’re not supposed to put craft supplies on your face. But professional makeup artists SWEAR by Scotch tape! Lightly tap your skin with tape to pick up stray flecks of glitter. If you have sensitive skin, try a cotton swab dipped in cleansing water.
  • Remove with an oil-based cleanser: It’s the end of the night—time to say buh-bye to your festival glitter makeup (or what’s left of it). Start by removing as much glitter as you can with Scotch tape. Then, gently rub off the rest with an oil-based cleanser. Do not—we repeat DO NOT—use makeup remover to get rid of glitter. Oddly enough, your trusty makeup remover can actually make glitter stick even more to your skin!

FAQs about Glitter Makeup

Below you’ll find the answers to your most pressing questions—about glitter makeup, that is.

Anywhere you want, bb! The most popular trend is highlighting one facial feature like the eyes, lips or brows. Glitter is also a great way to accentuate the curves of your brow arches or cheek bones. Heck, you could even cover your whole face in glitter! Let creativity guide you.

Prep your lids with primer or a mixing medium. While the base is still wet, press on some loose glitter with a flat eyeshadow brush. Be sure not to rub or stroke the glitter, as this will only smear it. Pressing on the glitter will create even coverage and a highly pigmented eyeshadow.

The uses for loose glitter are virtually endless. Coat your lips, dab it along your cheekbones or comb glitter through your brows. You could also mix fine powder with body oil or makeup setting spray for an extra boost of shine!

That’s gonna be a no from us. The glitter you find at craft stores isn’t safe for the body or face. Normal glitter has sharp edges that irritate your skin, especially around the eyes. But you’re in luck—Neva Nude has a whole collection dedicated to skin-safe cosmetic glitter!

Spread a thin layer of cosmetic adhesive like primer, glitter glue or a mixing medium. Before it dries, tap loose glitter into place with a flat makeup brush. Finish with a spritz of setting spray to lock in the glitter and prevent fallout. You can minimize fallout even more by applying the glitter lips, lids or brows before the rest of your makeup.

Shop the Neva Nude Glitter Collection

Don’t be hating on glitter! Once you give it a shot, you’ll quickly realize glitter is what your makeup bag has been missing all along. And if you’re gonna stock up on glitter, make sure you’re buying the right kind. Neva Nude creates cosmetic, professional quality glitter that’s safe for sensitive skin. We have shades to match any makeup look, and our loose glitter is suspended in aloe gel for one-step application. Glitz up your makeup the Neva Nude way!

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