7 December 2022

Rave Outfit Ideas for New Year’s Eve

The countdown’s begun—2023 is almost here, bb!! New Year’s Eve is the perfect excuse to party till dawn (as if you needed one). Every bar, nightclub and rave is gonna come alive with music and good vibes. After a year full of raves, there’s no better way to say “bye 2022” than with your festie besties and a loooong night out!

New Year’s Eve is coming up fast. Put away those Santa pasties and start planning your end-of-the-year rave outfit. The occasion calls for even more sparkle and the longest, furriest boots you can find. There’s no holding back—rave babes are gonna be showin’ up to the party in fur, crystals and glitter galore. NYE is the time to go all out!

Need some inspo? Check out our top New Year’s Eve outfit ideas for 2022!

New Year's Eve outfits

70’s Rewind with a Reflective Touch

70’s bell bottoms are so in right now! Make them totally rave-worthy by picking out a black pair with reflective fringe running down the pant legs. Go for high-waisted bell bottoms to make your figure look totally snatched! The high waist is super flattering, and it goes great with a matching reflective bikini top.

We know what you’re thinking: “Why the heck would I wear a bikini top in winter??” Cuz you’re gonna finish the look with an ultra-cozy fur shrug! Fur shrugs are super cropped, so you’ll still get to show off your killer outfit. But they’re also fluffy enough to keep you warm while braving the cold. Throw on some reflective platform shoes, and you’re good to go!

Bow Down to the Rave Ice Queen

Feelin’ savage? Ice out the haters with a winter wonderland-themed rave outfit. Think snowy whites, icy pastels and electric blues. We love a white mesh mini skirt paired with metallic bikini bottoms. Extra points if the skirt is lined with faux fur! Add to the look with a rave bra, bikini top or skimpy tank. OR you can skip the top altogether and slap on some festive nipple pasties!

An ice queen’s still gotta stay warm! Wrap a rave shawl around your shoulders so you’ll survive the walk back to your car. Shawls are available in all sorts of colors, patterns and designs, so you’ll have no problem finding one that fits your style. Add the final touch with furry platform boots that go all the way up to your knees!

rave pasties

Holla at This Holographic Rave Outfit

Who says puffer pants can’t be cute??? Make a statement by adding holographic puffer pants to your New Year’s Eve rave outfit. Not only do they look super fierce, rave-themed puffer pants will keep you toasty no matter how cold it gets outside. No need to sacrifice comfort for style when you can have both!

Holographic puffer pants aren’t the only piece of winter rave clothing you need in your closet. Make this outfit even cozier with rave pasties and a fur coat. Just cuz it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t show a little skin! Plus, nipple pasties will prevent you from cutting ice as you walk through the cold. Complete the outfit with sparkly platform shoes in a color that matches the holographic puffer pants.

Rave Bodysuit Meets Cowgirl Chic

Ever wanted to wear a pair of assless chaps? Well, now you can! With the summer heat finally gone, you’re gonna need some extra-long layers anyway. Chaps are the perfect addition to your NYE outfit cuz they’ll keep your legs toasty all night long. Pair with some lace-up sneaks, and you’ll totally nail the cool-but-sexy vibe!

Finish the look by throwing on a mesh rave bodysuit. But don’t stop there—pick out a bodysuit that’s decked out in glittery stars! You’re gonna stay up well past midnight, and those stars will help add some light to the party. Aside from star-themed bodysuits, you can also find ones that are studded with rhinestones. Check out this bodysuits guide for more inspo!

women's rave outfits

Finish the Outfit with New Year’s Eve Pasties

Nipple pasties are the perfect way to top off women’s rave outfits. And we don’t mean boring skin-tone pasties that hide underneath clothing. There’s a time and place for those, and New Year’s Eve ain’t it! Decked out in glitter, shimmer and shine, rave nipple pasties are just begging to take center stage.

Complete your New Year’s Eve outfit with these festive nipple pasties:

  • Stars: Light up the night with a pair of star-shaped nipple pasties! Choose a pair that’s coated in chunky white or gold glitter to get into the winter spirit. You could also get star pasties made with reflective material if you plan to wear a holographic rave outfit.
  • Crystals: Step up your game with some iridescent crystal pasties. Available in white, blue, pink and more, you can find crystal pasties in pretty much any color you want. The crystals are arranged in elaborate designs to keep your ta-tas covered while still showing plenty of skin!
  • Snowflakes: If you’re going to a New Year’s Eve rave, you GOTTA have a pair of snowflake nipple pasties! Winter is the only time you get to wear sparkly, glittery snowflakes on your chest. We highly recommend topping off that ice queen outfit with some blue or white glitter snowflake pasties. But hey, if hot pink is more your jam, then you do you, boo!

FAQs about NYE Outfits for 2022

Time is ticking—get the low-down on NYE rave outfits before the clock strikes midnight!

There’s not much of a dress code for NYE raves. As long as you wear what makes you confident, you’re doin’ it right! But if you wanna get in the New Year spirit, choose an outfit that’s decked out in glittery stars, wintery pastels and white reflective material.

Standing out is actually pretty easy to do. You could wear reflective, holographic or blacklight-reactive fabrics that glow when those flashing lights shine on your body. Neon hues are always a great option, and so are statement pieces like puffer pants, assless chaps and furry coats. Nipple pasties are quick to draw attention, too!

Wear an outfit that keeps you warm while showing some skin (yes, it’s possible!). Winter rave outfits usually involve long clothing like bell bottoms, puffer pants or knee-high socks. And remember: faux fur is a total life saver in the winter! A fur coat or shrug will let you show off those nipple pasties while providing some shelter from the cold.

Don’t wear something that’s uncomfortable. Yeah, you wanna look hella fierce, but not at the cost of you having a blast! That means those pleather pants have got to stay home (sorry). Wear rave clothing that’s stretchy, breathable and, in the case of winter, toasty warm.

Comfy shoes are a must. You’ll be on your feet a lot, so you need a pair that’ll let you dance all night long. Classic go-to’s for raves include sneaks, combat boots, platform shoes and furry, knee-high boots. Definitely do NOT wear sandals or stilettos!

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