14 October 2022

Rave 101: What to Wear to Your First Rave

Welcome to the world of raves! Rave culture is filled with love, good vibes and friendships that last a lifetime. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. Raves are all about embracing your true, authentic self and the rave goers around you. People are free to be themselves without fear of judgment, which has led to the skimpy, sparkly, trippy rave outfits you see today.

A rave is your chance to wear something you normally wouldn’t. You’ll see rave goers decked out in sequins, neon colors, reflective fabrics and psychedelic patterns. Rave culture is very body positive, so don’t be surprised if you see tons of cleavage and booty cheeks! The outfits are as diverse as the people wearing them.

The rave scene is filled with inspo . . . maybe a little too much. All the different options can be overwhelming if you’ve never been to a rave. How do you wear a harness? What are all those straps for? How many pieces is that person wearing???

You don’t have to get too wild just yet. Keep things simple by picking out a top, some bottoms and maybe a pair of nipple pasties. We’ve compiled some basic staples to help you build your very first rave outfit.

rave clothing

Classic Go-To’s for Shirts and Tops

A rave is the time to go all out. We’re talkin’ bikinis, bras, crop tops, basically anything that’ll let your body breathe while you werk it on the dance floor! Swap that basic tee for one of these rave-worthy tops:

  • Crop top: Let’s start with something that sounds familiar. In fact, you might already have a crop top or two (or seven) in your closet! But for a rave, you’ll need to turn things up a notch. Pick out a crop top with neon colors, reflective fabric or a plunging neck line. It can also be a bit shorter than usual. Like, partying-on-a-Saturday-night short!
  • Bikini: This top is exactly what it sounds like. Anything you’d wear to the beach is fair game for a rave! Bikini tops are great for raves because the waterproof material can wick away sweat while you dance. Halter and triangle bikinis are some of our personal favs. Be careful with strapless bikinis—they’re not the best for jumping to the music!
  • Mesh top: Mesh is perfect for gals who don’t wanna bare it all out there. This lightweight, breathable fabric shows some skin while staying fully covered. Black mesh is a classic rave look, but you can also find mesh tops in white, yellow, lime green, hot pink, any color really!
  • Rave bra: These are basically bras that are meant to be seen. They’re decked out with leather, cutouts, sequins and holographic material. Definitely not what you’d wear under a regular shirt! Rave babes with big ta-tas should use fashion tape to hold rave bras in place. We wouldn’t want your gals to pop out!

Bottoms Every Rave Queen Needs

Leave your jeans at home—a rave is the perfect place to show off that peach! Booty shorts, bikini bottoms and mini skirts are super breathable and let you move on the dance floor. Now that you’ve found a top, let’s pick out some bottoms to go with it:

  • Booty shorts: The floor is gonna be packed with dancing, sweaty bodies. Booty shorts can help you stay cool and show some skin without stripping down to a thong (although plenty of rave babes do!). Classic denim is a safe bet, but you can also experiment with mesh, reflective, metallic or holographic materials.
  • Bikini bottoms: Your options for bikini bottoms are virtually limitless. Go for a thong, hipsters, side ties, even bottoms with suspenders! And of course, you gotta pick out a bright color or trippy pattern. You’re bound to end up with a unique rave outfit when you let your personality shine!
  • Body con skirt: Body cons are the obvious choice for raves. They hug your curves in all the right places, making them a staple among rave goers of all shapes and sizes. Plus, the super stretchy fabric is form fitting without being too constricting. We personally love two-piece rave outfits that come with a top and matching body con skirt.
  • Long flowy skirt: Stay covered but totally cool with a long flowy skirt. Breezy fabrics like mesh and chiffon let you rock a floor-length skirt without getting too sweaty. Pick out a skirt with slits or a high-low hemline to give onlookers a peek at those sexy legs!
  • Fishnets: Fishnets add a touch of edginess to any outfit. Pair ‘em with booty shorts, bikini bottoms or a bodysuit to amplify your rave clothing. Go with classic black, or buy fishnets in a neon hue. Some are even dotted with crystals that shine beneath those epic light displays!
nipple pasties

Finish the Outfit with Nipple Pasties

Nipple pasties are the stars of many rave outfit ideas. We don’t mean those nude-colored pasties you wear in place of a bra that hide under clothing. Rave pasties are meant to take center stage! Where else are you gonna rock a pair of glittery, holographic ice cream cones on your ta-tas??? Nipple covers come in endless shapes, colors and patterns, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect pair for your rave outfit.

Plenty of rave babes wear nipple pasties all on their own. No shirt necessary! If that’s too much skin for you, pair those pasties with a mesh top. This is a popular rave trend that lets you show off those glowy, trippy pasties without putting yourself on full display.

Want something simpler than that? You can create a show-stopping outfit with just two pieces: nipple covers and a bodysuit. Bodysuits take away the stress of trying to coordinate a top with bottoms. Pick out a mesh or fishnet bodysuit, and those sexy pasties will shine right through!

Nipple pasties also look great with bikini tops. In fact, many bikinis are made with mesh material just so people can see the pasties! Slap on the pasties of your choosing, then layer with a mesh triangle bikini top. You can match the bikini and pasties or choose two contrasting colors to help the pieces stand out.

Must-Have Accessories for Raves

No rave outfit is complete without accessories! Rave clothing looks so blah all on its own. Jewels, body stickers and colorful hair extensions will instantly elevate your look. Here are the top rave accessories that go with any outfit:

  • Rave shoes: Leave the sandals and heels at home! Raves involve a TON of walking, and someone might step on your foot while they bust a move. Close-toed footwear like sneakers, platform shoes and rave boots keep your feet comfy and protected on the dance floor.
  • Hair extensions: Transform your ‘do with rave hair accessories! Tinsel, jumbo braids and neon extensions can make a simple ponytail look totally out of this world. Glow in the dark hair extensions are perfect for nighttime raves!
  • Glitter and jewels: Top off your makeup with some glitzy glam! A dash of sparkle on the cheeks, chest or other parts of the body will take your look to the next level. Place loose gems or crystal stickers around the eyes to highlight your alluring gaze. At a rave, there’s no such thing as too much glitter!

Rave Outfit FAQs for First-Timers

You asked, we answered—here are the deets on nailing your first rave outfit.

Comfort is the top priority. Wear something that’s breathable and lets you dance all night long. A comfortable rave outfit isn’t just functional—it makes you feel confident. The outfit should make you look in the mirror and say, “Dang, girl!”

Nope! Wear any outfit that reflects your personal style. If the rave has a theme, rave goers are encouraged (but not required) to plan their outfits based around it. There’s no right or wrong answer here!

Technically yes. But why would you??? A rave is your chance to go nuts with colors, patterns and revealing pieces. Wear black if you want, but make sure the outfit is comfy and keeps you cool.

Heels are a definite no. Same goes for white sneakers, unless you wanna get ‘em all dusty. Stay away from layers and restrictive clothing, too. You gotta be able to move, and the dance floor can get hot very quickly!

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